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iBOLT Vehicle Dock For Samsung Galaxy S3 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 in a secure and easy to view position and listen to music whilst your driving your car.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35809
$47.29 inc VAT
 3.7 stars from 34 customers

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Missing parts
Looks like a good item but unable to use because the ball and socket joint between the phone holder and the suction pad was not tight enough to hold the phone in any position firmly. Appears part (tightening nut?) missing from packaging but none of the diagrams clear enough to show.
After 3 months of use, the cable has broken at the plug. The cable is to stiff and short to allow everyday use. I have returned the product for a BRODIT replacement.
A good idea but poorly made.
I got this dock as an anniversary present from my wife. It was fine to start with, but then I was getting more and more occasions when the weight of the phone was pressing towards the power button and the phone was constantly in a process of re-starting. I resolved this by keeping it in an up-right position. Unfortunately, it developed a fault of charging whenever it fancied it, eventually stopped charging all together. Another fault was that there were occasions when it would go into the driving mode, but then would come up with a message to say that there is a communication/ network error. As it became useless, I decided to return it after approx 2 months. I am waiting for the outcome - refund/ new dock ? I am disappointed by this. It might be that I got a faulty product, but I am personally hoping for a refund, so I can get a different dock instead. and by the way - this is not Galaxy S3 dedicated dock as listed.
No Good
As previous reviews - this unit does not work at all with S3 since Jellybean update. (so if you wnat to charge the phone while driving, you will have to have a separate car charger - crazy).
You cannot reach the power button when the phone is mounted in the case, which means you cannot turn your screen off manually to speed up charging time.
There are much better (and cheaper) options available, and I am so sorry that i did not have a more detailed lookon mobilefun beofre I bought two of these lemons.
Works OK, but not great design
The first one I ordered had a problem, The blue LED came on, but the phone didn't go into car mode, or charge. Returned and Mobile Fun replaced quickly without quibble.

I've now been using this for a few months and here are my thoughts:

The good:
> The sucker's good- had no problems with it falling off my windscreen in the sun
> Being able to use it with a case
> Solid frame construction
> Charge & audio with a single connection
> Unlike Samsung's SII dock, you only have to run a single cable for power & audio.

The bad:
> iDock are presuming that you have USB and 3.5mm jack sockets. I have USB, but my stereo has phonos, so I've had to buy a converter.
> The frame is way too fat in front of the screen. Makes it awkward to get to soft buttons along the edges of the screen (where buttons tend to be)
> You can't get to the phone's power button while it's docked. I often drive the same journey and only use my phone as a music player. I'd rather the screen wasn't on most of the time to prolong its life and decrease battery charge time. I can't get to the power button to turn the screen on/off
> You can barely get to the volume rocker
> The audio cable's poor quality
> The swivel lock's not very strong- holder often moves when I'm docking the phone
> The blue LED's way too bright at night. I've stuck tape over it to shut it up!
> Phone only mounts round one way when landscape, and that's the opposite of how I'd like it, so the bottom of the phone where the 3 buttons are is the furthest to reach for me. iBolt could easily have designed it so the phone's connection could've connected at either end to overcome this limitation.
> Lastly, I'm gutted to read the previous review about it not being Jellybean compatible - what the flip? I hope that gets sorted quick.

I had the genuine Samsung SII car dock and found that to be better other than not being case compatible. Couldn't believe that Samsung's SIII dock had no connectivity at all. This made the iBolt the only viable option for me. It's OK, but should be better.
no longer works since Jelly Bean updater.
This dock no longer works. Doesn't even charge. Completely useless sinception the Jelly Bean firmware update. Should not be sold as a SIII device without the caveat that you have to use Ice Cream Sandwich firmware. Check forums for further info
Best vehicle dock for GS3
This is the best vehicle dock available for Galaxy S3. It grips the phone firmly and there is hardly any shaking even on bad roads. Aux-out from the same usb wire is a great feature and sound quality is excellent.

The piece I received from 'mobilefun' has a problem. The docking wire that goes into micro-usb port of the phone isn't working properly. When I insert the wire docking is detected but many times docking immediately disconnects on its own. I then have to remove and insert the dock wire or adjust its position multiple times to get it to work. It seems like the wire's connection to the dock is loose.

I contacted ibolt.co regarding the problem and they have promised to send me a replacement unit. I'm happy with their effort to have my problem solved, therefore the 4-star rating (deducted 1-star for the problem with original unit I received). Hopefully, they fulfill their promise and I receive my replacement unit soon.
Good build quality but:
When the phone is in the holder it presses against the on/off button. This causes the phone to switch off. If that wasn't happening then it would have been an excellent bit of kit. Returned it and purchased Samsungs own S3 vehicle dock.
Perfect fit
Really pleased with this iBolt dock as my previous car holder was not wide enough to hold my new S3, never mind with the case on as well. This means I do not have the worry of scratching my handset every time I wish to use the dock and also saves me valuable time. I have used the dock on both the dash and windscreen and it seems to be secure in both positions.
Ibolted out to get one!
finally a phone dock that secures the phone, charges, and looks the part too! it was very simple to fit and with the 3.5mm aux jack a pleasure to play my MP3's from. i'll keep it simple, the Ibolt is the only dock of choice when it comes to securing your mobile in you car!!
I love this holder, fits really well with my and is brilliant when driving
Great, at first!
Spent a long time finding the right holder for my Galaxy S3. When used with my Case-Mate, it worked perfectly. Easy to load and unload phone, locked in place securly.

However, when I purchased my Otterbox Defender (which is supposed to be compatible) it will not fit into the holder. Holder is now useless, unless I take the phone out of the Otterbox case each time I get into the car.

A real shame as it was the best holder I'd come accross.
nice bit of kit
After trying the dock for a few weeks overall it was very good but it was annoying me that the cable connecting the dock to my fm transmitter was realy tight and i was a bit scared of breaking it and also where it splits usb/jack could be slightly longer as in my vw passat the 12v plug is near the gear stick and ive had to make an extention piece to reach the phone.
I would recomend this dock as it seems well built and after a bit of adapting is very good.
Hated It!!
Very disappointed not only is this product extremely ugly but when my galaxy S3 is in the dock it turns itself on and off as it sits on the on off switch, the output audio lead is very flimsy as you may get lots of interference I had to use a ground loop. Decided I hated it so much I just threw it away.
The best Samsung S3 dock by far
I spent a long time searching for a dock that would fit the S3 and power it without it being a 'one dock fits lots of phones' cradle.

This dock is well made and the phone slides in nicely. I also like the fact that the power is on a cable from the back of the dock and that there is no stress applied to the USB socket. However, it does mean you have to perform two connection actions, i.e.
1. Put phone in cradle and lock it in place
2. plug the usb cable into the side of phone.

Only the absurdly lazy would complain about this.

I am exceptionally happy with this cradle and it was worth every penny.
This device is brilliant. My sgs3 fits in in its flip case (flipped back that is)! No more taking it in and out of the case.
The singe usb connection goes into the charger socket of your phone and at the other end has a usb for power and a headphone jack to plug into your cars aux input. I've no idea how it does this! It's magic!
Good quality windshield mount.
When you plug the cable in the phone goes into car mode (landscape mode) . I use custom car home so my phone goes into cch when I put the cable in, and i have a speed cameras detector that also launches when the phone goes into car mode.
The usb audio output is significantly louder than the headphone jack. Again, no idea why. Brilliant.
The only bad point is that the USB cable is fixed on the left side so you can only have the phone one way. Apart from that I love it. Got one for my other half too.
Doesn't work with an Otterbox Defender
Unfortunately, unlike initial specs suggested, this charger/holder does not work with the Otterbox Defender, making this useless to me. The usb connector looks flimsy and cumbersome to me.
Works well for me....
The holder is quite bulky...but once on the screen in the car isn't too obtrusive. Holds the phone solidly and doesn't wobble around like some of the cheaper screen mounts. MicroUSB on a semi solid flying lead is easy to connect to the phone when it's in its mount. Nice long double lead with USB for charging and 3.5mm jack plug for connecting into the car audio system. Only thing missing really is a USB charger adaptor for the car accessory socket....but I already had one. Personally I think this is the best screen mount I've seen for the S3 so far. 4 stars because of no USB charger included.
Great peice of kit
This is a really well-made solid piece of kit. It's just what I need for mounting the phone for viewing sat-nav, or just as a dock for charging whilst driving. Another iBolt success!

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