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Kit 4 in 1 Connection Kit for Apple iPads Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Seamlessly connect your iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro or iPhone to various digital devices using the Kit 4 in 1 Connection Kit, allowing connection to standard USB, Micro USB, SD & Micro SD cards via your devices lightning connector.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42191
$22.04 inc VAT
 3.9 stars from 21 customers

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A bit disappointing
Firstly Mobile Fun service excellent as always. Packaging suitable for product and delivery very quick - super job.
However the product is a bit disappointing. I managed to get it to transfer photos from the various connections to the device connected to the lightening connector. But so far I haven't managed to move photos the other way round. So I haven't managed to move photos from my iPhone to my computer without using iTunes as I had hoped.
Also what a shame you can't move just any old file around, again without using the dreaded iTunes.
Works exactly as stated!
Time saving device. Plugs directly into iPad and pulls up all photos. Love it
Very Disappointed
Brought for travelling o/s. In Canada trying to transfer photos from camera to iPad and so unstable that I need to hold mobile zap & iPad steady with both hands & husband has to press transfer button.......SO very disappointed. Concept is great if I it was more stable. Waste of money
4 in one connection kit
The item does what it says no problems what so ever would recommend it.
Incompatible/too much power
To start off, most of the devices I used to connect to it says its incompatible, and some says too much power. I tried connecting a Kingston SD card into the slot and says incompatible and also my Sandisk SD, same result. I then tried connecting a Sandisk USB 3.0 to the USB slot and it says it using too much power. I assume because it doesnt support usb 3.0, so i tried connecting a 2.0 and it says its incompatible. The only thing I can get it to work is connecting the kit to my ipad and usb to lightning connect to my iphone. There I can import photos. But that isnt a feature I need. SD and USB transfer is my main use. Without those features working it is redeemed useless to me. I wish I can give a positive review but this is my honest situation. Devices used. Iphone 5s. Ipad air 2, Ipad air 1, IOS 8.4(latest)
MobileFun Reply
Hi loc

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.
Useful For reading information into iPad Mini
I already have a similar item I use with my Samsung Galaxy Note - that works both ways, this one doesn't due to Apple's operating system. Apart from that minor irritation it is useful for reading the contents of SD and micro SD cards into my iPad. Interestingly, when connected to a USB3 memory stick it threw a warning about insufficient power to read the contents. Make of that what you will. Although hardly cheap (when P&P added as well) the cost still significantly undercuts the equivalent Apple card reader product. If you have a digital camera or dashcam and need to transfer the data, this is very useful.
Simple connection device for iPhone
At last a simple and economical multi purpose connection device for my iPhone.
Top marks
One of the best thinks I have bought
Down loads in seconds
You can show your phones when you have taken them any where
i needed this item
really good can use to do work and personal useage
iPad replaces Mac book Air
I previously had to use my Mac book Air to read the SD memory card of a security camera I have installed. Now with this device I can use either my iPhone 5 or iPad 4. It takes convenience to a whole new level as as now I can attach any card or device any time to any of my Apple devices.
Good design
Good quality and designs very stable when on your i pad look nice to not to big
misleading device description
It does not work with iPhone 5S. All I get is: "Connected device is not supported." Absolutely wasted money.
Before I purchased the item, I researched the article, so I knew what I wanted before the purchase.
I have used it since it arrived and found it to be acceptable for my purpuse.

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