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Jabra EASYGO Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Jabra EASYGO gives you all the extraordinary benefits of hands-free conversation at a no-nonsense price.
  • Mobile Fun ID 26324
$33.81 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 17 customers

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Bargain headset
Bought this bluetooth headset best buy I've done you can answer calls by clicking the headset. Saves me getting points and a fine. The sound on it aswell clear as it gets I would recommend this for any long driver like meself.
Jabra EASYGO Bluetooth Headset
This is the first bluetooth headset that does not fall out of my ear under normal circumstances. It connects easily to my I-phone 5S. I can't fault it. Saw it on sale in Sainsburys for £10 more! Brilliant service as usual from MobileFun.
So So Simple!!!
I've tried so many Bluetooth headsets over the years and can never find one good enough so I resorted to wired headsets. This was my last attempt at wireless and I'm pleased to report it will be the last one I need to buy!

Set up is simple and quick; I switch it on before I place it in my ear (far easier this way!); voice calling is simple too - just press the earpiece for a couple of seconds and then say the name of the person you wish to call - boom, done!

It's comfortable for prolonged periods and holds the charge brilliantly - I've been using it for a couple of weeks and have only charged it twice since I got it. I use around 3 hours talk time a week.

Nice and discreet too - I'd definitely recommend this and Jabra is always a good brand.
Great little headset
I have owned a number of jabra headsets over the years but this one is the best one yet ,it's very comfortable to wear and simple to use and the price from mobile fun was the cheapest one that I could find anywhere ,and believe you me I did do my research all in all a great buy
I knew all I needed to know before I bought this product as a very good friend had a one before and reccommended it to me as he knew I needed something like it. I am very pleased he did as it is exactly what i wanted as it means I can walk around the house while talking on my mobile phone without having to carry it with me.
great little gizmo
I bought this to replace an old, battered jabra bt2080. This device is even better - battery life improved, its slightly lighter and it came with an assortment of eargels & hooks to ensure a snug fit. Great product, good value and one happy bunny!
Fiddly, but good reception.
I don't keep this in my ear 24/7so need to switch it on and wear it every time I make or receive a call with it
The on/off switch is awkward to operate and inserting it into ear is likely to dial an unwanted number or cut off an existing call.
I can't get it to stay I'm my ear air if I use the GEL hooks so have to use the longer plastic hook.

However, it has good audio reception and transmission, and seems to be well made.
I think I would try another method when this one wears out
Quality Headset
The Jabra Easygo fits the ear well and feels very secure. It's easy to use with good quality sound. The design is attractive with a high quality construction.
Easy to use.
Connects first time to the phone.
Great reception.
Value for money.
debated and 'ummd and aahd' to buy or not to buy that was the question and then decided on this one. brilliant buy it does all of the good things previously stated and I have no negatives at all. lastly I must commend highly Mobile Fun for your superlative execution of my order. a very big THANK YOU
excellent product,as usual from Jabra,easy pairing,easy controls,clean clear sounds,no distortion on high volume,recommended,
Looks fabulous, very sleek. Great functions. Pairs with 2 devices. One thing not mentioned in the instruction manual is that the headset has to be fully charged before it will pair with mobile phone. Unless it`s just a Cookie thing! Mine kept coming up with passcode missmatch. Happily, after charging was complete, all systems go! Very pleased.
excellent piece of kit
this bluetooth headset is an excellent piece of engineering .it is easy to use and so light that you don't realise it is in your ear.the sound is clear as a bell with no noise interferance at all.i would recommended this very highly
perfect in every way
Very easy to set up against your phone. Connects/disconnects in seconds at the flick of a switch. Very clear sound.

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