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iPhone 5C Power Jacket 2200mAh - White

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Protect your iPhone 5C and provide it with increased battery power with this cleverly designed battery case in white. With 2200mAh it is enough to fully charge your iPhone when you need it to. This more than doubles your battery power.

  • "Exvellent service"
  • "Battery case is brilliant"

Most Useful Customer Reviews

Myles Clarkson
Iphone 5c
3rd November 2014
Exvellent service
I ordered the power jacket having seen them on a web search. The first one broke, which was disappointing, but these things happen. I returned the it for replacement, flowing the returns process and very soon had a replacement Power Jacket, no questions asked. Great product, great service and I will use them again.

Iphone 5c
19th September 2014
Battery case is brilliant
The instructions are really clear and easy to understand. The LEDs are blue that correspond to how much charge is left in the case. Initial charge took 5 hours. It gets used every day. Highly recommend for people who not just travel but for the everyday user.

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Why Buy?

  • More than doubles your battery power
  • Protects your iPhone 5C from scratches and damage
  • Holds and delivers up to 2200mAh of charge when needed
  • Includes built-in kickstand for viewing of media
  • Cut-outs for ports


More than doubles your battery power

We've all been caught short with a low battery. You're out on your travels or commuting and you have no charge left and nowhere near a charger or plug socket. Well, now you can avoid this horror with this stylish, convenient and ultimately useful accessory for your iPhone 5C. Simply slide your phone into the jacket and, providing you have fully charged your power jacket, you have access to 2200mAh of juice when you need it. Along with your iPhone 5C battery (1510mAh), this means that your battery power is more than doubled. This also means you can go further and longer without needing a recharge. Brilliant!

Power Jacket 2200mAh for iPhone 5C

Protect your iPhone 5C from scratches and damage

This unique slim designed lightweight case, as well as offering an emergency battery solution, provides excellent protection for your Apple iPhone 5C - ensuring it remains as good as new even in the unfortunate event of a knock, scuff or drop.

Holds and delivers up to 2200mAh of charge when needed

If you are running out of battery, this case comes to the rescue! Just press the small power switch on the case and you will begin receiving extra charge

Includes built-in kickstand for viewing of media

A unique feature regarding this case is the included kickstand, which pops out and can be used to prop up your iPhone 5C - providing a comfortable viewing angle if you're browsing the internet, playing games or watching media.

Cut-outs for ports

Thanks to cut-outs for the ports on your iPhone 5C, you are still able to access everything you need on the phone with the case on at all times. 

As the case adds extra depth, the audio socket is deeper than usual and so using some angled 3.5mmm connectors (headphones etc) may not be possible.

Note: Please charge the battery case before usage. Please charge the battery case and iPhone 5C Separately.


Recharge iPhone 5c On the Go
2200mAh High Power Capacity
External battery with stand for iPhone 5c
Lightweight and Protective
With Battery Power Indicator

Power Jacket:

  • Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Input Current: 500mAh
  • Output: 5V
  • Output Current: 500mAh
  • Charging Time: 5 hours
  • Weight: 73g
  • Size: 136mm(Length) x 62mm(Width)x 16mm(Thickness)

Key Details

  • Charger Type: Charging Case
  • Colour: White

Apple: iPhone 5C

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