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KeyCase Google Nexus 7 Keyboard Case Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Nexus and enhance its functionality with this protective folio style case with Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36057
$51.82 inc VAT
 3.3 stars from 4 customers

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Not a bad piece of kit
The case fits well and looks good. The keyboard is a little odd to use, but I guess you get used to it, it pairs nicely and then just works. My only issue is that sometimes in portrait orientation the screen locks and unlocks because of the position of the case on the button.
Case is nice, Keyboard is Junk
I received the product and right out of the box, the #3 key on the keyboard was in the bag, I re-attached it with no issues. Then, it took many, many attempts to pair it with my Google Nexus 7, and when I tried to type with it, the space bar became jammed under the synthetic leather around the keyboard. (I had to use a screwdriver to un-jam it). After many attempts of loosening the leather, the space bar continued to jam. The case itself seems very well-built, but the keyboard was complete junk. I expected much more for the amount of money I paid for it. Will definitely get a full refund and wait for a developer case to release for my tablet.

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