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Just Mobile Gum Plus Universal Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge your devices on the go with this highly stylish portable 5200mAh battery pack.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28851
$86.84 inc VAT
 4.2 stars from 6 customers

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Compact and reliable charger
Very compact and sturdy device that is charged with the computer. I really liked this product as it charged quite quickly and then it keeps my devices topped up. The cables can all be kept in the pouch that is supplied along with a few other small items, such as headphones. I really liked it.
Gum Plus vs Zaggsparq 2.0
The Gum Plus does have a nice finish but compared to the Zaggsparq 2.0, it is not as powerful. The Gum Plus' ouput power is only 1A compared to the 2A output from th Zaggsparq. That basically means if you were to charge two same phones(or gadget), the Zaggsparq would charge in half the time. And also considering its lithium battery of 6000mAh, it can almost fully charge virtually any phone four times(minimum - depending on how hungry the phone is).

So to conclude, why buy the Gum Plus if a much more powerful charger is out there ?
"what a good bit of kit...."
I brought one of these for my pending 14hr coach trip to Spain. Comes complete with cables and a draw sting pouch for storage.It quickly charged my iphone 3g (even whilst using it to play games / listen to music). Because of the usb output, you are not restricted to just charging iphones.. as long as you can plug a usb cable into this battery pack, the list is endless. If you are about to travel for any length of time and have no acess to power for recharging (boat, train, coach etc) then this is a "must buy" item. trust me, you,ll be glad you did.

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