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iPhone / iPad / Touch Portable Fan Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep yourself cool with this dock fan for the iPhone / iPad / Touch. Lightweight and portable.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35662
$12.91 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 5 customers

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Blissful relief
OK it is summer at last and I do like the sun but as a lady of certain years I am having personal tropical moments of my own, totally unrelated to the sun, so this little device is a lifesaver.
On a crowded tube and then commuter train I suddenly became the person to stand, squash next too as everyone wanted a breeze. I could have sold hundresds on the spot!
Loved the concept !!!
I love new technology and especially gadgets and when I saw this for sale I ordered it immediately. I waited impatiently for this iFan to arrive and was excited at the concept, especially as we are having a very hot & humid summer. I was very disappointed when I tried my new gadget as it did not have enough power to cool me down, it just wasn't fast enough, you could barely feel it, I was gutted as I was so looking forward to showing it off !! Instead it's still lying in its case !!!
Underground cooler!
For use on the underground where it can be stifling and stuffy, there is no better solution. Attached to the top of my iPad, this portable fan makes traveling in these conditions so much easier. Pointed directly at you, this fan is quite strong. It doesn't drain the power on the iPad either, Cannot comment for the iPhone as do not own one.
Very powerful fan
Bought his for my holiday to tunisia and im glad i did. Used it everyday when sightseeing and by the pool. Looking forward to using it more in this country if the sun ever comes out!
Initially purchased for a Summer trip, this little fan has found a permanent home in my handbag! For around £10, I was not expecting the earth, but this little fan really is well made. excellent customer service from this company too.

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