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Jabra BT2080 Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Jabra BT2080 is a state of the art Bluetooth Headset with StatusDisplay.
  • Mobile Fun ID 20364

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 4.6 stars from 40 customers

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Jabra bluetooth headset
For some reason this headset, which had worked beautifully decided it no longer wanted to play ball. As it was still within the warranty period I contacted Mobile Fun and informed them of it's behaviour. What can I say, Mobile Fun did not do dispute the problem. Instead they advised me how to return the item and what action would be taken thereafter, namely the headset would be checked and if found to be faulty would be replaced. The staff were pleasant and efficient just like the service I received. It appears that during discussions a replacement was sent and although it was the wrong one, technology not being as fast as it claims, hence my email asking for an alternative was not received in time, Mobile Fun was brilliant again and just asked for the difference in price (£1.00),and the rest they say is history. I will be receiving my alternative shortly, with no discomfort or inconvenience being experienced on my part. I would advise anyone to take a look at this site / company for good, efficient, no nonsense service. Excellent service.
Dose the job but only just !
I have used this headset for a couple of months now, The reception is clear & the Bluetooth connection was easy to set-up. It has 2 Major drawbacks :-It is difficult to tell when it has powered on or off or made a bluetooth connection, the only way to tell is to try to make a call.
Also the Ear clip will nor hold the Headset still any shake of your head causes the earpiece to fall ot of my ear no matter how many times i try to ajust the ear clip.
Exact replacement
Purchased as a replacement for lost headset for hubby as he says it is the best one he has used to date. It is a compact and easy to use bluetooth headset. Very good product
Perfect present for my husband
Bought this as a present for my husband who has a HTC Sensation. I was a bit bamboozled by the number of Bluetooth Headsets on the market but after some research, I was reassured this was a quality brand...and it seems that's definitely the case! My husband loves it - he says it's easy to sync up, has great sound quality and is simple to use. It was speedily delivered by MobileFun, so all in all - a winner!
great headset
I purchased the jabra BT2080 Bluetooth headset I have been looking for a small ear piece for a while, as I didn't like the old style ear phones with trailing wires, very dangerous when driving as the wires get tangled and once got wrapped around steering wheel. This headset is so small and so light u really forget your wearing it. The sound quality is excellent and charging is quick and simple. The only 2 negatives are a) that there is no green on light indicator to tell u if the Bluetooth is on, it only lights up when charging, so on occasions I don't know if its on or off, B) if you are using the navigation system on your smart phone the audio still doesn't come through the headset, it still comes from the mobile phone audio, but if they fixed this minor issue id give it 10/10
It's an inexpensive piece of essential kit when your driving, so know excuses, as to why ur on mobile phone whilst driving a car, when you can buy this headset for a third of the price of the fine you would get for using ur mobile phone in your hand.
Excellent v.alue excellent little headset
Excellent value for money
Have had bluetooth headsets before and alway found they hurt my ear after a while - this one fits snugly and, even after a couple of hours wearing it on a long drive it feels fine; no soreness.

Sound quality is great and is 'found' by my Nokia C7 first time, every time (something my last headset did not - odd, as that was a Nokia brand!).

Not a huge expense and well worth the money. Would recommend.
Does exactly what you want.
No fuss. No hassle. The Jabra BT2080 is simple to set up, simple to use, good battery life, good sound quality, light, comfortable, discrete... What more do you need?
Great all rounder
I have only been using the product for a few weeks but already impressed, good quality, battery life for a very reasonable price. I have used Jabra products before so knew what I was getting but they certainly seem to have improved things in this model. Super fast delivery as well which was great.
great service and product
Ordered the cheaper jabra headset first but had a problem with the battery and call quality.I sent it back and exchanged it for this model.So far very pleased with both the headset and the service
Excellent product
Very happy with my Jabra BT2080 Headset
does everything that I could wish for, vary clear and very good volume, excellent battery life
Just what I needed
I found this product to be exactly what I needed, great sound, and easy to set up.

Good battery too although my usage isn't very heavy.

Tyhe sound both ways is very good in the car. If you are in an empty room though then the person at the other end will get an echo.

The slight niggle is the on off switch which is a bit awkward, that though is easily handled witha bit of care. All in all 9/10 for a great product and Mobile fun delivery and reviews were brilliant.
Good for a short while
Firstly, let me say that I really liked this headset - particularly the ability to use it without ear-hooks etc.
But there's the rub. After 14 months od occasional use, the silicone eargel started to self destruct and has now (15 months) fallen apart.
Without the eargel, using the headset is like putting a small cheesegrater in your ear, but if you can find replacement eargels they cost almost as much as the headset!
So, as I say, good for a short while, but not good VFM.
Good Buy
I bought this headset because I didnt like the quality of headset I got with my phone xperia mini pro. I agree with other reviews, it has excellent sound quality, its easy to set-up and very comfortable to wear. Only con is the very, very short charger lead.
Recommended Product
It's light, clear and also looks nice. Can wear it all day long. The ear plug cover could have been a bit softer and if possible to mould into the ear, otherwise a great product.
First class product
Its light, comfortable to wear and it works! The only downside is that there it is supplied with only one ear gel which appears to be a trivial observation until you try to buy replacements!
Clear reception
Nice clear reception, good call quality, good battery life.
The charging lead is very short - the shortest I have seen- have to place headset on the ground as too short to reach the table top.
The headset buttons small and hard to use if you have large hands, not always clear if the device if off or still on. Overall love the product but disappointed with the v short charging lead.
just the job
The headset works very well, and the clarity is second to none. Best bluetooth headset i have ever had.
What an amazing bit of kit
So light, so comfortable, with good volumes
Better than the previous Jabra
Light, easy to wear without the clip which can be annoying. The sound quality is good and the unit very good value
First Impressions
Super piece of equipment whilst driving my van. Good, crystal clear reception. Hardly know you've got it on which could possibly be a slight drawback. The big test will come when I wear it for work driving trucks.First impressions are excellent so far. Hopefully money well spent.
Great little bluetooth headset
This headset is tiny but fits comfortably and securely on either ear. It is easy to use and works well with my phone clipped on the dash. It paired instantly and once I had adjusted the volume gave me almost a better sound quality than the phone (Experia X10i). I liked the small size and lightness, I forgot I was wearing it. Great value, firstclass performance, and under £30 delivered.
bluetooth head set
Anyone looking for a bluetooth head set i would recommend this for value.Its very easy to pair to your phone and easy to operate and also has very clear sound quality
I bought this ear piece from
mobileFun.co.uk who are a very good company who deliver great service
jabra head set
The head set is very good but for the earpiece it is to big for my ear. If you put it in to much it hurts if not it works its way out of your ear.
Does Everything I Need
I have no hesitation recommending this product. It's easy to connect, offers clear reception, has good battery life and is comfortable to wear.

I'd buy another if I lost this one.
Great little bluetooth headset - easy to set up, u
I ordered the Jabra BT2080 headset to use with my iphone. It was extremely easy to pair, has great sound (people tell me that it's like the phone is to my ear - even on the motorway!). The delivery time far exceeded my expectations - ordered late on the Thursday evening and arrived on the Saturday morning. The only thing I have found a new challenge is that the receive/end call button is very very easy to operate . . . and I've cut people off a couple of times in getting used to it! Worth doing a few test calls first! Excellent value and would recommend.
Jabra BT2080
Before I bought the 2080 I had the 2070. Biggest problem was it kept falling out of my ear while working until one day I lost it and did not realise. Wearing it all day it became uncomfortable.
The 2080 was a breeze to connect, comfortable with the self moulding earpiece, more secure and much clearer for both myself and the caller.
Highly recommended - supplier was both good with communication and fast on delivery. What more can I say.
highly recommended
Bought this for my wife. works perfectly and really easy to set up. Also very comfortable to wear with the very thin over ear loop. Recommended! And great service from MF
Good bit of kit
Good value, compact, lightweight, comfortable, battery life and bluetooth indicators are very useful and the sound quality is excellent. Very useable, trouble free so far. 4 stars because it's not quite perfect.
Excellent service - great product
BT2070 I had I lost - ordered BT2080 and its great - easy set-up - and works really well -fast delivery and far better than the 70 - great service - great product - what more do you want ?
Does what it says
Simple to use and good sound quality. So simple that you have to remember to switch it off if you put it in a bag. Or you will find yourself ringing the last person you called!.
Jabra BT2080
The sound quality and the volume control are excellent. The voice pick up is very good as the people I calll can hear me even in traffic.
Jabara BT2080
Excellent delivery and product very good with crystal clear reception and long battery life
Another winner from MobileFun.
I bought the headset for my sister-in-law who has poor hearing. She finds it light and comfortable to wear. Speech is excellent in both directions. Easy to pair with the phone. Great price and delivered next day.
Jabra BT2080
Generally good so far, but only had it a couple of weeks. Doesn't seem as well made as previous Jabras.
Got some strange design elements. The lights are very dim but better than nothing. Worst ergonomic foible is that the flush on/off switch is on the back of the device so to turn it off or on and hear the speaker notification, you need to be very dextrous to slip your finger behind your ear and in between the device and your head.
However, sound quality is great, and that is the main thing!
This handsfree kit is the best quality handsfree set I have ever had, all callers say that my calls are clearer the service from this site are brilliant product here very swiftly so that I could use.
A very competent product
I bought this for business use where clarity and ease of use are important issues. The sound quality of the device is very natural and clear and even in the car customers can hear me without distortion. Battery life seems good and pairing is a breeze. I am a satisfied customer
Excellent product
I was very impressed by the quality and price of the headset and also very surprised that, as I ordered it on Friday afternoon and it arrived on Saturday morning. I could not ask for better service.

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