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Joyfactory ZipMini Touch-n-Go Multi Charging Station - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
You can now take a call or check your e-mail without having to manually disconnect charging cables with the new ZipMini Touch-n-Go charging station, the next step in the evolution of mobile device power.
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 4.5 stars from 11 customers

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Great gadget but has a few faults
I bought 3 of these to charge my phone and my kindle at night. So they were both fully charged in the morning. Plus 2 others as gifts. They are really good and work great BUT you have to keep all gadgets flat else they don't charge. They look expensive and really modern. I recommend to all
compact, easy to use
You can charge up to four items at once. Items are easy to disconnect magnetically and put back on again
The joy factory
The best thing since sliced bread no need for loads of chargers this one unit will charge upto four devices at once all at the same time light years ahead of our time I'm loving it best thing iv ever purchased
Charging Stratton
This device is ideal for charging many devices in one go. Love the green glow when is usb lead is plugged in. The magnetic hives that connect to the charging leads are in my opinion,aren't strong enough. When you try to attach to your phone,the leads easily detach from the hive. Also the leads themselves aren't long enough to connect to the phone. This is because not all phone manufactures build their usb ports for charging at the bottom of the phone.
Great product and service
As alway MobileFun sent the item immediately, like this supplier.
The Joy multi charger works really well in our family of iPhone and HTC users. No more fighting over leads or trying to plug loads of phones. Took it away with is and it was great not having to take loads of different cables.
Cosmic out of this world fanbloodytastic.....
I have in previous reviews given you exceedingly high marks purely because I am old school and a firm believer of factual feedback and in my humble opinion you are out of this universe and cannot be beaten on price - quality- or anything anyone could try to contradict .
Marks out of ten 20 look in your records and see just how many wonderful gizmos I have purchased and I would not look anywhere else but the definitive site Mobile Fun.
Just what I needed to charge my iPhone 3G
The zip mini is a great product to use but the USB pug is to big use a folding USB plug is better
Sorts out the wire nightmare
Only down side is there is no mention of how to get extra zip tails, but am loving the tidy charge station
Multicharging station
Just what I needed,

Expected slightly longer charging cable,
Probably the best gadget I have purchased. No messy wires and I can charge everything at once. The only issue I have is that it didn't come with an attachment for my new ipad with the fire connection.
Excellent product
Firstly was extremely impressed with speed of service. Ordered on a weds afternoon and received on thurs.
Am also very happy with product, it seem very good, charges well and is neat and tidy. The tails are a little on the small side, so for charging an iPad this is a problem, can only find longer tails from an american site, and are very expensive to buy. Would be great if we could get them here soon

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