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InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector - iPhone 4S / 4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Guaranteed to protect your entire iPhone 4S / 4 from scratches, while retaining the original look of your device.
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 3.9 stars from 86 customers

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Superb product
This screen protector is superb. I have had it on the phone for a couple of weeks now and can't find any fault with it. It was extremely easy to fit, compared to other screen protectors I have used. The fact that you put it on with a liquid, which allows you to reposition it is very useful. The 25 year guarantee was the other thing that appealed to me. Reading reviews it does seem that they replace scratched or torn shields free of charge.

I would recommend this to anyone. We'll worth the higher price for a quality product.
Best screen Shield
I already use this product on my Ipad and it's great. Now using on my iPhone and it's just as good
Very good protection
This film provides very good protection for my iPhone, obviating the need for another case, but it also stops the device from being quite so slippery. It is therefore more secure from being dropped through careless handling.
So fiddly
Followed instructions to the letter but still got fingerprints on the screen protectors sticky side, had to frow away in the end, will find something a less fiddly
Great if you are realistic
I purchased this item after reading a lot of the reviews and wasn't sure if I'd be doing the right thing as a lot of them say that the invisible shield peels. If you think about it realistically, after time it would. You can't expect miracles! I have mine on my iPhone with a bumper bought from apple to protect the edges. I couldn't be happier. You can feel by the texture of the invisible shield that it will protect against scratches. For the fussier types, it does feel slightly odd on the phone but I don't think it's bad enough to really notice after a few days. I would definitely buy this product!
great product
This is a great product to help protect you phone. I will be getting an other one whrn my wife upgrades
Just what i was looking for
Having tried many screen protectors, ranging in price and quality.I must say that invisibleSHIELD is the best of the lot. It is by far and away the easiest to fit.It is tough and looks good while keeping your phone Ipad in pristine condition. i highly recommend this product. Still waiting get it ordered now
Brilliant Protection
I've got an Invisibleshield Skin on all of my apple products and i think they are great.

I've an iPhone 4 with a skin on it and it looks brand new even though it is a year and a half old.
Very overrated. Very sticky.
I bought this after hearing so much about how protective it is...
Which may be the case, but it takes away the niceness of the device.

Putting it on is a complete lark. You don't get enough spray to put it on in the first place. Removing bubbles is such a task as is then using the device because it makes the screen incredibly sticky. And no, I didn't put it on the wrong way!

Dragging my finger on the screen with this protector I'd get so much friction it was a nightmare. Playing games like Fruit Ninja with this is just impossible.

It also managed to extract the dye from my jeans, giving my white iPhone a light blue tint. When I finally gave in and ripped the protector off, holding it to a right light shows me blue. I've never felt so happy about having my phone naked.

Maybe I had a bad batch I don't know, but my experience with this was awful.
This is by far the best screen protector. In the past I have used other ones while I send off for an invisible shield but they just do not come close. I have used them on several different phones and the kids ipod touches. They do not peel away like the cheaper screen protectors, last forever and are also easier to fit. Don't be alarmed at the tiny bubbles when first applied as these disappear after a few hours. No contest simply the best one available.
Every Phone needs thisproduct
A friend recommended this product to me and its what every phone needs. I advise that you use plenty of the supplied application solution as this helps no end with applying the shield. the bubbles that were left on mine were gone after a few days. This is by far the best product of this type i have purchaseed
It's Very Good At What It Does.
I've had InvisibleSHIELD for other mobile phones and they are worth their weight in gold.
Keeps your stuff in fab condition.
AND if the cover needs replaceing then you can FREE OF CHARGE. Bargain.
Very disappointed
Followed the instructions for installation exactly and like others for about a week I had no problems and thought it was great. After that things started to unravel quite literally. As once this screen protector gets hot it seems to stick to everything but the phone. Very disappointed. (Phone kept in pocket maybe ok if in handbag)
2 words, lifetime guarentee!
This product might seem a bit pricey at 1st but when you realise it has a lifetime guarentee that makes it that bit better, also it wasnt too hard to fit and when left over night the bubbles fell out. It didnt lose screen resolution or I didnt notice it anyway, so overall im happy.
screen protector of the century
Its the best body cover ever !!! a total must for everybody with an iphone 4
Perfect! the best phone protector ever.
Have had these protectors from Zagg before for older iphones, covers the whole phone and is amazing, before i was so worried about having my phone in my pocket or on the side but now i dont worry as it cant be damaged, also bought a case for the back and side from another manufacturer and feel so secure that the screen wont ever get damaged!
Excellent product!
This is the third time I've used invisibleshield on my devices! Have been pleased with all of them but the iPhone 4 full body shield has to be the best fit! I love this shield as it protects my iPhone and still gives me the option to put it in another case for added protection. A must for any valuable device.
InvisibleShield Iphone4
I always use these never let me down, just take your time installing as always great service from mobile-fun.
Be careful putting it on
I bought this shortly after the iPhone was released as there wasn't really an alternative.

I found it easy to stretch it when applying and therefore it didn't fit properly. I bought the Power Support version when it was available - it's the best available. Don't buy this unless you can't find anything else.
Terrible - don't
I assume that the good revues here are from people who had just put this shield on - wait a few months and you won't be so happy.

I put Invisible Shield on at Christmas, 3 months ago. I was happy that it protected the phone and still allowed me to use dockers.

But after a couple of months the side panels started turning yellow, and then brown.

They are now peeling at the edges and will come off soon. The back protection is also now peeling at one corner. So much for permanent protection.
Good Product
Protects the Iphone really well and you can still sit the phone in a car charger.
Fantastic and Invisible
What a great product, really easy to install and ready to use in minutes! Really don't notice that it is on the phone apart from the odd occasion when a build up of dirty which shows up as smudges. A quick wipe and its as good as new.

No air bubbles have shown up on the phone anyway so I guess I followed the instructions well!!! God I'm good!!!! he he he
Tough, but awkward
The shield seems tough and durable, but was very awkward to apply. The clarity could be a little better, and I've already had to stick one of the corners back down again.
Was good - but now peeling
This is my second review of this product. (See Good Product but don't like the feel).
I bought it in August 2010, and its grown on me. I got used to the feel of it, and it does make the phone less slippy and easy to hold.
BUT...its now Feb 2011 and one of the top corners has started to peel off on the rear shield. It's gradually picked up fluff and debris from being in put into pockets etc. And so the top corner has lost its stickiness. Contacted Zagg. They DO NOT recommend removing the shield, cleaning and refitting if the shield has been fitted for more than 3 minutes. They suggested the warrantry replacement route. I've not followed the process yet, but thanks to the other reviewer below, I am now aware charges are likely to be incurred.
Overall, disappointed that the shield is peeling and that there's no recommended way of cleaning the underside and restoring the stickiness.
Beware of replacements...
The free replacement is a myth. You have to pay shipping on it from the US. Then you have to return the product to the US presumably. Although you get sent zero actual instructions on the process to return.

Also the implication when you request a replacement is that if you don't process the return you don't get any more free replacements. It isn't until the later emails that they inform you that you'll get billed. I didn't read any of those which is obviously my fault.

The product is overpriced and not as good as the reviews suggest. It bubbles and eventually peels. It'd be better if they charged less and you just bought another from mobilefun. I requested the initial replacement because I bought 2 and the wife totalled the first one trying to install it.

The unscratchable surface scratched trying to remove a bit of fluff.

I managed to fit the second one to hers but it was by no means without issue fitting it. It was an ok finish but started to peel quite quickly (within a week). Fortunately I had bought an otterbox so didn't need one in the end. You couldn't fit both together either as this product came off.

Not impressed overall. The experience has cost me about £50 all told.

It'd be ok if you were dealing with a UK company, but the cost you incur makes the overall proposition weak. Buy cheap and nasty ones then throw them away would by my view on this now. Alternatively get a Otterbox, they're bulky but you feel like your phone is protected.
great product
Quick and easy to fit to the phone and best of all no air bubbles! great protection for my iphone,the best screen protector I have ever bought. Definately worth the money. Great service from mobilefun, next day delivery will definately be using again!.
Peeled off after two days
I was wiling to live with the few imperfections/bubbles on the screen, however, after one night in the pocket of my jeans the entire front cover peeled away. I used plenty of the adhesive as directed, but it wouldn't form a good seal at the edges.

I'm a bit disappointed, as the product really does allow the iPhone to retain it's natural look.
Pleased at first. 2 days later and they're useless
I bought these to protect a brand new iphone. The phone had literally just come out the wrapper. I followed the instructions exactly. Washed hands. Squirted spray on my fingers etc. I was very impressed with the results but unfortunately 2 days later and they started to come off. The only people who should buy this is people who don't keep their phone in their pocket. If you do they don't stand a chance. A friend of mine also had the same experience. Oh and as for the 30 year guarantee. Forget about that! I've given up with it. Just buy a proper case is my advice. Dont waste 17 quid on this rubbish, you'll never see that 17 quid again.
Not so easy
This is the third Zagg I have fitted and was the hardest. The end result is worth the patience and the effort.
Looks good and works well.... for all of a fortnig
Was very very happy with the product when i first installed it. Gave fantastic protection and seemed to work as it was supposed to.

Unfortunately after about a week i noticed the covering on the rear of the phone had started to lift away. It seems that no matter how clean and grease free you make the iphone 4 the rear simply will not stick and form a proper bond. It slides about when it gets warm in your pocket and the edges lift. I though ok it is "covered by a lifetime guarantee" i will just get it replaced I was then horrified to find while it is a free replacement the shipping is almost as much as the item cost.

The screen covering now seems to be going the same way so i am afraid it will be getting removed as soon as i have found a replacement and a case for the phone. Extremely disappointing.
Extremely functional
Follow the instructions.....no.....FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS and your iPhone will be most grateful. One problem: Silicone cases are made to such precise measurements that the thickness of the "Shield", back+front&sides tends to stand the silicone off. Small price to pay for such protection. If I have the facility to vote four and a half stars I would. However,
InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector - iPhone 4
Brilliant-easy to fit and tough!
Not a problem
A great piece of kit to maximise the chances of preserving the iPhone 4. No problem fittin the product, despite what I had heard previously. Following the instructions and using a bit of savvy will insure a quality intallation. Very pleased, and I'll be purchasing again in the future for other devices. I would recommend.
Zagg Full Body Invisible Shield for iPhone 4
This is the 3rd full body shield I have bought for the iPhone range and it's fantastic. I have my first iPhone 18mths and it never had one scratch on it as the shield was on it. Now i've got the shield on the iPhone 4, it still looks as good and as new as the day it cam out of the box.
InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector - iPhone 4
The people who have wrote reviews saying that this shields is difficult to apply must be idiots who can't even change a light bulb.

I've fitted nine of these shields, mine & colleagues phones and they are dead simple, even the first one was easy.
Simply Amazing - Highly Recommended
I have purchased this product previously for older iPhones and didn't hesitate when ordering this for my new iPhone 4. Plenty of care and time is needed when putting it onto the phone to ensure clean transfer. Anybody who has had problems has rushed. This protects the phone without ruining the appearance
Excellent product, instructions on applying the shield are clear and easy to understand. It does take 24 hrs to settle - but when it does, the protection it offers is brilliant.

MobileFun were fast to deliver - great customer service.
Feels Too Cheap
Great service from Mobile Fun but this case looks terrible. Be warned: it will give your iPhone a cheap and plastic feel, defeating the purpose of having such a stylish and expensive piece of kit.
Excellent product
Have bought this product 3 times now for different phones and everytime it has worked brilliantly. Care and patience is needed for applying the different parts of the protector but once on it protects the phone really well. Recommend it unreservedly.
Reassuring protection
Not quite as shiny as the totally naked phone but very reassuring to have the protection. I chose a time when I was well de-stressed, set up a comfortable work environment with good lighting and spent about half an hour per side squeezing out the bubbles. The rubber squeegee is a very effective little tool. At the moment I've got all the edge pieces in place too but I'm not sure I can live with these indefinitely as the effect is a bit messy and I'm not convinced it makes any difference to the antenna issue. So they may be coming off soon, but the front and back shields must be the least detracting solution out there. There is absolutely no reduction in the touch sensitivity.
Waste of money
I bought this thinking it would be great, 1st of all it is a nightmare to put on and you hardly get any of the solution with it also hair and dust got stuck on it and after a few days it started to lift and it is not worth it I may as well of just thrown my money in the bin
Protects your iphone without spoiling it's looks, also it makes your phone easier to grip therefore less chance of dropping it, a superb product all in all.
Invisible shield
Best i've ever bought. Take your time and do exactly what the instructions say. The end result is great.
Full protector
The protrctor is very easy to put on your phone, you get the full effect of the screen , it has a nice feel with easy grip, would recommend to friends and comes with a 30 year guarantee
Wouldn't waste your money...
Can't see the point of this product. Although easy to apply and looking good for about 3 secs, this product comes away from the edges when it catches anything, including your pocket, it marks so much more than the phone ever would.

What is the point of having a beautifully designed product (that is fairly scratch resistant) and effectively covering it thick cling film that marks when you look at it...

Poor in the long run!!
Managed to fit with no real problems and initially I thought it was great. I could put the phone in my pocket without fear of it getting scratched. But then bubbles started to appear on the back when in my pocket, They disappeared but after a while fluff got under the cover and eventually I had to remove the back cover, a couple of weeks later the same happened to the front so all in all not great value for about 6-8 weeks of use!
Not A Good Product
Just received this screen protector as i also purchased a new leather case. I wanted a protection on my whole phone to make sure it doesn't get scratched. Placing this item on the phone it difficult to say he least, to get it perfect that is! Also it says its an invisible shield when in reality it appears very noticeable. All in all very disappointed for the price.
Loving it
It has been installed about 2 weeks, and I love it. The feel of it feels a bit thick/rubbery to my finger tip. Not thin/slick as the brand I have on my 3GS. This isn't a bad thing; in fact, I kind of like it. When applying, if you clean you hands and phone, keep the shield and phone moist, and take your time -- it is easy. Don't forget to register your purchase with ZAGG.
Iphone4 Invisible shield
Well it certainly not invisible my phone looks like its had a bad spray job with the orange peel effect. It was easy to fit and the instructions state any blemish will disappear in a few days but it didn't. Not what I expected from something that is supposed to be invisible I think I will be removing it.
Great product
first of all, Mobilefun has the best service ever. I ordered the invisibleShield on Thursday at around 3pm and received it next day.

I've tried scratching the screen with my finger nail and the dent disappeared after a few seconds. It does seem like nothing could scratch it, although I will not try any more tests as i don't want to take any chances.

Downside: It took me more than an hour to apply it, and lost one of the side pieces, instead of having so many side pieces there should be a whole one for each side leaving space for buttons.
By far the best protector on the Market !
It's a little pricey, but it's by far the best protector on the Market ! It fits perfectly and is easy to apply if done with a little care. Take your time and follow the instructions to the letter ! Well worth it and great service as always.
InvisibleSHIELD Full Body Protector - iPhone 4.
Took ~ half-an-hour to fit, but went on reasonably well - after I'd figured out where the side sections fitted, as unable to located template on Invisible Shield's Website.Has been on for about 2 weeks and wearing well. Would recommend.
Best Screen Protector
By far the best screen protector on the market, save money in the long run as you won't need another for the life of your phone.
A bit of a pain to get on at first, but after the first one is down, you get the hang of it. Make sure you are in a 100% clean area, and keep wetting your fingers with the solution. Only thing that would make it better, would be if it didn't look so orange peely.
Great cover for Iphone4
Mobile fun service is excellent, ordered Monday and delivered next day. The Invisible Shield has been on the phone now for 2 weeks and I have no complaints. It doesn't take anything away from the phone looks or functionality and was easy to put on. I watched a couple of you tube movies of guys applying the Invisible Shield which helped and it really proved to be simple 10 minute procedure. All in all very happy
I phone protector
*******great item. This product does not disillusion the screen resolution if anything it enhances it. This product take a while to fit and doesn't help by attracting all the dust in your house but I guess that depends on how clean your home is. If the instructions are followed and you are patient this product preserve your phone and great if you wish to resell your I phone as it would be in A1 condition. Nothing left to say really tricky product to fit but highly effective.
Looks very good, yet to test damage prevention
Looks really good, very clear, you can hardly notice it. Took about 10 mins to put on, quite easy to do. If you do it a bit wrong you can just re-apply it.

Changes the feel of the phone and using the screen, but not in a bad way, it's just different. Weighing up the change in feeling and being able to use the phone in the knowledge that it won't get scratched or dirty because of the shield, I would opt for the shield. i.e. I don't feel the need to treat the phone as delicately as I would if I did not have the shield, which is positive.

Am yet to test what happens if you dropped the phone with the shield on, because I haven't dropped it, and I'm not fool enough to try it out just to test it for this review. Suspicion is that it would protect against hitting a hard, sharp edge, but would not help much if dropped onto the road.
iphone body protector
Good quality clear protector. Very fiddly to put on, but well worth it. Read and follow the instructions you shouldnt go wrong. But they are true to the word, after fitting the front piece we had bubbles under it we couldnt smooth out. A day or so later they had all dispersed leaving a nice flat even surface.
Zagg Invisible Shield
This is an excellent way to protect the iPhone. I had one for my 3G, but now I am using this one for my 4. It's a bit pricey at this outlet (Mobilefun.co.uk), and it could do with a bit more coverage of the side panels (the metal bits), but I recommend it if you want to use your iPhone 4 without a normal case
Good product - but don't like the"feel&quo"
Firstly, I think "full body protector" is a little bit of an over statement. The side protectors look pointless and fiddly - just can't see how they would protect the phone if you dropped it.

The projective film is a perfect fit. Not difficult to apply - you've just got to take your time.

I just can't make my mind up about the "feel" of the film. It does have a sticky feel to it, but no residue. I think it's very noticeable when comparing it to the lovely glossy smoothness of the iPhone4. I think it affects the responsiveness of the touch screen, especially when pinch-zooming. Not too bad when scrolling. A plus side though is I think it improves accuracy of using touch-screen keyboard.

But a product like this is a must, the iPhone 4 is just too slippy without it and too expensive to replace if you scratched it.
Excellent in always
Great service, arrived the next day. Great product to.
Possible problems
Purchased this item and managed to get it on actually asked someone to help. Looked a bit fiddly especially with using the liquid. It fitted nicely but on fitting my new free bumper case found it does get quite messy round the edges so not too sure whether it is too thick for that item. Looks OK at the moment but does tend to stretch when trying to get it right.Also hard to keep clean.
InvisibleSHIELD does what it says
Unintrusive secure and robust.
I am really pleased about the service. I ordered another screen cover for my wife's 3G iPhone but didn't like it and asked for an exchange. I must say that since I have been ordering things off the Internet, this is the BEST experience I've had. The return was easy and I even got the difference credited to my Paypal without my asking and the nee item was delivered in a couple of days. I will recommend with no hesitation and will use again. Another satisfied customer.
time will tell
A bit fiddly to fit but got it on my phone in the end. I think it will offer good protection. To make the phone easy to grip the film is sticky so its like having a half eaten toffee in your pocket. Every bit of fluff and dirt in a mile radius stick to your phone and make it look very scruffy.
Superb Product
Do not buy cheap imitations, applied correctly this is a superb product.
Good product
I've got a fair amount of experience with InvisShield products, as I dislike cases and use the shields on all my mobile devices.

The general finish of the shield hasn't changed in a year and a half. The InvisShield is still amongst the best shields around, however they do have a very pronounced 'orange peel' texture to them. A lot more than the competitors.

This effect is very noticeable if the InvisShield is used on the rear of the iPhone 4, despite protection being high.
Invisible shield for iPhone 4
Great product, easy to fit. Protects the phone brilliantly. Its the 4th invisible shield product I've bought now.
Bit of a let down
Bought this and followed the directions exactly for front and back of phone. Side bits too fiddly so didn't bother with these. Front and back stuck perfectly and the tools / solution supplied made the front and back protectors stick perfectly with no bubbles.
The InvisibleSHIELD gave a slight orange-peel look to the screen but it wasn't off putting and didn't affect the screen clarity. It also gives the phone a slight sticky feel which means the phone isn;t going to slide out of your hand easily - a good thing in my opinion.
However, a couple of weeks down the line now and the front is coming unstuck near the mouthpiece and despite the instructions stating it can be re-stuck, it can't.
For my iPhone 3g, I bought a cheap screen protector off eBay. For the iPhone 4, I paid £20 here. I think I'll be going back to eBay.
Hey say this material coats helicopter rotor blades to make them last longer - it doesn't fill me with confidence and unfortunately, I can't recommend this product. Service from Mobilefun was speedy and without complaint.
IPhone 4, invisishield
Excellent product, shipped quickly too!
Really easy to apply and hardly noticeable when its on but full peace of mind knowing that the phone case is well protected.
Great iPhone protection
This item offers good protection and is easy to apply as the iPhone 4 edges are flat not curved like the the 3GS. Gives the phone a more 'grippy' feel and stops it sliding on smooth surfaces. A little pricey for a piece of sticky plastic but cosidering a new iPhone 4 will cost you over £500 I would say it was money well spent.
Invisible Shield full body protector
Received from Mobilefun the next day after ordering. This is the 3rd time ordering from them and their service remains impeccable.

The invisible shield is advertised as providing complete coverage of the iPhone 4, including the side antennas. The product is tricky to apply, given the many small surfaces along the edges. But if you are careful and patient, it can be done with good results. Some of the individual pieces of film for the edges don't seem to provide the complete coverage I expected. This may be by design or it may be due to rushed production to get a product out there. The larger front and back films are a perfect fit. The film offers a decent degree of protection to the iPhone, enough that I can confidently carry it around without a case. Overall, I am happy with it and recommend it.

The film does seem to help (a little) with the reception problem, but it does not eliminate it.
Great discovery
After having tried several screen protectors for my new iphone, I found eventually the perfect one: it does work very well. It is easy to apply by reading the instructions and it adds a very soft, gentle touch to the lovely iphone. Highly recommended even to no high-tech experts!
The delivery from Mobilefun was superfast as claimed.
shield for iphone 4
This is a great product, difficult to fit though. I fitted this to my last 3gs phone immediately after I got it and I removed it after a year to trade in for the iphone 4. even the O2 sales person commented as advised 'have you considered selling privately, this phone looks brand new. Thats why I immediately bought this product again. it basically is like having case protection without losing the aesthetics of the phone. well worth it
Not sure why people can't apply it!
Don't believe these reviews below, it took me about 3 minutes to apply the back and the same for the front, it is perfect, no dust at all as long as you use the fluid and apply it as instructed. You can move it into place once its on. To be fair its expensive but does the job really well as i wanted to keep the original look of this iphone rather than covering it with a case. If you can't apply it without dust, quite frankly - you haven't read the instructions properly.
This is the best screen protector you can buy
I love my gadgets and my I-phone 4 is no exception. I have purchased no less than two screen protectors prior to this one and three cases in search of strong screen protection since getting the phone on the first day of release. This is by a mile the best screen protector I have found. You need to read the instructions and take your time applying it and you won't go wrong. My top tip is that you should use the spray provided to spray your fingers (avoids finger prints) spray the plastic screen protector liberally and make sure the phone is totally clean when you apply the plastic shield. They supply a micro fibre cloth with it to help you clean it.They also provide perfectly cut wafer thin plastic covers for the sides top and bottom and back and all the buttons. I have zero air bubbles as you can squeeze these out using the rubber tool provided. The liquid that is supplied that you have to spray onto the plastic sheets evaporates and you are left with a perfectly clear screen, no bubbles at all. You can hardly see it, honestly. Check out YouTube and watch the demo, and don't waste your money on cheaper ones that don't last as this is the best, you just need patience...
After a couple of days the film became more secure and looks better. You do need to fit it in a clean environment to avoid the problems some have been having. Upgrade to 4 stars.
Waste of money
I bought an expensive protector in the hope it would be better - it wasn't. Lots of hairs attrated to it during application. It is thick and spoils the screen affect on the iphone 4. It also felt sticky to touch. Something cheaper might have been better.....
Iphone 4 Protector
Great product - The price is justified !...although you will need a bit of patience for the 10 minutes it takes to fit it correctly, it will last for ages looking good- I had one on my Iphone 3 & bought one straight away when I upgraded to Iphone 4
Invisible Shield - iphone 4
Not really a full body protector as the edge films are separate from the rest. Rather fiddly to fit but if necessary can be removed and refitted and once done it does provide good protection. Calling it invisible is stretching it a bit but overall am satisfied with the final result.
We buy a lot of great products from MobileFun but this is awful! I have tried to apply it to my new phone that is straight out of the box, it has sucked in every piece of dirt within a hundred yards and has no rigidity when trying to apply it to the phone. Buy something else...

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