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InvisibleSHIELD Screen Protector - Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Guaranteed to protect your entire phone from scratches, while retaining the original look of your Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100.
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 3.8 stars from 35 customers

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Top Shelve Product
A must have scratch proff solution for all smart phones. Provides unequaled protection while maintaining optimum visual acuity of screen. Durablity is beyond any other product currently on the market. Money well spent!
Really Tough Protection
Youngest Son and I have been using these for about a year, and they are really tough.

I just took my time fitting them and ensured absolute cleanliness, and it all went really well.

The only issue we have had is that in the top left corner of the screen there is a little tab of the protector between the edge of the case and the front-facing camera. Over time as you keep putting the phone in your pocket, this tab can eventually get lifted which starts to peel off the protector.

Until these come back in stock, I have simply cut off the offending corner with some scissors, and stuck it back down again. I will do the same again when fitting the new one.

At first I tried to cut off the offending corner with a brand new super sharp scalpel blade, but the protector is so tough that you cannot even make a mark in it - amazingly impressive! Scissors are the only answer.

The surface is not quite as slippery for your finger to glide over as the original screen, but not far off. If your fingers are damp it will feel a bit tacky to the touch.

Best cleaning method is to use the supplied polishing cloth, moistened with a little of the application solution. It comes up like new and removes many tiny blemishes from the surface.
Invidiblescreen Protector
Fitted screen protector using spray etc and went on well. Left it alone all evening and found any small bubbles disappeared. Surface lost its tacky feel and set to strong protective finish. However, despite surface smooth and unmarked, there are sight lines of imperfections within the screen thickness about six to10mm long as if surface scratched. These catch the light as if surface scratched, visible when watching videos or light colored objects that mimic my old screen protector replaced due to being scratched!!! Scratches give rainbow effects over image below. Could be quality of film used. So 5 star for strong bubble free finish but lose a star for imperfections within film itself. Also paid £13.95 + £2.99 pp. www.galaxy.com sell same for £11.95 free pp.
only the best will do!
I have previously used invisible shield on my i9000 what a fantastic product after getting annoyed having to change my cheep screen protectors every couple of months. I thought i'd try something new! I read a lot of good things about I. S got to say for over a year never had to change it! no scratches no skuffs. Upgraded to my new i9100 had to buy it essential protection! highly recommend this product!.
Just don't take it off!
Just follow the instructions and you'll be fine!!

It really is pretty easy to put on - you just have to be careful and follow the instructions.

The problem starts to come when corners and little bits (like below the main button on galaxy s2) start to peel off. You can use the application fluid to bung them back down but it's never quite the same and you do have to keep doing it.

I had to take mine off altogether when my phone got replaced and it's never looked the same.

But I will probably get another as it was pretty good first time round. I've recommended it to friends and those who have tried it on mine in comparison to more plasticy ones, tend to go and buy it so it's a good thing.

Protects the screen very well.
Invisible Shield Screen Protectors
I've just recieved 2 Invisible shield Screen Protectors for the Samsing Galaxy S2, and they are BRILLIANT!!

Installed the first on my mobile in about 5 mins, and when I did the 2nd one, it was even quicker.

Any initial small bubbles which appear just disappear in 2-3 days leaving a perfect, bubble free surface.

I was so impressed with the result, I've ordered another for an iPad!
I had this on my Galaxy S2 when I bought it and it's horrible!

It's got an orange peel like surface which feels rubbery to touch. It distorts the colors with rainbow like effect.

On top of that the screen loses alot of it's punch and the colors doesn't look as vivid.

The fit of the product isn't the greatest either, it has a U-like shape on top of the device making it clearly visible (besides that your phone looks like an orange) that you have the protector on.

I bought the SGP ultra crystal after I had this on for a few weeks and I love it! It looks and feels exactly like the naked phone.
Best screen protector ever used.
This is simply the best screen protector I have ever used. The bubbles disappear after two days of use (likely with heat from the screen).

When I was applying this I was in a room with 3 cats which caused a small hair to stick itself to the sticky side of the screen protector. I was unable to remove the hair. So, make sure you are in a clean area before applying this.

Overall, follow the application instructions and you will have great protector on your screen that is also pleasant to touch.
Every phone needs this
A friend recommended this product to me and its what every phone needs. I advise that you use plenty of the supplied application solution as this helps no end with applying the shield. The bubbles that were left on mine were gone after a few days. This is by far the best product of this type I have purchaseed.
great screen protector
This screen protector really is great, relatively easy to put on and all the traped air bubbles have gone.
It has a slightly mottled appearence but does not affect the screen functions.
Even in a pocket with a set of keys does not damage the surface.
So great product and well woth the money.
Good cover
As long as you follow the instructions I'd go to the website and follow the films they have on there
Best screen protector ever.
This is the second 'phone I have protected with the InvisibleShield screen protector and would recommend it to anyone. It does it's job far better than I'd would ever have hoped. Not the cheapest but easily the best and still excellent value for money.
Got full body kit
Ok, so got the full body kit from an official zagg distributor, and i got to say that "full body" it isn't. for one the sheild for the screen came up a bit short on the lower part around 1mm or so and it does not cover a big part of the corners. for the sides i'd say it covers up about 85-90%. for the back the measurement is flush imo, just waiting for the bubbles to dry up on the battery cover (had it attached for just over 32 hours). The screen looks good to me, though it has that orange peel type surface which makes sliding gestures a bit hard to do when first applied, but it will get more easier overtime from my experience. so far, i'm quite pleased with it and would have rated higher if it only did cover "full body" as advertised.
Back for seconds and not dissapointed
I first used this product on another phone and was very satisfied with the result. This time on my new phone I decided to use the free screen protector that came with it. It was terrible, massive bubbles were on the screen and dust was trapped, plus the material was too thick.

I then bought the Invisihield remembering how good it was first time round. First watching the demonstration youtube video, I applied the screen but placed it incorrectly. Thankfully, because the screen uses a water application, the screen can be easily re-installed, which I did.

There were a few small bubbles on the screen but as the company said, leave it for 24 hours and the bubbles will disappear. They did, after about 48 hours and I could not be happier. The screen it very thin, super tough and not too shiny.

The only slight downside is the matt finish which means sliding your finger across the screen can be a little difficult. However, it is a small price to pay for the superior quality of the screen. Buy this, you will not regret it!
Overpriced bluff
Ugly, hard to install, starts to peel off, expensive, bad touch.. The surface of this material IS NOT clear, smooth or flat, even when installed perfectly. When you look at it against light you see how "grainy/wrinkled/bumpy" it actually is. Screen protectors that are made of "hard plastic" look and feel much more better. This is more rubbery-like, soft and stretchy. Thats why its also more hard to install. Even the adhesive is not strong enough to keep the corners well for a long time.. WAAAY too expensive and over-advertised. Just see how much you can find bad experiences of these and you will stop even thinking about wasting your money & time. Google and youtube it if you dont hear me, and get something cheaper, easier and BETTER.
Dont disgrace such a beautiful display with this crap.
What a disappointment :(
Avoid - Marks too easily
Extremely disappointed, most expensive screen protector out there & it's so soft that just slipping it once into it's leather pouch (http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/alu-leather-samsung-galaxy-s2-pouch-p30350.htm) has left it scuffed and with a distinct horizontal indentation line across 1/3 of the way up the screen. So much for "unparalleled abrasion resistance"
MobileFun Reply
InvisibleShield do recommend that you wait 24 hours after applying the screen protector before using your phone. This is so that the unique adhesive has time to dry, which would eliminate the slipping you described. If you have run out of solution for rea
cant go wrong
A fantastic item, a fairly lengthy process to apply to phone, but it will work far better than standard screen protectors. 30 year guarantee means youll never have to buy another protector. only minor fault is that protector slighly affects pages with white backgrounds....other than that, faultless
does the job
Fantastic product, does what it says, easy to apply bur very ecpensive for what it is, if it was 1/2 the price it would get 5 stars.
The best yet.
This has to be one of the best screen protectors I have used. Just follow the instructions to the letter, and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.
Awesome piece of kit
This has got to be the best screen protector i've had. Extremely easy to install.
Not good
Very dissapointed with the "invisible shield" after 4 days of being placed on my phone,none of the bubbles or imperfections have gone. It looks terrible! I followed instrutions but I have now had to remove the shield,it looked tacky and warped.

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