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In Car Heads Up Display (HUD) Reflective Film Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The In Car Heads Up Display (HUD) Reflective Film allows you to use your smartphone as a HUD. With the correct Apps you can use this film to reflect your smartphones display, so you can view metrics such as speed, revs and much more on your windscreen.
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 3.2 stars from 8 customers

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Great but you only get one go
This was and extremely difficult device to review as the product does has so many pro's and cons.
The Pro's: When correctly positioned the device makes a significant improvement to the reflected image of your smartphone on the windscreen,
The Cons' I could not position it for anything larger than a small phone. I could not get my galaxy s7 any any position that was satisfactory and after a few goes the material became distorted. I think the reflector should be larger.
I am going to order another two and see if i can make it work that way
Very effective whilst driving at night but the projection in daylight hours is very poor.
Not for me
It is hard to position this film in a way to get a good reflection. My own car dash makes it very difficult. Once installed, there are few navigation apps that take advantage of this display. I used Hudway, it is awful compared to a normal satnav app. The other downside is that your phone is on the dash in the full glare of the sun and if plugged into the charger, it will get hot very quickly and if you forget to unplug it when you get out, in full view of everyone.
Essential HUD accessory.
Delivered swiftly and easy to fit to windscreen. Film allows projection to be seen easily during darkness, not so good during daylight.
Did not work in in sunlight!
Did not work in sunlight and got credit for it. I downloaded the recommended app set it up in the garage where it worked but as soon as the car was moved into sunlight the reflection disappeared.
Drive save
No more unspeed limited or tickets,because this screen I know how fast am I
Great product
The product is excellent. The only thing is, it came without directions on how to install it on the windshield. I had to look it up on the website to get the instructions. It would have been better if they were included in the package. Other than that, the product works exactly like it claims.
Needed more instructions
Need more intructions
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