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Juiceful 3-in-1 Key Chain for Apple 30-pin Devices Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The sleek and lightweight Juiceful 3-in-1 Key Chain is a must have item for Apple 30-pin device owners, with a 1000mAh emergency battery, 16GB USB flash drive and a 30-pin to USB data cable all in one package.
  • Mobile Fun ID 42618

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 4.8 stars from 12 customers

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Life saver in my pocket !
3 in one, what's not to like. Highly recommended.
Emergency charge seems to give about 30% on the S4 mini but haven't tried it with wifi turned off, or phone off to maximise charge.
Not used the straight through function to charge phone, that's next because it will save carting an extra cable around. Built in 16Gb memory card is bound to come in useful too, at some stage.
Light & small in your pocket, better than my heavier, higher powered, battery which can stay in the laptop bag for use when really needed. If it came with a lightning adaptor, that would have been a nice touch. Had to buy adaptor or pay full price for the iphone juiceful. Adaptor was cheaper.
Handy gadget.
Having used my phone a lot through the day,I find that there is not enough left in the battery to let my wife know arrival time home,but since I got the 3 in 1 no probs.Loads of power there and it's also ideal at the airport,always power in the phone.It's size is great because it just sits unobtrusively with my car keys.
Cool prodact :) now i buy two more
Won't charge XPeria Z
Practical and portable. Charges all devices except my XPeria Z (but that's true of many other chargers too). Refills quickly.
This a good little tool about the same size as a lighter. Does what it says but be aware according to the manual the 3 in 1 version is only 800mAH battery capacity. The normal version is 1000mAH. Also the way the micro USB is oriented, its upside down so when connected to the PC (using as cable mode) the phone is facing downwards.
Small but very effective, will charge my iPhone enough to make an emergency call if needed. Fits nicely with my keys. Memory stick is a great feature too
Super idea
This is great if you don't want to carry your iPad or laptop. It fits on your other key rings, or handbag for the ladies. It's always with you when you want to transfer files to someone else. Just transfer it onto their computer and thats it, they have it now. Great yes?
Samsung S4 and Otter Defender case
As a 16 Gb flash drive which will hold all that I need coupled with an impressive back-up battery option which takes 1.5 hours to charge either by charger or USB port and then will give my S4 20% additional battery which take about 35 minutes to do so, a great price for this piece of kit and to have especially as I’m out and about. However it does not fit if you have a protective Otter Defender case, an extension lead albeit short will be required or you take the S4 out of the casing.
Very Easy to Use
What can I say just as describe 3 in 1 The Charger is good for Emergency backup and the 16GB Storage is sufficient to store enough songs I needed
Extremely useful
This is a very useful piece of kit and now lives permanently in my pocket.

It gives my iPhone 4 a charge of over 50% from flat - perfect for those little emergencies when you find yourself caught with no power.

It's also a 16GB USB stick which I use frequently for transferring files.

Build quality is good. I was worried that it would get wrecked fairly quickly, but despite carrying it around for a couple of weeks with coins, keys, etc, there is not a scratch on it.

Highly recommended.

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