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iPhone 5S / 5 Active Fix2Car with Griffin Charging Cable Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Charge and use your iPhone 5S / 5 safely in your vehicle with this Fix2Car Active Holder with Tilt Swivel.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38164
$54.11 inc VAT
 3 stars from 5 customers

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iphone 5s car charger
dissapointed with the product because it doesnt do the job. the cradle is too tight for the phone so it is very hard to insert the phone & take it out again
Does the job, quality of 12v socket poor.
Ordered this to charge my iphone 5S in the car. Holder is OK, the fit of the phone is good, nice and firm, too snug for even a very thin case however. The swivel mount/suction cup is average and a bit wobbly. The suction cup is strong and the sticky pad part screws in which is solid. The wobbly bit is the knuckle which also has rather limited movement. The worst bit was the 12v cig USB socket which was very poor quality and didn't charge the phone!! I thought at first it was a cheap lightning cable, but this comes with a griffon which seems OK quality, but it was the USB cig socket which is very cheap and 2 of the 4 USB contacts were totally flat and a poor connection. Bit of a fiddle with a very small screwdriver and it seems OK at the moment. In summary, not too bad, could be worse, could be better.
Good - but could be better
A good unit and the active power lead makes it much easier to quickly connect. The shorter length of the Belkin charger is good if space around charging point is limited. Disappointed though to find that it suffers badly from vibration because of looseness in the arm ratchet adjuster which can't be tightened. Appears to be poor design problem that should have been spotted. Its light weight materials probably don't help this. Also not sure what happened to the padding claimed to be in the holder as mine has none, although holder is still a good fit [without case]. If all this was sorted would be excellent bit of kit.
fantastic piece of kit
excellent piece of kit works a treat easy to use your phone without taking your eyes of the road

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