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Kit 5 in 1 Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy Devices with HDMI Output Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Connect your Samsung Galaxy device to various digital devices using the Kit 5 in 1 Connection Kit with HDMI, which allows the connection of your tablet to standard USB, microUSB, SD & MicroSD cards, as well as displaying your phones / tablets screen on yo
  • Mobile Fun ID 42193
$25.93 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 6 customers

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Almost the Adapter of My Dreams...
Wonderful features, and super easy to use! it made its inaugural run yesterday while i was blogging over cocktails - i'm mightily impressed. love the color indicator light to let you know which port you're using -

why an "almost" modifier, then? i thought you could use all the ports at once, instead of having to choose one port in active use at one time.

then again, if you could have bundled everything into one, zero point waves could have been thrown in for fun - and my tablet would magically transform into a space/time portal...

i'm not quibbling. not at all. wonderful product - so glad it randomly popped up on my page while shopping!
Kit 5 in 1 connection
This gadget is very good and it does the job has it descripe and its nice and small..

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