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Just Mobile AluPen stylus for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The stylish stylus for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
  • Mobile Fun ID 26676

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 4 stars from 2 customers

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Great Stylus
I'm using the AluPen with various devices, my Nexus 7, HTC One and iPhone 5. It works great with all of them, however if you need one to take detailed notes, then a precision stylus would be better, such as a Dagi.
Excellent tool for I Pad
Excellent product for I pad. This pen helps you type with less error and whilst it is slower than 10 fingers is more accurate and very convenient to store when not in use. However the rubber tip is a bit temperamental as it tends to come off and there doesn't seem to be a proper way to fix
it to stay on. Despite this irritation the pen /stylus is magic , I recommend it. H.

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