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InvisibleShield Case Friendly HD Screen Protector - iPhone 5S / 5 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your iPhone 5S / 5's screen from scratches with the InvisibleSHIELD screen protector even with a case attached.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36473

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 3.7 stars from 6 customers

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Fantastic cover
i purchased one of these for my Samsung S2 and it was great so had no hesitation in going straight for this again with my iPhone 5. If you follow the instruction carefully you end up with no bubles at all and you see no lack of colour on the screen as you do with some screen protectors.
Superior & Easy
Having used their screen protectors on a previous phone I new that they were easy to install and durable (I had my last phone for about 18 months & the screen protector was still doing its job just fine).

Unfortunately, when I got my new phone the invisibleshield screen protector wasn't yet available so I had to make do with an alternative, which although cost the same (albeit for two) was less than useless. It was impossible to get rid of the bubbles (I managed to put scratches into the protector while trying...), it suffered from the rainbowing effect and it started coming of again within a couple of weeks.

Fortunately by this time the invisibleshield screen protector was available, was easily installed with no bubbles or other adverse effects. Can't recommend highly enough.
Having had many screen protectors from mobile fun in the past, all of which have been excellent, this one is total rubbish. Its not the correct size, bubbles and imperfections all over. Sending it back.
Easy to Fit - Great Protection
I have previous experience of this kind of material, which was originally developed to protect helicopter rotor blades. I also have it protecting my motorbike fairing. The protector is easier to fit than others I have used and, because it's applied wet, you can re-position it as much as you like. Most bubbles can be removed with the supplied squeegee and any small ones that remain will disappear within about 48 hours. The downside of applying the film wet is that you have to be careful not to get fluid into any of the openings in the phone, but that's not onerous; also, the phone must be left switched off for at least 12 hours to allow the film to dry. Once that's done, it's as tough as old boots. I've also been very pleased with its resistance to oily finger marks. Not cheap but it'll outlast your phone; just in case it doesn't, it comes with a 25 year guarantee!
Awful product not fit for purpose
First of all it doesn't fit the phone properly, if you center the shield on the button cutout the earpiece/camera cut out is off center by about half a centimeter. there is also a 3mm gap running down the right side. Still leaving a 2mm gap at the bottom and over a mm on the left! The curve on the corners do not match either!
To summarise, wrong shape, too small and over-sized, off-center cut outs. The material is easy to mark with a finger nail during application and it stays there! Unfortunately I was going mountain climbing so had not choice but to keep it otherwise I would have sent it back. Not possible to rate 0 stars so have given it 1.

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