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iPhone 4 Leather Flip Case - Pink Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
This case is made from high-quality materials. The Flip protects it from dirt and scratches and has a belt loop.
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$12.96 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 84 customers

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Leather flip case
Stylish practical and great value for money
Exactly what I was looking for.
I ordered a black iPhone 4S Leather Style Flip Case and I could not have wished for a better service or product. It was ordered late Sunday evening and arrived via Royal Mail on the Tuesday, how is that for first class service. After reading some of the reviews I wondered if I was going to get good value for my money....I need not have worried, this product is well worth what I paid for it.
Good product
This case is just what I needed. It fits perfectly, protects the phone well and is very well made and at such a reasonable price. service was very quick and effecient
Great item!
This is a great little product which does exactly what I needed. It was inexpensive and will protect the phone whilst having a smart look. The flap at the top of the cover is a bit irritating when you have the phone to your ear but I have been folding it back, tho not sure how long it will last if I keep on doing that. You do have to have the case open to charge the phone but I don't find this a problem. Overall a happy customer!!
Once again - an excellent purchase!
As with my previous reviews, Mobile Fun is the ONLY site I need for my mobile accessories. My son (aged 20) got an iPhone upgrade and wanted a cover...but didn't know which one he wanted. I went for a flip cover. This cover is absolutely perfect. It covers the face of the phone so he doesn't accidentally make calls when he shoves it into his jeans pocket. It also keeps it clean, makes it easier to hold and, most importantly, protects it from damage if it falls. My son is extremely happy with my choice - but I never doubted Mobile Fun would have the answer.
Excellent choice
Great product fast delivery wuld recommend mobile fun as a seller many thanks 4 a great service
Poor design
Cannot take pictures as small lense space on case causes flash flare. Also, the tab which holds the case closed is on the 'wrong end' of the case and is irritatingly in your ear during calls!! Would definitely not purchase a case like this again.
The perfect companion
An excellent product, with perfect service and speedy delivery. Well satisfied
The perfect companion
An excellent product, with perfect service and speedy delivery. Well satisfied
Perfect in every way!
Excellent experience all round.
Website was clear and easy to use. Great updates and communication. The item arrived THE NEXT DAY!! Very impressive delivery and item was exactly as described. Extremely pleased and will definitely be using this website again. Thank you!
Great product
What a fantastic product. Just fits my i Phone 4S perfectly. Customer service second to none. I have used this site several times now and have recommended it to many friends very confidently. Well done Mobile Fun.
Best on the market
The case came at the earlier delivery date. I'd been looking for a case which doesn't ruin the look of the iPhone as I'd grown accustomed to the phone without a case and had seen what some cases do to them.

But to be honest I haven't missed the look of it at all. Genuine leather on the case which smells good too which is always a plus.Very smart looking and holds the phone very securely while complimenting the iPhone's looks.

A couple of drawbacks would be that the magnetic clasp hangs over the phone a little when its open so it takes a little getting used to when you answer calls and have the little flap in the way. There is no slot for the charger so you need to have the case fully opened more than normal and sort of force the charger in a little.

All in all I believe this is the best case for its price around. I've been asked a few times how much it cost which always brings a surprised look from the asker!
Great cover, slim & light. Great colour
Love the colour. Slim & light weight protects the screen from scratches also doesn't stop access to the letters at edge of screen.
Far Better Than Expected
I wish I'd brought this sooner!!Having searched for a stylish yet practical flip case for ages I finally found this one. It ticked all the right boxes and I love it. Being a flip case it protects the whole phone including the sides, I personally prefer it to a screen protector. The magnet is powerful so the case won't open on it's own and the black stitching is discret but strong. It doesn't attract dust or dirt which is great. It looks and feels really expensive.... I'm buying a spare before they sell out (not that I need another one!!)
excellent and can still use the camera !
excellent and can still use the camera, i made a mistake of purchasing a very similar case from the Apple Store MK, couldnt use the camera on the Apple "ted baker" product and it cost over twice as much, the hinge was only half way across to leave access to the ear phone socket, which i dont use, it was really crap.

i can recomend this case with the magnetic catch, it is wonderful

Excellent case
I have used one of these cases on my ipod for several years and it was excellent, saving it from damage after many a drop. Now I have upgraded to an iphone and so immediately bought the iphone version of the case. There is no chance of the phone dropping out, it provides good all round protection and is convenient to use. Without doubt the best and most convenient case that I have seen
Good buy
Case is protective and does what it says. My only problem is I feel the phone is upside down when I open it. The magnetic catch is at the top of the phone and has taken some time to get use to.
Other reviewers have got it right....
It works, affording useful protection for the phone - but for how much longer I don't know.

As other reviewers have noted, the stitching on the product has started to disintegrate - after just 3 weeks. If it was priced at £2 it would be a real bargain - quality issues and all. In contrast the price of 'only' £10 seems a more a testament to £8 worth of markup in the supply chain....
Excellent product
Bought the case for my fiancé as she had just had her first iPhone. She loved the case, good quality and fits the phone perfectly. Great value for money.
Cheap and lives up to it.
I have had this item for two weeks not and the faux leather is already flaking off. This is happening on the folds of the product where there is the most wear and tear.The design is great and the front cover is great for protecting the screen. This product is cheap and provides a protective cover but the covering is not very durable so if you don't want to pay much for a cover get this, if you don't mind buying another in a few months.
Exactly what I wanted
I ordered the case late one evening and it came the next morning. Excellent service and exactly what I wanted.
This iPhone case looks and feels beautiful and is a wonderful way to protect my phone. I ordered it on my iPhone (first ever order from a phone) and it arrived the next morning!!!!! Fab!
Good Value BUT!
Good quality and price however the catch on the wrong side and gets in the way when you are making and recieving a call this ammendment would make it perfect.
Brilliant service
This is my favourite site for accessories. The prices are always good ans service is excellent. I have ordered a number of this style of flip case for various phones, including HTC and Sony Ericsson and they have all provided good protection without compromising on style.
good case
This is a good case protects your phone well and the screen good value.
Highly recommended.
Beautiful fit & maximum protection for your iphone 4s.
Just the Job
Good well made product fits the phone perfectly and gives it good solid all round protection from everyday bumps and scrapes.
In my job I need that!!
Excellent design
Received order in good time but was slightly disappointed that the case is wider than the iPhone4. Manufacturer must have simply added new clip to older, fatter iPhone case. WOrks well though and love the flip design. Easy to use, excellent protection.
quality product
First class service from Mobile Fun and order arrived next day as promised. My new Iphone 4 fits snugly in its new leather case. Looks and feels expensive and excellent quality especially for the price.
Value for money
I wanted a flip case to protect my iPhone. This was just what I needed- and at a respectable price. It's black, smart and does the job.
Better than expected
I've used Mobilefun quite a bit over teh years and found them to be totally reliable. I ordered this as a quick solution to the problem of protecting my phon in my pocket while I decide on one of the cases with built in keyboard. I don't think I'll bother for a while yet, much better than I thought it would be, very well made, nice little mag clasp, well worth the money
Delivered at supersonic speed
A nice neat case for my new iphone. Looks expensive but its inexpensive and practical, just what is needed for everyday work use. Ordered on the tuesday morning and I can home to find it on my doormat on wednesday. Great service.
Exactly what I was looking for!
Hi just wanted to say how delighted I am with the leather flip case for my iphone 4. Having previously dropped my original phone, smashing the front glass in the process, I am so pleased to find such a good value product that will not only protect my iphone but looks and feels really cool as well. The speed of delivery and standard of service since my order was placed was brilliant and I have already shown the case to several of my friends, all of whom were impressed. Cheers mobilefun top marks for a great deal.
The perfect case
The iphone4 s flip case is ideal for your phone,it fits like a glove,easily accessible not like some where it takes a phd in case opening to access your phone.also its not bulky very slim so easily fits into your pocket,so if you are looking for a cheap case which looks after your phone then this is the one to buy.
Delighted with my flip case as you will be also.
Fantastic Leather Case
I'm very accident prone and needed to protect my new iphone 4s. This case is great value,looks good and does the job perfectly. Thanx for the fast efficient service.
Perfect fit for my iPhone 4S
I love this case - it protects every angle of my phone and even better it fits my iPhone 4S like a glove.

I've dropped my phone a few times with the case on and it hasn't got damaged. It does the job perfectly and for under £10 it's a bargain!
Perfect for the money
Case fits perfectly and provides adequate protection. Have dropped phone a couple of times with no damage resulting. Excellent delivery time. Thanks.
Excellent product
Really pleased with my phone cover.It is brilliant quality and came really quick.Would definatley use this site again.
Excellent case Does the Job
This case is just perfect for the iphone, as it holds the phone secure in place so it cant slip out accidently. The magnetic clip is great to saves time and also sits flat when you put your phone on any surface. And without having any metal clasps on the outside it doesnt damage any furniture that you put your phonw on. Would highly recomend this one.
Pink flip case
Love it! great colour and protects both the front and back of the phone. Great value for money
Perfect case for me, although makes the phone abit to large to easily put in a pocket.
Delivered day after ordered with no complications at all.
Just the job
An excellent cover giving easy access to all functions. Looks to be strong enough to protect phone without being to bulky. Really fast deliver, an excellent buying experience.
100% satisfied
Leather is soft. Quality is good. Arrived prompt. Reasonable price. Verry happy.
Great piece of kit
The case is just what I was looking for. It provides stylish protection for the iphone without being too bulky and means I can throw away the plastic screen protector. It looks so much better than a rubber bumper!
Not great if you use with car holder
I wrote a five star review for this cover, and feel I should add my later experience. I bought a car cradle for sat nav/charging/hands free. It was very hard to get the phone out of the plastic surround and after only 8 weeks, the plastic is broken in a couple of places. The phone is secure when the flap is shut but not when it is open, and one of the broken corners scratches my face when I use the phone. So 5 stars if you don't need to move the phone between the car cradle and the cover, but 1 star if you do. I'm looking for a new one now. Hope this helps
Great service but a poor product
Your delivery of the case was awesome, but the case itself isn't great quality! All the stitching has already come out after 2 weeks!! Although in fairness it only cost a tenner
Worn out after one day
The colour is just as I wanted it but the only bad thing about this product is the stiching has come apart after a day's use and now there is threads hanging off all around the case.
Delivery very quick, its just that this does not seem like leather as stated. Kept item anyway as I suppose you get what you pay for.
If your looking for a good phone cover at a reasonable price then this is the one for you, colour is baby pink
Overall it's great
The back fits well so no worried there but the bront slides around and is loose does not feel that great however it does the job so I'm happy with the product.
This case is exactly what you need if you want to be able to protect your iPhone. God cover for the front screen with a built in plastic case for the phone to sit in. Does the job which is all you can ask for, and a good price too.
Looks good and protects my phone
I am a new iphone user, and was desperate to get a cover as signal was so poor without one. BUT, I am always dropping or scratching my phone, so I wanted a cover that would protect the screen, and the edges, which this does, as well as giving me clear reception now that I am not holding the phone directly.
The phone clicks securely into the black plastic edges, and all buttons are easy to get to. The camera works fine through the cover. The cover looks smart and flips open and closed nicely with the magnetic flap. It does exactly what I want. The only drawback of all these features is that the magnetic flap can get caught between the phone and the side of your face when answering calls, but it's easy to move. Also, when charging, the long front flap has to be open to fit the charging plug in. Finally, it's not easy to get the phone out of the plastic edges, and the first time I tried, I pulled the phone so hard it pulled the plastic holder away from the leather outer cover, Not fatal, just a slightly loose where I broke the glue bond. I really like it, and three weeks in I'm very pleased.

Mobile Fun were very quick on delivery also.
Nice leather case
Have to say I am supprised by the quality of this much better than I thought it would be. The only fault I can find it when taking a picture with flash on. Get a bit of clouding round the edges. Otherwise very good case..
Good Case, Good Price
As always Mobile Fun have a great selection of cases for iphones and this is a good one.

Its leather which is a good start, most are PVC I have came across for this money, It's a sturdy case that will protect but not too bulky, actually its quite slim line with all the openings for headphones and power plus a good clip to keep it in place and for the money well worth it.
It is really convenient and a good protection.
The case really works for me giving protection to the phone and the screen. It is really good when using the Golf gps app.
Nice case
Good value for money. Only thing that can be annoying is the magnetic flap which hangs mid-air when its open. Might be annoying for some, but I would definitely recommend.
iPhone 4 Leather Flip
This keeps my phone safe from scratches, looks good, and is well designed for the cost, very pleased with this purchase. Also very quick delivery from Mobilefun.
iPhone leather flip case - pink
I have to say the ordering and delivery service was fantastic...

The colour is exactly what I wanted.

The only problem was when it arrived the corners of the plastic insert to clip the phone into were damaged although the phone is secure.
Fits the Bill......
"iPhone 4 Leather Flip Case - Black"
A smart looking case which fits the iphone perfectly and at a very reasonable price....
Just as I expected with an excellent price. What more could anyone want!
iPhone4 Leather Case
This case provides a light and slim case. It has the advantage of enclosing the iPhone within a plastic frame which eliminates the problem of signal reduction experienced by naked iPhones. An additional recommendatiion for this product is the superb customer service that Mobile Fun give to their customers.
Great Buy
Excellent for the price. Well made. Ordered on a wednesday afternoon and delivered friday morning in Isle of Man, unbelievable!
iphone 4 case
Very plaesed with my iphone 4 case. Product is exactly has described. Pleased with mobile fun customer service too. My original order didn't arrive and mobile fun dispatch another one without fuss. Thank you.
Pink Flip case for iphone 4
This is exactly what I wanted love the colour,excellant value for money, the case is soft both inside & out. The phone fits in exactly so no worry about it slipping out. Ordered it late evening it was despatched next day. I was kept informed with my orders progress. Would definately use this site again.
Excellent service, good product for the price.
I was amazed to receive my order in the post at 9am this morning after I ordered it at 4pm yesterday. Great service!
I would rate the flip case overall taking into consideration the good price at 7/10. It doesn't feel as good quality as others I have seen but the price reflects that (the others are more than double the price in stores)
Nice case
A nice case that provides great protection. I'm an electrician so the iphone goes to some very dusty & gritty environments and this case has kept the phone in good order - it has also protected it from two 'falls' with no damage. Only down points: the camera (when using flash) produces some shadow over the top part of the image. I also use CoPilot App as my GPS and with the case there are not too many options to mount in phone in a vehicle.
MobileFun Reply
Thanks for the review Peter, if you are looking for a holder that will accommodate the iPhone within a case, we recommend this http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/muvit-car-holder-for-iphone-with-case-and-ipod-touch-p26160.htm
iPhone 4 Leather Flip Case - Black
Perfect budget iphone leather case - looks and feels great - again great service, delivered next day!
iphone 4 leather flip case black
The case was not very strong. I accidently dropped it and the plastic bits holding the phone broke. The leather peeled off. So it was very poor quality and I wouldnt recommend buying it.
Poor build quality
This product would be excellent if it was built to a higher standard. Most of the stitching is coming out of the case and parts of the leather have worn away (I've had it 2 weeks).
Clasp is in the wrong place
Nice case, great price, but why didn't the designer put the clasp on the flap rather that on the top of the case where it gets in the way, I have cut mine off it was enoying me so much
Iphone 4 case ideal
with the problems of the Iphone, I was seriously considering sending it (iPhone) back after 4 days!, however this flip case is perfect for me to protect iphone and help with the loss of signal (with this there is no loss of signal)
Nice case but.................
I was initially very impressed with the case, but after a while I noticed one or two threads pulling loose, the case now looks like its growing hair there are that many loose threads.

The case would be fantastic if only the sowing was better.

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