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Jabra BT-2046 Bluetooth Headset Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Jabra BT2046 is a state of the art Bluetooth Headset that makes handsfree calling easy.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37531
$27.05 inc VAT
 4 stars from 33 customers

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Not as expected
Not happy with product, earbud is big and the one button does all is a no no. Calls aren't disconnecting when push the button. Can't adjust sound unless you do so by using the phone. I have a Sony Xperia phone and it does not connect to any media at all. Not suitable for me.
Very good basic bluetooth
I have been using more advance Jabra before with voice msg. But this one is as well good in sound quality. And in it holds in my ear better then other. Also the rubber bit is solidly mounted and does not fall off wihout a reason. Basic but does what it should.
No good product. It's difficult to control it due to function control is only by time of holding button. Often I finding I still connecting to conversation (vesting my air time) despite I've already push button to end a conversation. Ear gel pieces not holding it position on ear bug - I'm removing BT from ear - and finding ear gel in my ear. Then I've lost these gel pieces one by one because of it. People I'm talking to hear me very poor.
Don't vest your money for this garbage.
Very poor product
Bought two of these one for me and my other half. First off out the box Earpiece is very large and uncomfortable in ear. Not reliable connection to phone and is a real pane when it refuses to connect. Only had these 6 months and already both sets have sticking buttons. Do not buy. Plantronics M55 is a much more reliable and better product for around the same price
Earbud size
I would want to know the size of the earbud. It is to darn big to fit in my ear and
it makes my ear sore. Otherwise the jabra is ok.
Perfect fit, clear sound, easy pairing.. just perfect!
Easy to use, great sound quality
I think I should start by saying I haven't used another Bluetooth headset before so have no frame of reference for comparing it to other products; I use this not only in the car but also when working from home, as it means I have both hands free (obviously) to type whilst talking; also my mobile signal at home is generally rubbish so I can pop my phone on the windowsill where the cover is best then go back to my desk and still benefit from the better reception. It's dead easy to pair with a phone and use, I was very pleasantly surprised with the sound quality - it's crystal clear - and the charge seems to last well. There is no charging cradle, only a lead, but it's a standard USB at one end and a micro USB at the other so I usually just use my phone charger as it's the same fitting. The ear hook is a bit fiddly but you really don't need it and it can be removed - the only slight downside (hence 4* rather than 5*) is the earpiece is a fixed size; not a problem in my right ear but in my left ear where I have to use it (due to slight hearing loss on my right side) it fits fine when not talking then works loose a bit once I start speaking and needs wiggling back in periodically during a conversation. Not a major issue for most people I'm sure but if you know you have very small ears this may not be quite right for you. All the same it's great value for money, would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a hands free solution.
"does what it says on the tin"
Product probably understood on the website. Compares very favourably with other headsets I have had before. Super fast delivery too to put icing on the cake. Would highly recommend.
Works fine, sound ok on both sides of conversation
Used as replacement of a broken carkit, I needed a cordless solution (tired to fight each time 5 minutes with the cord of the headset before starting the engine). Pairing is straitforward, sound is ok for me and the person receiving my call, even if I have an old, noisy car.
He Loves it
I bought this for my boyfriend and he just loves it. So much fun bringing someone into the 21st century lol !! He is so happy to be able to answer the phone from anywhere in his business !!
BT-2046 headset
Great little unit very easy to connect to your device and good sound quality. Only criticism is the ear hook is hard to get comfortable but you don't need it.
Jabra does it again
Paired 1st time, nice and light and secure on my ear, and it only takes 2 hours charging for 8 hours use.
You'll need a USB plug though as it only has a lead and no charger.
The box is well packed but I think 4 Quick Start guides is a bit OTT.
Great value, excellent quality
The headset is great, simple to use, very nice, high quality. The battery lasts long and operation is very simple. The fit is slightly tight for me, but not excessively. The only shortcomings is the non protection of the USB charging port.
jabra blue tooth
found this product very good fits over the ear plus it sits in side & makeing it very comfortable very good.
Great experience.
Fast shipping, competitive price, and a quality product.
Not that good
I have had this head set 6.5 month and in that time people kept telling me they could not ear me cause of back ground noise thy said it was very hard to ear what I was saying but you can ear them very clear and now it's died It will not turn on I would recumend that you buy one that at lest last longer that 6.5 month as you get what you pay for.
I feel I got what I paid for.
I needed an inexpensive Bluetooth headset to keep in my car, this model fits the bill perfectly. Fits comfortably and has very good sound quality. It connects to my DC power adapter with a supplied USB cable. Quite happy with my purchase.
having a Bluetooth/radio system in my main car,when I got a small car for work I really missed it.A workmate on traffic control told me about the Jabra headset.Since I set it up[easy]iwould not now be without it.GREAT ITEM.
Hands free
Good device, easy set up & usage. Disappointed at the size of ear piece. It's a bit to big for my ear, making uncomfy plus no ear cover
Ideal replacement
After my wife accidentally lost her previous headset, I bought the Jabra BT-2046 Bluetooth Headset as a replacement because it seemed to be good value. She found the earpiece was a better fit and more secure than the previous one. The connection instructions were clear and it was a simple process. Initially, she found the On/Off switch a little fiddly as it was on a narrower strip than her previous set but she has quickly adapted to it. She is particularly happy with its clear reception. Overall, a good buy and worth recommending.
Just Brilliant should have got one sooner
As I only have this a very short time I really am so pleased with my purchase - it's just so convenient and meets my every need !!
Easy to set up and clear to use
Now I have unlimited minutes on my mobile contract, I want to use my mobile more for phone calls. Ones to my mother can take a long while and so a headset would be helpful. I read the other reviews before buying.
I chose this because it had good reviews from other people and didn't cost too much (in case it didn't work well enough). I am very pleased that I can hear very clearly everything the other person is saying and they can hear me too. I think I can hear an echo of my voice but the other person cannot hear an echo, which is good. Very pleased :-)
I always wanted to use a Bluetooth headset for my Note 3. searching for the right product here was never difficult at all. quality of product perfect exactly what i wanted at a very decent price. what surprised me is the delivery cos until now i still find it so hard to believe. i placed an order on Monday 5pm by the time i got home from work on Tuesday 10am (method: Royal Mail 24 (First Class). it was already on my door step waiting for me i couldn't believe it .
Quality of product is perfect and the delivery is out of this world. i will recommend this product and mobilefun to as many people as possible.
works a treat
My last earpiece died a natural death of battery failure! well it was some three years old and had to put up with constant charging.
this new earpiece really was better than i expected. it has only one control button but that's all you need. i was slightly concerned about there being no volume control but you don't need one, it's loud enough to hear any conversation!
the instructions are clear and simple, explaining all you need to know on how to set it up and start using it.
pairing was simple and took but a few moments. the working range of the earpiece seems to be about 15 meters or so but that was with the phone inside a truck and me outside. i also found it is comfortable enough to continue wearing it for a ten hour shift.
how long does does the battery last?
depends on how long you rabbit on the phone i suppose!
on stand by?
don't know that one either! i recharge it every three days or so.
all in all, I'm more than happy with this little earpiece.
you could easily spend a lot more of your "hard earned" on something a lot more expensive but you don't really need to. this one works better than fine!
hands free
I ordered they hands free ear piece for while I was driving, this is very comfortable, you can wear it while you are wearing either glasses or sunglasses,
very easy to set up, & very easy to pair up with your choosen device, good value for money
just perfect
Bought this item for my work as I drive a lot and as this was my first phone bluetooth i found this paticular one very comfortable and sleek in design.... it was very easy to set up with the instructions given and when using it found the sound very crisp and clear ..excellent for value
Not up to the job
This headset makes conversation difficult in a quiet environment. Put it in a vehicle and it becomes impossible. It amplifies all the background noise and cuts out the speech. Absolutely no use for it's intended pupose.
Just what i needed
Very happy with the headset, sound is crystal clear and comfortable to wear..

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