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InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector - Samsung Galaxy S Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Guaranteed to protect your entire phone from scratches, while retaining the original look of your device.
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 3.9 stars from 30 customers

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great product
fitted the cover as per instructions and it turned out perfectly. almost invisible and offers great protection.
A hassle to fix properly.
The protective film strip is a hassle to fit perfectly. The strip profile is not cut to the exact shape of the phone screen. To get the bubbles out is difficult.

The film has been on over a week now and the film has a tiny but clearly recognisable bubble right in the centre of the display screen. It's going to be there permanently unless the entire film is removed.
The product is expensive. Not good value for money.
Good protection but fiddly to install
In common with other sheets of plastic film, it is tricky to stick to the phone perfectly aligned and with no air bubbles. However, once in place it is perfectly transparent, and protects the screen and back from scratches.
Samsung Galaxy S InvisiShield
Really like this product - is 99% invisible, doesn't get in the way whatsoever, and is thick enough to protect the front and rear of your phone.

I was under the impression from the description that it was a FULL phone wrap, however it only covers the back and front, not the sides/corners unfortunately. Maybe the description on the website should be edited slightly to say this.
Great product
Was easier to fit than some of the reviews suggested. All bubbles disappeared after 2 days. Very happy and definitely recommend.
Just the job
I'm glad I read the advise in the previous reviews, it's not the easiest to apply. The front panel seems a little short but doesn't affect the performance.
InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector - Samsung Gala
This product is perfect for the job it was designed for and will protect my phone for as long as I own it.
Not value for money
Perhaps I was expecting a bit more for the price, but I dont see any additional value over the run of teh mill screen protectors retailing at about a fiver.
Just the ticket
Easy to put on, clear instructions, job done in two minutes. Protects phone without hiding it. Highly recommend this product.
great product
This product ideal not like cheaper varieties ive tried on other phones. Easy to fit, tough and durable i would recommend this product to anyone looking for a screen cover
Overpriced cling film
This product does the job. It's a bit fiddly to fit, but I managed pretty well, with just one corner a little scrappy.
Where the product falls down is in its price. The profit margin being generated by manufacturers and retailers must be monumental! It really is just two piece of clear plastic film with a sticky side. How they arrived at this price I have no idea. Shameless exploitation of people's interest in preserving their phones.
Hi! everyone, I must say i was captivated by the idea of the invisible shield and bought one for my new samsung galaxy s, Im pretty good with fiddly things like this so i was confident in the application. after reading instructions and listening to tips, I had a good scrub up of hands and work surface to insure no dust or oils were present.
As advised I done the back first, and amazingly got a perfect result!! so moving on to the front I done the same and voila another perfect bubble free nicely aligned finish, but when i switched my devise on there was a tiny spec of s*** on the underside of the screen, so peeling it off carefully i tried to remove it. cut a long story short the little piece of dirt was stuck in the adhesive along with 2 tiny fibres from the polishing cloth which were visible on the screen. I ended up smudging the adhesive and wrecked the front film.
Seems like a great product just i hope that you have no stray flying bits of crap that land nowhere but the surface adhesive otherwise your nice super amoled screen might as well be that of a classic game boy.
Does exactly what you want!
This product does exactly what you'd expect, worth taking the time to read the instructions and to prepare the phone, once fixed it stays fixed! Makes the phone slightly less slippery, so less likely to drop.
Truly invisibe
I found this product really easy to apply and the instructions were clear. It really is invisible when applied, and doesn't interfere with screen use. Leaves screen as clear as without the product.
Been on the phone a couple of weeks, wearing well still looks good. A bit fiddly to fit but much better than the bulky iphone type protection.
Great apart from hairline fracture
The installation instructions and equipment that come with the protector are very good, and it definitely feels very sturdy. The only reason I'm not giving this 4/5 stars is that mine has some sort of hairline fracture in it which I see as a multi-coloured streak down half the screen.

It does have a lifetime warranty so I'm going to try and get a replacement. Hopefully that won't have the problem because this really is a very good screen protector apart from that.
InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector - Samsung Gala
The shield does what it says. It is not easy to put on but as the only family member able to put sticky backed plastic on exercise books I coped - and it is true that most of the bubbles disappear if you are patient for a couple of days. The downside is the feel of it. Quite tacky which is ok for the body but I will probably change the face - which irritatingly is just too small anyway.
Perfect protection
It was easy to fit, it doesn't add any bulk, is almost invisible and very tough. A little stickier when sliding a finger across the screen, but it does not affect the sensitivity of the touch screen.
Fantastic product
This is a superb product. It's much easier to fit than I feared, just take on the advice given by other reviewers and the instructions included e.g. clean hands, use plenty of the spray etc. The film helps the phone be less slippery in the hands too which is a help. I bought a nice leather pouch at he same time and together they really protect my phone nicely. If I was to be really picky, I would ask Invisiblesheild to just cut the front panel about 3mm wider but don't let theat put you off.
Invisi sheild not up to scratch
After reading the reviews of the InvisibleSHIELD I thought it would be well worth the money. Unfortunately it was difficult to put on and even though the directions stated the 'microbubbles' would dissapear within 2-3 days this never happened so the finish was not very appealing. I would not recommend this product.
Samsumg S InvisibleShield
I love my phone but the InvisibleShiel the front fits penfectley, the back is no use to me the opening for the camera is on the wrong side so i wasted my time and money thats my review.
Superb product
I'm really pleased with this product. It's much easier to fit than I feared too. Looks fine, does not spoil the look of the phone and I feel like the phone is going to be protected from scratches etc. - won't protect from dropping of course!
InvisibleSHEILD Full Body Protector
This is a hit or miss affair couple of bubbles on screen did not go also bubbles on rear,so not very happy. Did one on an iphone 3g in the past and it was perfect
Good product but take care applying to phone
This is a great product - nice and slick; doesn't reduce the galaxy's excellant screen res and particularly helps it feel less like a slippery bar of soap! However really take care (and really follow instructions) when applying (and removing from the paper backing too - can stretch / damage the small detail bits)
InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector on Samsung Gal
Interesting product, comprising of the two films that attach to the 'phone, a cleaning cloth, a rubber squeegee and a water spray.

The film is REALLY sticky unless you really give it a GOOD spray with the water. I gave it a light misting, and this made things harder.

It was still fiddly to apply. It's quite floppy, and bits stick before you're ready for them to as they flop down and touch the 'phone. I started with the back, which was a mistake, as the curves made it harder. You can pull it off and reapply, but you need to keep misting as it gets stickier as it dries.

The squeegee works well, pushing all the bubbles and water out, leaving a very smooth finish.

The protector has a slightly grippy "rubbery" feel, which makes screen swipes slightly less easy if you have a sweaty finger :)

Summary: Awkward to apply, but superb results, if a little rubbery.
As always
As always, very good job ZAGG... must have protection...
Samsung Galaxy S InvisibileSHIELD full body prote
Fairly easy to apply as long as follow instructions carefully and able to align straight edge. I started with the back as suggested which was possibly more difficult than the front.
I've not had a touch phone before and found the sheild made the contact better. Makes no impact on quality of pictures or text.
Good protection
Nice protector, a bit fiddly to fit but but worth the effort. Screen remains clear and easy to read.

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