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Jabra Wave Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Based on most comfortable ear interface & fit the Jabra Wave mixes comfort with style and functionality.
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 4.6 stars from 108 customers

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Jabra Wave excellent product.
Total satisfaction, I ordered in the evening and the product arrived the next morning. Amazing. I live in the Highland of Scotland where this never happens. Service and product excellent.
Bluetooth headset
I purchased a Bluetooth headset few weeks ago for my dads birthday. He was really delighted with the product, how comfortable it sit on his ear, the sound quality and the fact that it doesn't auto answer unwanted calls.
Very happy with the Jabra headset as it connects easily and the reception is spot on. Being able to talk in car or elsewhere in a hands free mode is such a bonus.
I really recommend this product.
Mobile Fun were very efficient also with help and delivery !
No service centre in india
I have Jabra wave headset. Its rubber quality is poor and it cuts in two parts after some time. I contacted Jabra india today and was told that they don't have any service centre in entire india and only they accept within warranty period products only. So if you are looking for use and throw then go for it otherwise chose another product. I am facing same problem with coolermaster also though I am in banglaore
A must for my job
Excellent sound and easy to use
Almost the perfect earpiece.
I bought this for a number of reasons, previous experience with Jabra OTE headsets being a major factor. I chose this because it can connect to two different devices; as I use the table as a SatNav in a truck and its speaker volume is poor, so getting directions in my ear would be a lot less distracting. It's comfortable to wear,and feels secure even with glasses. Pairing and connection to both devices is almost foolproof in the usual Jabra fashion, and the sound quality beats my previous cheap and cheerful thing hands down. I've not had disparaging comments from callers so I assume the outgoing sound is equally good It does, though, have a major drawback for me (or at least I can't resolve it so far) in that although it will pair to two devices, it can't connect to both at the same time - which makes life awkward if the phone rings. It also defaults to connecting to the phone rather than the tablet if both are available, which is not quite what I want. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but for these reasons it only gets four stars.
great but!
a really great piece of kit, everything about it worked well until one day three weeks in it went awol and kept dropping out, fair play to mobile fun though,it was replaced very quickly.
Keeps switching off
When it is workign it is fine - but it keeps switching off in moid conversation. I need to disconnect. Swicth and then abck on again. I returned the first one which did this as I thought it was faulty but the repalcement is the same
MobileFun Reply
Hi Heather.

This is a product with very high quality control standards and the feedback suggests this is a very unusual problem.

Therefore, after having the same issue with your replacement too, I'm concerned that there is an issue with your Blueto
What a revolution, just got round to owning a smart phone, but found you need two hands to answer the bloody thing, I am 77 walking is difficult, so I use a stick, so missed all my calls! Got the Jabra wave from Mobile Fun, now find it works so well I can't do without it, calls clear as a bell, and have yet to recharge it, great help to this old coffin dodger!!
Fab ear piece
This item is brilliant.Bought this for my son,to make sure he didn't drive ileagally.He absolutlely loves it.
Not very loud
when walking dogs along a road I can hardly hear the person I am speaking to, I have it on max volume. The ear piece hovers away from my ear a little with no way of getting it closer. Not that impressed!
working great with samsung s4 mini, clear hearing&speaking without any issues. Cool looking comfortable to use, just if you wear glasses put it first then glasses harder to use other way around. Good price to be honest did not use any hands free before hard to compare with other products but definitely recommending to Samsung s4mini users ;)
So far so good
I bought it for my husband. He is not very good with technology and wears glasses. Both have turned out to not such major problems.
worth paying the extra
The Jabra wave is a nice bluetooth, I keeped buying chep ones and they would brack or be not much cr-- .
then brought this one, its clear for me to hear and others to hear me. The only problem is my glass's keep pushing it out of my ear . So for that reasn and that a lone it gets a 4
brilliant item
brilliant item very clear reception and excellent service thank you very much will be ordering again soon
Does the job nicely
Bought this to replace my Jawbone headset which broke. Had it a week and so far I'm very pleased with it. It's superior to the Jawbone, and integrates much better with my S4 Mini - all the voice activation works with the Jabra (it didn't work with the Jawbone). Sound is very clear, and I've been told by those listening at the other end that they can hear me very clearly. Nice simple on/off switch and the micro usb charge port makes life a lot easier (no need for different chargers in the car now). It's not a small headset, but I only use it in the car, so no need for it to be tiny - and it fits very comfortably behind the ear. The choice of gels to go over the earpierce is also useful, as I found the the longer one made it fit much better.
Great bit of kit
This is the forth or fifth of these I have had over the years and they work great and they are that light and comfortable I forgot I was wearing it and got in the shower before I realised I was still wearing it and it still works and now smells very nice.
I have been looking for a Bluetooth headset for a while that has the right balance of cost, performance, battery life and looks and at last I have found it.

I not only need to use this headset in the car but also whilst walking and throughout the day in the office and this heasdet has never failed me yet. The quality of the sound and sensitivity of the microphone allows for my calls to be of the highest quality and my clients have no idea as to where I am which allows for me to maximise on my time and meet my customers demands.

If you want a headset that is comfortable and at the same time delivers a top class performance then look no further and purchase this headset today from here.

All that jibber jabra and more...
Fantastic! Brilliant! Perfect!
Jabra Wave is Brilliant been looking over a year tried so many but NOW I have it! It works everywhere even when my other colleagues on duty have no signal in places. It's comfortable and wont fall off and the sound is clear and perfect.
Fantastic Product and good value!
Fast Delivery, Fantastic!!!
Good item.
The item is good order, good produces. Just shipping not so expected.
chunky but efficient
This bluetooth is not as small as some and consequently less discrete. However, being a more sunstantial item it is less likely to break as some of the lighter models do. When it does stop working then I shall buy another
Intelligent design but very poor battery backup.
Jabra wave
Dispatched and deliver within 2 days very good service. It connected to the iPhone straight away gave it a try and phoned my son to see what it was like excellent outgoing and incoming audio would certainly recommend the Jabra wave
great product and great service
I ordered the jabra earpiece several weeks ago. The product wasnt in stock at the time so I was prepared to wait. The was a further delay with the product but in fairness they keptin contact all the way through and offered me the option of another product.
I eventually received the earpiece and my first impressions are great. Its exactly what I need. The fitting takes a bit of time to get used to but the performance is top class. The best thing is people can hear me loud and clear and you can listen to music from your phone. Very happy customer
Jabra Wave Bluetooth Headset
This order was to replace an old, worn out headset. I knew that the new one would be just right, good fitting on the ear and easy to wear without discomfort.

Service from MobileFun was great and they kept me fully informed at all stages of the purchase.
Perfect convenience
The item is extremely comfortable to wear, to the point of forgetting it's there;and the sound quality, both outbound and inbound, is crystal clear. Range from the phone is very good: allowing me to stay connected while working around the truck, without having to carry the phone around. Easily the best handsfree item I've ever used.
replacing faulty goods
returned faulty headset post free and a new one recieved very quickly,this was excellent service and i would not hesitate to use you company again or recommend to others. thanks again
Exactly what I needed
A bluetooth headset that works with two phones.
Easy to set up and superb call quality.
Ring tone is a little quiet, but with the phone ringing anyway, it's not a problem.
With a lot of use, the charge lasts a full day, so on the whole, great for those on the road all day.
Only downside is that it's a little uncomfortable whilst wearing glasses.
perfect item
the new jabra wave ear piece is perfectfor my i phone i ordered on friday got it saturday morning thanks for such a speedy service will use you again
Handy bluetooth
Overall i was satisfied with the delivery of the product but i was dissapointed as the charger for the bluetooth only had two pins and not three and this was not stated on the description when ordering. Once i managed to get a charger for this and charged the bluetooth the quality and comfort of the bluetooth was superb
Stylish and very useful
Brought this item to save time when on my bike to prevent stopping to answer my phone I can continue to bike and quickly answer and receive calls mainly designed to fit a male ear and can have it on both sides overall brilliant device when on the move.
perfect for what i needed
the jabra wave is perfect for me. its so clear and easy to use with 2 different ear attachments. its stylish and very slimline not like the other bulky ones i have seen. You forget your wearing it. would highly recommend to anyone.
Purchased this as I needed a way of answering phone without taking gloves off anzipping coat and fumbling to get phone out, also wanted something that looked better than having a bug stuck to my ear,
This served all of the above and then some it looks stylish and feels confortable rests on my ear, do not need to force the ear bud into ear to hear, and has the added benifit of allowing me to listen to my music without having wires dangling from my ears that all to often get caughyt and pulled, I'll mention at this point I am a window cleaner so the last thing I need is acident possabilitys while I work.
well pleased my only regret was that it took me so long to decide on this purchase
Excellent Headset
Excellent headset - very clear sound (& loud if you wish) and my callers tell me that they can hear me loud & clear with very little background car/road noise.
I thoroughly recommend this bluetooth headset for anybody that needs to make or receive serious business calls whilst in the car.
Jabra Wave Bluetooth Headset
Purchased the Jabra Wave Bluetooth Headset from the Mobilfun,co.uk Web site.
Use for recieving calls AND listening to my phones Music player.
What ever products I have, and will purchase from this Web-site, is VFM. Definitely a good Site to make ones purchases from.
Oh, and fast on delivery also.
Just what I needed.
Excellent product and quality.
this keeps me safe on the road
A really smart looking item that is so comfortable I often forget I have it fitted until my wife reminds me to remove on my return home. People who I talk to when driving using this say they can't believe I'm actually talking hands free it's so clear with little or no background noise.Certainly my best buy Bluetooth device for 2012
I first purchased a Jabra wave about 6 years ago and i wore it constantly even at my office for about 2 until it eventially cracked with constant use.
Since then i have ha several different types of bluetooth ear peaces but have not really got on with then or they have broken so reacently decided to go back to the Jabra wave and again not dissapointed, it looks great, it's quality and most importantly its very comfortable, and can be used in both ears.
Good piece of kit
Works well, Comfy to wear, Good clear sound.
This headset is brilliant I have to say. I'm a lorry driver and I always need good volume/sound to hear people. The sound on this is very loud, litteraly ear popping on full volume, which is a good thing because there's nothing worse than turning up the volume and its still quiet. So I have the volume quite low which is fine and you can still hear people fine, but just adjust to what suits your needs.
I can connect 2 phones at the same time which is very handy. Overall you can't go wrong with this, it will go on left or right ear no problem, the price is very good I think for a quality headset.
Does the job very well indeed!
Fits on both ears (not at the same time though!) and fits well while wearing glasses.
Connects well with HTC phone and iPad but a few troubles with PC (no surprises there then!).
It is VERY simple to operate and audio/speech is great. Even the 'ringing' is plenty loud - don't know why others can't hear it well. It's also very comfortable and hardly notice it's there.
Also seamlessly integrates with Skype and Zoiper though some features, like pressing the mic, don't function.
Definitely worth purchasing...and damn it, so much more sexy than the rest!!!
Functional and elegant
I don't normally pay extra for something that looks good but in this case I thought that an elegant look might go with elegant design in other ways; and that turns out to be right. Small size; excellent balance; intuitive controls; etc - just right.
More than happy!
I was sceptical about purchasing this piece of equipment - I trusted the previous reviews and took the plunge having purchased poor Bluetooth equipment before.
I can't fault the equipment, it does what it says and is very good - well worth the money I paid. The previous reviews were correct and appropriate.
I can't fault the equipment or the seller, and would recommend both - especially cynical people like me !
I use this headset all day every day so that I can leave the phone on a window ledge where it gets a good signal.
It's light and comfortable. No problem wearing it all day.
Works well indoors and out. No wind or extraneous noise from the microphone.
Initially struggled to get it to fit properly. Now I put it on before my glasses. It fits much better. Perseverance needed.
The ringing sound is rather faint so I could fail to hear it in a noisy environment, fortunately I always have the phone close to hand.
Hands Free at last
I am so pleased to have made the purchase, I was a little sceptical as to wether the device would work with an iPhone 4GS, the headset clarity is great, I changed the ear piece but it still moves a little in the ear. I have used it in the car too via the sound system which is the first for me and I could hear my caller very well, I drive a convertible so it is a little noisy for the person on the other end as outside noise can be heard.
this was just what i was looking for
so pleased i have found a new one was told that they were noy making this hraedset any more it is the best one i have ever had so easy to use and nice to wear does not hurt your ear like some do,and as i am a driver i can wear it all day and no ear ace. very good service to thank you mobilfun i will use you again and tell my friend too
works well
It works well but the sock on the end that you speak in to is very loose and keeps coming off.
Does what it says on the box
Have had Jabra before but changed when I need new one to different make. Mistake!!! Returned back to Jabra which is exactly what I need and newer version is even better than it was before. Would highly recommend. Comfy to wear and clear reception. Doesnt look 'silly' like some others.
Best design by far
Just bought a Jabra Wave after seeing one in use by a friend of mine who drives a taxi. The design is far superior to anything else I've used (been through a few!) because it tucks conveniently behind the ear instead of sticking outward; once it's in place it's so unobtrusive and secure you can even change your T-shirt without disturbing it!
Lack of adjustability could well be a problem for the smaller ear, but solving that one would be a no-brainer for Jabra if they wanted to put the money to it.
Sound quality isn't world-beating, but if I wanted to listen to music I'd use a two-piece wired set and get it in both ears! The volume is easy to adjust and the clarity is at least as good as anything else I've used in all conditions I've found so far.
It holds a contact as firmly as any other Bluetooth (none of them are perfect, it seems) and it lets you know if it lets-go, which is at least as important. Reconnecting is easier than most, with the microswitch on the mic there's no fumbling around to find the right button. Crackin' piece of kit, won't be using anything else now.
MobileFun were as good as their word with the delivery; cheers guys!
Jabra Wave
Raparound design makes the Jabra Wave earpiece very comfortable although it feels a bit insecure.
The sound quality when making calls is excellent, but the ring tone is very quiet meaning I have missed calls when in noisy environments.
perfect item
as a professional driver I cannot risk using a handhelp phone whilst driving yet my job involves lots of phone useage. My previous headset died and this item was the perfect replacment. Just the right size and not to obtrusive yet clear and easy to use. Superb sound either end and very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
This headset is a must for all potential users and existing users. With crystal clear sound and light weight on the ear, this head set will not disappoint. Having used various headsets in the past and not found them to be very good, the Jabra Wave Bluetooth Headset goes beyond all positive expectations!
The Jabra wave is another great product from this company. It arrived very very quickly - under 15 hours from order and was juat as stated.
It connected up so easily and is really clear and a positive additional feature to my mobile phone.

It is neat and light and simplicity itself to use - Thank you
Return of old faithful
I have waited 2 months before reviewing to be sure I have given it a fair test. I use a headset device daily and do spend a few hours every day on the mobile. This is stylish and functional. It hides behind ear instead of the ugly ones visible infront of the ear. Sound quality fantastic, battery life ample, longer than mobile. I have had Jabras before and why I never stuck with them I'm not sure. I can wear this all day without ear ache like other in ear devices.
Its great to hear
I am a HGV driver and need a reliable bluetooth,I have had jabra bluetooths before and found them very good,so I thought I would try the new jabra wave which is excellant, sound quality is great, no problem when wearing my driving glasses.It coupled up to my phone very well and the battery lasts all day, I found the service first class I payed for the item and received it the next day, you cannot beat that for service and a very good price too .
Happy happy happy
I wear 'kit' hard. It must be practical. Loving the Wave. It's enabled me to run, ride, muck out my stables and drive my noisy 4x4 whilst talking at the same time. The Wave fits so snugly. The best value for money I have spent on ANYTHING in a long time.
Great buy!
I had to update my headset as my old Jabra wouldn't work on my new phone (Nokia E7). I stayed with Jabra as I have always had a good experience with them, I wasn't disappointed. This jabra is still very comfortable to wear. Sound/noise level is even better on this model. Easy to use, although I found I had to adjust to pressing much lighter on the buttons. There are cheaper headsets around but I don't think you can beat this model for comfort and usability.
Just what I wanted
The item is just as stated on the web site. Very easy to use & comfy
but if you wear glasses it can be a little bit slack but nothing to worry about.
Just what i needed
I have tried a couple of other bluetooth headsets but have not got on with them as they go into the ear but this one is just perfect as it sits behind the ear and the ear piece just sits inside the ear making it extremely comfortable that you can wear it all day. The sound quality is superb and the person you are person you are talking to can't tell you are on a headset. Would strongly recommend this to anyone.
Very pleased, fits well to ear and clear sound, excellent value headset
Perfect for MultiTaskers
"Perfect for Multitaskers"

On both Mobile and PC at the same time as well as stunning usage with each item on there own at any time.

Regards RGP
does what it says on the tin
Good device but difficult to wear with glasses
Jabra Wave
Very light and compact. Bit fiddly to start with getting used to fitting into ear. Sound is good. Charges up quickly too. Have used various headsets but this is by far a superior product.
Realy nice little ear peace but did have a sore ear for a day or two but now comfy.
Exactly what I have been searching for!
I only have the wave three weeks now and i am wondering how i managed so long before i discovered it. I used to have two earpieces and although it was a good conversation piece, it was a major inconvenience, now I can connect both my work and personal phones to the one earpiece, sheer brilliance. The Wave is great sound and connectivity are first class all in all a great buy and £10 cheaper than carphone warehouse. First class service from Fun Warehouse, delivery was on the button when they said it would. Thank You...
Just what I was looking for.
Found this bluetooth very comfortable to wear, the gel earpiece needs to be positioned properly, but once matered I found it very comfortable to wear and would highly rate the product and recomend it to others.
Does exactly what it says on the box
Neat and tidy, fits comfortably behind the ear, and reception is crystal clear even with the window open while driving along, controls are easy to reach and use!! Can highly recommend to anyone...
Great device
Headset arrived with the usual Mobilefun efficiency. Only used for a few days but all seems to work as described. Thank you.
Jabra Wave Bluetooth Earpiece
Just what I needed. The latest "wave model" is even better than it's predecessor.I am a professional driver and motorcyclist as well, I needed a nice slim tight fitting earpiece which I could wear inside my crash helmet or at any other time.This unit allows me to take calls whilst
on my motorcycle the reception is brilliant both ways.It is so comfortable I go into meetings forgetting I am still wearing it.
Does most of the job
I had a BT500v which was useful having a vibrator for calls in noisy areas. Jabra no longer do a behind-the-ear with a vibrator, so the Wave was about the only option. The ring tone for incoming calls is weak and insipid, for outgoing calls is fine.

The best thing is the vast improvement in audio and noise canceling. Far better than the BT500V.
jabra wave
i only use jabra as i think they are the most comfortable bluetooth you can buy. this latest one is the best, easy to connect to your phone and it tells you by voice command that you are 'connected', cool!
Excellent tho a bit fiddly
Bought this to replace the Jabra that I stood on and am very pleased with it. Very easy to turn off and on and I like the way it tells you it's connected or needing charged. Sound is clear in both directions. Why only 4 stars? Well the answer switch takes a bit of getting used to, you don't tap it, you squeeze it and it is just a bit loose on my ear even with the bigger gel.
Very comfy but just a little fiddly
Really pleased with this headset, it replaced the other Jabra that I stood on! Very comfy and easy to set up and the unit sounds even better than its predecessor. My only small complaint is the button on the end of the arm for connecting to a call is a bit fiddly hence 4 stars but I suppose I'll get used to it.
Easy set up
Very easy to set up first time,and with two different types of ear-gel pieces,you can find one thats fits your ear nicely.
Its not brilliant
Good quality good sound works well. But very difficult to attatch to ear and does not stay secure esspecially if you wear glasses. Not that happy.
so easy
After charging it took 2 mins 2 pair with 2 phones,no problems using both,saves me looking silly with 2 bluetooths. Lol.
Superb Quality
I bought this headset as a present for my dad. He had a jabra headset before, but was in need of a new one. He said that just like his old headset it was comfortable and he didn't even notice he was wearing it. But best of all the sound quality was just superb and clarity was amazing. Definately the best headset purchase I have made. My husband wants one now so will be buying one for him now too.
great product
It was delivered very fast,very clear
sound,great buying. Thank you.
E xcellent piece of kit
I have had one of these items before but the latest model surpasses itself good clear sound and comfortable to wear, and the service I got from mobilefun was absolutaley brilliant would certainly recomend to my friends.
Comfortable Wear
Comfortable wear and technologically advanced bluetooth headset.
Jabra wave bluetooth headset
Just what I needed excelent v/money.
Good Bluetooth Headset
I purchased Jabra Wave Bluetooth Headset, and I am happy with the product, its comfortable, and the sound is really clear. well worth the money, and good service I received from Mobilefun.
ignore the instructions
It looks good and is comfortable but the instructions are misleading. The user is told to tap the end to connect. it does not work; the end has to be squeezed, not a problem, just so you know. I just hope that by squeezing dirt does not get into the works. We will see
the only comfortable earpiece
I have had many of this companies earpieces over the years to me its the only comfortable brand.
Best headset i've ever had, dead easy to use, i'm on the road every day doing 10hr shift's, don't even realize it's on my ear half the time, comfortable, lightweight, charge's up really quick, only gripe is, when charging, opening flap to connect lead is fairly flimsy, so be careful, BUT as a headset, BRILLIANT, worth every penny
could not be happyer
What a great peice of kit. Realy comfortable to wear for 12 hours a day, just forget I am wearing it. Very clear sound,great noise reduction sock. Mobile Fun were true to there word,ordered my headset before 6pm and it arrived by first post next day. I will use them again. Thanks Mobile Fun
The most comfortable ear piece yet
Very comfortable and easy to pair and use.
Great, but.....
This is a great device very easy to set up and the sound is very clear, however, I think that it is more suited for a man or someone who is bigger than me (I'm 5ft 3)I find that because it is a fixed shape it is too long to fit over the top of my ear and fit securely into my ear so I have found that it keeps falling off, if you've got bigger ears you'd be perfectly happy with it.
Good product
Bought this to go with my HTC desire. Pairing was easy and very straightforward. The voice quality was excellent on both ends. Comfortable shape and well-balanced. However the silicone earpiece can come off easily so be gentle with this headset.
Jabra produced another topper
This Head set(the Jabar WAVE)is fantastic. Bought the model to replace my previous model and was totally surprised with the sound quality produced, very clear and louder. The great advantage with this ear piece is that it can connect with the two mobiles at the same time and it automatically connects to the phone in use instantly. fantastic product. Mobilefun thanks again for the speedy delivery and exellent customer service, Brilliant.
The only ear piece I find confortable
this is the 4th Jabbra earpiece I have had and I find it excellent the latest is the best yet connects up very easily it even tells me when it is connected and disconected, unlike some others I can wear this all day long with no ill affects.
work headset
What a great bluetooth headset. Finaly got one that doesn't keep falling out as many others do,where not all taxi drivers which I think many headsets are made for some of us move whilst working. Easy to connect & very clear. Would highly recommend for people on the move.
a work earpiece
Working outside this earpiece just doesn't move. I do alot of bending etc in my job where others (earpieces) just keep falling out. Very easy to pair with phone. Very clear sound both ways.
Just what I wanted.
Very efficient delivery. Much more advanced than previous headset. It could have had a better fixing of ear plug?
I chose the best!
I could not have chosen a better Blue tooth Device. Once that is after I figured out how to put it on because that is what I am like with new stuff!
It is very advanced and looks it! I do not miss a call now, the reception is good, the fit is perfect and it also warns one, in advance, if the battery is coming up for charging. Yes! It is the very best and for me to say that is quite unusual, as I tend to like tried and trusted stuff, not new fangled stuff!
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