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iPad PC / Laptop USB Charger Adapter Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Finally an adaptor which will let you charge your iPad from your PCs or Laptops USB port.
  • Mobile Fun ID 30463
$13.52 inc VAT
 5 stars from 3 customers

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It works great - but no sync on iPad 3's
I am using this with an iPad 3 and it does exactly what I wanted - which is to charge my iPad from my PC. I am not sure if this is just an iPad 3 thing (not had any other iPad to test) but with the dongle plugged in iTunes does not see the iPad and so will not sync it - no problem as it just means I remove the dongle to sync and then put it back on to charge.
It is handy as I can sync on my home PC and then just take the dongle to work with me so that I can keep the iPad charged up.
I have not timed how fast it takes to charge the iPad from empty but due to the USB voltage I should imagine that it would take a lot longer than charging from the Apple mains adapter - once again this is not a big issue as it can just sit connected to the PC and stay topped up but if you are in a hurry or completely flat then go for the mains charger way.
Worth the money? well I have not seen anything else like this and it works and is easy to keep with the iPad for emergencies etc and I am guessing that Apple would as normal charge a small fortune for something like this - so I would say - yes definately worth it.

A great handy gadget to have - get one you will not be dissapointed.
iPad 2 USB Charger Adapter
A very handy little add-on. Recommended.
iPad 2 USB SyncCharger Adapter
I've been reading all over the web about various ways to make an ipad2 charge through a pc without any real solution. Well this cable actually works
and its not a bad price either. Not actually the same as the picture on the website, but who cares it works just fine.

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