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InvisibleSHIELD Screen Protector - Samsung Galaxy S3 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy S3's screen from scratches with the InvisbileSHIELD screen protector.
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$18.15 inc VAT
 3.4 stars from 22 customers

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Peeled back at an edge after only a week.
Not for us
My wife and I each have Samsung S3s we have both fitted and removed these, easy to fit but the texture makes it very hard to slide a finger across and the screen is not as clear with it on; it's much harder to see in bright sun. My wife persevered for longer than I did but when it's only on one phone the difference is night and day. I am going to try some other ones.
Case shield is tough and gives a nice touch to the screen when on.
As always - excellent delivery and customer service
hmm ok
Well. In principle, it's a great idea. The application of it was a nightmare, first of all I got a minute hair under it, then when I tried to remove it I am now living with a fingerprint on the underside of it. When I put the phone case on it curled up and refused to stick in two places and as a result I've just trimmed it, so it's a bit untidy now.

The us side is that the touchscreen is lovely to use with it on and there are less fingerprints. It just looks less than perfect now, sadly.

So be warned. If I knew then what I knew now, I'd neatly trim a bit off the top and bottom prior to application. I'd also apply it in a nice sterile environment, not my home with tiny dog hairs and bits of dust floating around.
As close to the perfect screen protector as you can get
This screen protector as almost perfect. With the liquid application you are almost guaranteed a perfect fit. The screen protector does a brilliant job of keeping my screen pristine whilst also not showing up fingerprints as much as others. Add to that the fact that if you register the product at Zagg's website you get a lifetime warranty on it, this product is a win win for me. This product's one flaw is that, because it is softer than most screen protectors, the edges tend to peel up over time. But with the warranty this is such a minor inconvenience it made no difference to my decision to buy it. I have one on at least three phones I or my partner own.
Horrible Texture
the surface is quite sticky even when applied correctly, so pinching a zooming is difficult. The surface has an orange peel like look far from invisible. Would not recommend this product
Very Disappointing
I failed to get this fitted - after several attempts it became unusable and I've thrown it away - no doubt it can be successfully fitted by someone who has the experience of doing it and has been shown how to do it but it's not for the novice - so you pay a lot of money, you receive the item, the instructions are quite poor, you do your best and the chances are you will fail. Be warned - this is not for the average user
Just what i was looking for
The mother of all screen protectors . Its a must , perfect in everyway and so easy to fit . Its the only one you'll ever need.
Not at all happy with this product!
This is by far the worst quality product and screen protector I've ever seen,too hard to apply because its too sticky and fiddly to work with, but the biggest let down was the frosty horrible look it displayed after fitting it, invisibleSHIELD. what an opposite phrase to what it looks like, I can't recommend this product at all and i've taken it off my phone and looking for a better product ATM
May last but doesn't cover everything.
Putting on the protector is fiddly but once on and dried, it does feel like it will protect the screen.
But I'm disappointed how they cut the protector.
From the home button it's cut all the way to the edge rather than leaving a hole, the same with the front camera, sensors and speaker. Instead of holes it leaves a big space unprotected. In fact only the led light has been cut around to protect around to the edge (and it's the one i wouldn't mind covered). So now I have the whole top and bit of the right side unprotected. Cheaper screen protectors did a better job of coverage.

Feels like it's gonna get scratched. Oh, not a fan of the rubbery feel but some will like it.
Great Product
As soon as I got my S3 I immediately purchased a Zagg screen protector. I had one on my previous HTC Desire for 2 and a half years, when I sold it and removed the cover the screen was immaculate!
This protector covers the whole of the front of the S3 leaving a hole for the LED indicator and cut outs for the home button, ear speaker, front facing camera and the light sensor.
If you follow the instructions it is not that hard to install but just take your time to line it up properly, just add more liquid if you need to to float it into place.
I would use a table lamp or do it in a bright room to make sure there are no flecks of dust on the screen as you put the protector on. I did mine in a dim room and missed a spot of dust so I had to gently peel it off and reapply which was annoying.
Overall a great product for a great price.
The film will last forever, but it's unecessarily overpackaged
I purchased this because in a hurry and made the often foolish assumption that "expensive = good".

While the product seems to be of good quality and I have every faith it will last the life of the phone, I feel I unnecessarily paid for a bunch of stuff that I didn't need: A luxury laminated box, a branded rubber squeegy, a cleaning cloth, a mist bottle of 'special' spray (aka water), 2 instruction leaflets...95% of what came in the post was in the bin within 5 minutes, and I paid for all of that.

The screen protector which is a "military film originally made to protect US military helicopter blades from high-speed damage" is known to mountain bikers as 'Helicopter tape' and car enthusiasts as '3M Paint Protection tape'. You can buy a 1 meter roll of helicopter tape for less than a tenner, so that gives you an idea of the value of the gubbins I've thrown away.

The screen protector itself seems great, but knowing what helicopter tape has withstood on my bikes I would expect it to be. It will stick well and last forever.

The surface of the feel has a slightly soft and rubbery feel. You may or may not like that.
Yes...these screen protecrots are fiddly to install, but well worth the effort. I had one on my S1 and it did it's job flawlessly. I abused that phone & the protector lived up to everything.

After painstakingly applying the protector to my S3, it is now perfectly clear.

It adds more friction to the screen, not to everyone's taste, but suites me well.

Highly recommend this product over cheaper alternatives.
great product!
awesome screen protector. cant see the protector on the phone and completely scratch proof. delivery very fast
Protection for new SG3
I purchased this cover as it was the only cover available on the market at launch time of the new SG3.
This cover is installed wet, unlike all my past screen covers.
The item states that there will be blemishes but they disappear after 2 days and I have to say that's true.
I put this on my SG3 and was initially v dissapointed but within 2 days the cover dries on the screen and it is now very good.
to big for the screen
Looked good but after trying a few times I've realized it is about 1mm too big for the screen.

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