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InvisibleSHIELD Screen Protector - Samsung Galaxy Mini Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy Mini's screen from scratches with the InvisbileSHIELD screen protector
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 4.3 stars from 6 customers

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hard to put on
While I like the product, I found it very difficult to apply to the phone.

The contact glue is so strong if you make the slightest mistake when geting close to the face of the phone, it so hard to remove the bit you have applied, to put it back on.

But it works well.
Better Naked?
I have one of these on my i-Pod, Classic, which scratched, almost as soon as I looked at it and I really appreciate it being there.
Hence I bought one for the screen of my new Samsung Mini.
Unfortunately, although it fits perfectly, I'm not pleased with what appear to be blotches/smudges beneath the shield which get in the way of viewing the screen in certain lights and I'm not too fussed by the feel on the touchscreen either.
I took it back to where it was fitted by "experts," and they said it was down to the Samsung screen, or some such malarkey, so I asked them to take it off.
Have to say, I prefer the feel of the screen "naked," regardless of the blotches, etc.
I'm sure I'll end up with scratches eventually, but, if this is as good as it gets with a screen protector then I'm not sure I'd rather not just try and be careful with the phone.
I have a case with it, so hopefully, bar dropping it, it should survive without the need for a shield.
And, in the end, don't these phone makers have a bit of a racket going on..selling these devices and then expecting us to pay even more to "protect," them.
How about coming out with more robust materials.
But hey-ho, Apple have been getting away with this for years!
i thought it looked good
I thought this would keep my phone looking good. Without having to usea bulky plastic cover I read about the zagg invisibe shield and thought it sounded perfect an incredibly thin durable and invisible which would protect my phone. The installation was quite fiddly but not difficult unfortungtely it was quite clear when finished that the invisible shield was not invisible at all it did not fit that well at the edges and the micro bubbles and inperfections did not look good after a week I would not buy this.
Everyone should get one
If you follow the instructions it is easy to fit and does what it says on the tin. Delighted and no bubbles works well on the touch screen. what more could you ask for.
Great service
Everything delivered quickly and well packaged. Thank you for a great service.
"Great Product"
Excellent screen protector, much better than the cheaper one I put on my last phone, which started lifting up at the edges. If you get bubbles under it when first applied, work to edge with squeegee supplied, the rest soon disappear after a few days.
Highly recommended!

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