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iBOLT xProDock Active Music Vehicle Dock for Samsung Smartphones Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hold, charge and play stream audio from your Samsung smartphones with this case and Smart Dock compatible xProDock Vehicle Dock by iBolt.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37726
$54.11 inc VAT
 4.4 stars from 25 customers

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Well Built
Having Purchased the Previous Ibolt Dock For the Samsung S3 I Know The Build Quality was going to be Excellent

Works as intended (Holds Phone Sturdily) although The Left Hand Grip Covers The Volume Buttons waiting to try it with an Otterbox Defender Case I Set My Volume Before Mounting To The Dock So Hoping It Wont Be A Problem

Noticed The Charging audio Cable is a Lot Thicker Than Previous probably has something to do with Durability and carrying The Voltage/ shielding of Audio To Early To Say whether improvement over previous cable But I never had problems in the three years I owned the S3 Ibolt Dock
Great while it lasted
I bought the Ibolt pro dock in 2013 and after 6 months the stem snapped, the spring is very strong and it needs quite a bit of force to get the device into the jaws, Mobile fun replaced the dock without any hesitation, unfortunately after 12 months it has snapped again and probably wont be replaced, I paid quite a bit of money for this dock and wont be buying again as it is quite expensive.
iBolt and note4
There are few things about this item:
- not that good for note4 because bottom left handle goes directly over volume buttums and to avoid this you need to rotate phone and cables from back
- upper handle is way to hard and its hard to place phone if you have bigger case, thats why you need to open inolt and remove one of the spring so it can loss up to 50%
- be sure that your car recognize aux input which is on other side by mini usb...

Overall, its great built quality
The iBolt xProDock Active Music Dock is very good quality and does exactly what it says it does, I used iBolt for my HTC One X and it served me very well as I am sure this one will for the Note 3. Also MobileFun deliver very quickly and have never let me down in the past.

Very Pleased

iBOLT xProDock Active Music Vehicle Dock for Samsung Galaxy Note3 is a exactly what I needed.
iBOLT xProDock Active Music Vehicle Dock is holding my Samsung Galaxy Note3 securely in place, it recharges the device and the sound can be transferred to the car stereo. It is a very sturdy and well build device. Highly recommended.
Works great in my car.
I bought this cradle because it was described as universal . I have used most of the samsung phones over the years and always used the made of it cradles which sometimes was hard to sorce. This cradle is a little fidley but really versatile and the fitting options are great. The app is pretty good too. This was a good by with the different arrangements of the connection leads can't see it being a problem when a change phones again to a bigger or smaller handset. Plan later if I get bored to try some of my old handsets in the cradle. Does a great job.
Bracket good, wire less so
The actual mount gets a 5 star - the suction pad is the soft "sticky" rubber and it will not let go of either a dash mounted disc or the windscreen glass. So much so that getting it off takes a little effort!

Nice and adjustable but stable when the lock nut is tightened.

The only flaw - the cable. The final link to the phone is incredible stiff - way too much strain on the USB socket for my liking. The other problem is that the cable does not appear to be able to deliver the amps for charging, even when a good 2A adaptor is used. Running CoPilot GPS steadily drained my Note 3 even with the charging lead in. Same 2A 12V adaptor and the Note's own USB3 lead is fine - both adds charge to the battery and runs GPS and a DashCam app too.
great present
I got this for my boyfriend and he loved it especially for playing his music through the radio from his phone. It got delivered very quickly too.
Couldn't ask for better
Coming from an iPhone background I have always used the TomTom car kit. I watched the videos and plumped for this holder and I am glad I did too. I have the sview case attached to the phone and there is no problem holding it. The phone is held well and I have not had any worries about it falling out. The charger is easy to attach and with the charger cable being able to be formed it is Easy To Find The Charger. I have it attached to the dashboard which has given me far more holding options (important with such a bug phone) The download able app is a great touch and I use it regularly. The cable lengths are good and I was able to route it into door trims without any issues. The stereo input works well and far less interference than the TomTom holder. I really couldn't ask for more.
love it
I drive for two hours a day and like to listen to podcasts from the phone. Before ibolt the phone lay on the seat and was plugged into the headphone socket with wires across the seat. Now the phone is at my right hand and I can fast forward through adverts without my hand leaving the wheel. I really like that the phone audio stays in my ear via bluetooth due to the privacy of calls and the quality of my voice via my plantonics headset. When the call finishes the podcast starts again automatically on the radio.
Note I had put a new android 4.3 onto my S2 but the audio will not come out of the usb. I had to roll back to an official samsung 4.1.2. However my work S4 works out of the box. Ibolt app is great too. Worth every penny.
Impressed with the prompt solution provided
It is not a feedback on the product but it is to appreciate their response promptness. Though I haven't received the DOCK yet, I am impressed by the quick solution provided by the customer care people.
After intimating them of non receiving of the item after 12 days of shipping, they promptly offered me either refund or re shipment of the item.

It was pleasant to get such quick revert. Now lets see if i recieve the item this time as promised by them..
Not working with Kia
I was excited to try the iBOLT xProDock Active Music Vehicle Dock for Samsung Smartphones. I have the Note II and Kia Optima SX. I followed the instructions and connected the aux and USB but I was unable to get any sound through my car's speakers. I can stream my music from my phone to my car speakers via Bluetooth but I thought the sound quality would be better with the dock. I guess I'll never know. The holder is excellent for my phone though. Perhaps future update on the app(which I did install via google app store) will make it work on my Kia Optima SX.
perfect dock
I bought this to replace a cheap car phone holder that no longer held the phone. Why waste money on cheap alternatives when, for a little bit extra, you can have a really solid mount for your phone. The phone is gripped really firmly by the vice like holder, and the whole construction is rock solid. No vibration, nothing, simply held in place perfectly.
Excellent product
Sturdy product with good mounting options.
I drive an HSV Grange (stretch Commodore) which has the charger in the armrest, with the speaker socket in the centre console. The cables is more than long enough to reach both connection points and charges the phone fast.
The iBolt Dock'n Drive application works superbly with a Samsung S4, completely replacing the need for a satnav. The configuration for easy shortcuts to whatever additional apps you want (music, contacts, internet radio etc.) works well.
The only downside was the requirement to buy a usb-to-cigarette lighter socket converter, as the car doesn't have a usb port. (Note: this was $10 in local car parts shop, $26 in Dick Smiths..)
One other thing to watch for - when docking the phone, it's easy to accidentally adjust the phone volume. Make sure the phone volume is up so that you don't have to crank the car stereo as much - gives a better sound.
Perfect Charging Phone Dock
I have been looking for ages for a car charging dock, this kit fits my requirements perfectly.
It holds my phone firmly without any wobble or vibration, the drive mode is first class and plays my music very clearly through the car speakers.
this company is excellent to deal with, I did a live chat with one of their guys and double checked all my questions about it being suitable for my requirements and assured me that if not satisfied a refund or exchange was available.
I bought one and it was dispatched the same day and delivered next day
Full marks to them and this product
Regards to all Bill D

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