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Intempo HD Action Video Camera - 5MP Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Intempo HD Action Video Camera comes packed ready for fun with a waterproof case, bike mount and helmet mount. Film all your outdoor adventures including biking, canoeing and skiing.
  • Mobile Fun ID 43235
$51.87 inc VAT
 3.1 stars from 9 customers

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I loved the product and service too
Service and shipping was just excellent !
Okay bout the camera : Its pretty good.
Video is okay,can be managed.
But the audio isnt good at all.The recording creates a buzzing sound.
Rest Coool !
Not ideal
On arrival i was impressed with the camera (packaging/build cost etc), especially for the price it came for.
On using it as a camera: the pictures werent great (I expected this), my Samsung S3 took better photos.

For videos (which is what i wanted it for):
The camera has a very short angle view so not much is visible in the video (not liek a gopro), the quality is okay but I wouldnt classify it as HD but rather like an old pirated movie.

What was the worst feature i found was the microphone, all recordings created a buzzing sound that at points was louder than any actualy noise.

Thus i've sent it back for a refund.

Build: 5/10
Looks/attachment: 7/10
camera: 3/10
Video: 3/10
Cost: 8/10
Useful and great value.
This is a good action cam for the price. Not sure about the HD claim? When footage was shown on my HD TV it didn't look particularly HD but was still of decent quality.
It comes complete with a handlebar mount and a cycle helmet adaptor. Initially I used the helmet mount, but soon realised that due to the size of the mount and camera, I looked like a complete dooley wearing it. I put it on my handle bars instead and it worked very well.
Finally invest in a decent micro sd card if you want to sort decent amounts of data as it doesnt come with one.
GREAT little camera and GREAT value
I got something similar (from a competitors site) which I'm sorry I wasted my time and money on. This is HD, which the other one wasnt. It has a display, which the other one didnt. It might be a bit bigger - but not by much. The accessories included cover most things - and with a little handywork, you can make a few more.
ONE THING - Format your memory card, by plugging into PC, before using. Mine came from the previous device - and it didn't like it. Thought the camera was faulty - until I tried formatting.
Instruction book a little bit brief.
GREAT value !
Excellent service
I just received my order from MobileFun, and am very satisfied. he delivery was quick and before estimated date. The product was as described and exactly as it was shown on the website. This is my second order from them, and I'm sure it's not going to be the last.
Thank you MobileFun.
M. Boghetta
A Birthday surprise
I ordered as a surprise gift to take on holiday for my husband so he hasn't got it yet. However I have set it up for him and have taken a few photos and so far seems pretty good. I was a bit surprised when I saw how tiny it is when not in the waterproof case so think it would need to be in the casing. I will review further when we have a opportunity to test on holiday next week.
Intempo HD Video Camera Ticks All The Boxes
Fast dispatch and delivery, the product does as it says on the box, brill resolution, easy to use looks and us sturdy and robust, totally waterproof, with mountings for helmet or handle bars.Needs an SD card expandable to 32 gig which gives you stacks of recording hours on both still and HD Video,instant review and playback and easy to link to PC or laptop with the included leed. VERY HAPPY BUNNY

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