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iGrip T5-12110 Universal Vent Mount Phone Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The iGrip T5-12110 universal phone holder mounts to an air vent within your vehicle but still allows for air to flow from the vent without affecting the phone. The T5-12110 provides an easily adjustable and secure mounting solution to almost any phone.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36073

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 4.3 stars from 3 customers

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Mobile attachment while mobile
Nicely over-engineered to accommodate "universal" application, does the job of securing phone to air vent for convenient GPS viewing. Now if I could only find the installation instructions....
yeah, like it but...
Opened product and thought, yeah! - had a touchy feely. Its fit for purpose, good clamp mechanism for phone. Thumb wheel is nice for rotation. You've gotta apply a bit of force to get it on your vent louvres though, so be careful with that. One thing to note is that it has a push button for releasing the phone clamp which is kind of in hand shot of the button release for the phone mount frame. Got that confused a couple of times and the whole clamp and mount becomes detached in your hand. Not ideal because it is then fiddly to get back on. After the second attempt I mumbled to myself 'you wont do that again' but...
Yep. Having said that its all good. Does the job nicely!
At last!
Having tried two other in-car phone holders which were hopelessly inadequate, I have found on that does not do the 'fosbury flop' every time I negotiate a bend or use the brakes and from which is not a struggle to wrest the phone free when required (a simple one button press does the trick!).
This may cost a bit more but it is well well worth the extra and holds the phone firmly in place.
Highly recommended.

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