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Huawei WS322 WiFi Repeater / Router / Booster - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Extend the range of your wireless network with the Huawei WS322 3-in-1 WiFi Repeater / Router / Booster. Supporting multiple wireless LAN protocols including IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n.
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 4.4 stars from 148 customers

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Neat little gadget!
Having read the reviews on this made me realize that this was what was needed! And it really does do what it says on the tin! You would be surprised but it works in our caravan, and all being well it should extend to the bedroom area which is a box on wheels! So am very pleased with this, and would highly recommend to others!
Great little device
I wanted something to extend our Wi-Fi coverage to a summer house/conservatory which is not connected to our main house. This little unit works a treat and is really simple to set up despite the off putting leaflet which makes it seem more complicated than it is. You just need a bit of patience while the lights change colour as it connects to the main router/hub. The Wi-Fi strength indicator is at it's maximum, so happy days!
I have yet to get it working :-(
This device seems such a good idea as seen in the advertisement. But I have yet to get it working :-( despite help from Mobile Fun. The instruction booklet measures 83 x 83 mm (to fit the box it came in) and the type is correspondingly small, so it's very difficult to read. To be fair, this Chinese manufacturer has attempted to present instructions in reasonably good English, but not I fear in an understandable way. There is a lot of space saving jargon (it's a small booklet) which I couldn't fathom out - and there is no Help Desk to consult, as I discovered when I searched on the manufacturer's website. So I don't know whether the device will work or not, and as such it is not good value for money
MobileFun Reply
Hi James

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please keep in touch with our Customer Services team, I am sure we can figure it out :)
Very poor
I installed this device fully following the instructions. And I started to experience problems with all my devices connecting to the internet, as soon as I turn it off all my devices would connect. It's a waste of money!
MobileFun Reply
Hi Paul

Sorry to hear you have had problems. Please note that the extender needs to be placed in the right position in the building to provide the best signal. The best spot usually is inbetween your wireless router and the device you wish to send the
Very easy set up, strong signal, 2 of them work together to cover everywhere required for us, one might have been enough but these are a good quality fit'n'forget within, no more worries.
Great bit of kit, easy to set up. Does exactly as advertised. Worked so well that I immediately ordered another. Fast service and arrived in two days despite Christmas postal chaos. Many thanks
it has solved the problem of poor reception on the ground floor
Our house has brick walls on the router is upstairs in furthest room from the living room. Reception was very poor. I found setting up the WS320 was very straightforward.
Seems to do the job.
I was looking for a reasonablecost WiFi extender and bought this Huawei WS320 from MobileFun. It seems to work well and gets better strength coverage in upstairs bedrooms.
Received it quite quickly and easy to set-up. AM happy with purchase.
Purchased this WiFi extender for my sons ps4 as he could not get a signal. Now I get no more complaints. Problem solved.
Works really well & is really easy to set up. Would recommend.
Problem Fixed!
Arrived on time well packed. 2 minutes later up and running, problem with WiFi signal limited by solid walls in a Victorian house fixed! Setup using WPS simplicity itself.
This product works and is quite easy to set up.
I was having problems getting a wireless signal in my home and was in search of a product that would solve the problem.. later that week I received an email from Mobilefun which featured the Huswei WS320 Wireless Repeater. Having read the blurb and decided to take a chance and buy two; I am so pleased I did as they have provided a wireless signal throughout my home.
Value for money
I'm a savvy shopper always shop around for anything and everything I was shopping around for a wifi range extender as wifi signal in my kitchen sucks and come across this huawei wifi range extender at a bargain price from mobile fun I would recommend this product as it was very simple set up and works very good
Good wifi
I like this item very much so easy to use and set up put in the spare bedroom can now get wifi throughout the home ty
Doesn't work with AirPrint/AirPlay
This device is elegant and easy to set up. However, crucially, it doesn't repeat the Apple Bonjour protocol and so AirPrint and Airplay don't work on devices to attached to it.

Oh well. Back to the drawing board...
Amazing bit of kit!!
I have spent hundreds of pounds trying to put wireless broadband around my house. Nothing seems to penetrate my walls. These were a good price, so I bought a couple. VOILA!!! They actually work!! And what's more, a doddle to set up. 5 minutes and I had broadband where even Carling could not reach. Well done Huawei and Mobile fun. Plus, fast and efficient delivery!! Thanks.
Works a treat!
Great little piece of kit - Delivered when promised, very easy to set up and works a treat. Extended our Virgin WiFi range all the way from the front of the house, to the back bedroom and beyond...
Huawei WS320 Wireless Repeater and Wi-Fi Range Extender
easy to set up straight out of the box.good quality product at a reasonable price. service was rapid.
The Wi-fi in my Kitchen was very very bad bur with theHuawel Ws320 Wi-Fi Range Extender it is now brilliant .
I bought this product hoping it would improve my Wi Fi signal upstairs but to my disappointment it made it worse. Both my kids complained that it was taking longer to download games etc., I have since turned it off and have reverted back to how things were. The only positive was the ease of connection
WI-FI Range Extender.
I bought this product so I can use my phone and Internet in my bedroom upstairs,as the Internet connection is in the living room. I'm so glad I did it has made a big difference. I now get the Internet anywhere in the house. For what you pay for this product it is certainly worth buying when you compare how the Internet kept dropping out of connection with my phone or tablet.
Open your envelope!
Does exactly what it was made for, it extends the range of your WiFi router! But it!
Huawei Wi fi repeater
This repeater did not make the signal any stronger in fact it went down.Connecting was very easy.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Paul

That is very strange. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
I think it is fantastic because in my Kitchen I couldn't get a signal
At all now it is great fantastic little gadget I will recommend it to all
of my friends love it.

F .Bloomfield
Boosts a weak signal into a strong signal BUT...
...any devices connected to mine cannot access the internet. So not quite what I had in mind.
MobileFun Reply
Hi John

This is strange. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can try and figure out what needs to change for yours to work.
Not Sure
Product installation requires some knowledge of computers in order to sync with modem.
Having installed the product Im not sure that is having the impact I want.
I still have times when I cant connect thru WiFi and this product I was led to believe would eliminate drps in connection.
MobileFun Reply
Hi David

The WS320 works best when you place the unit about half way between your phone / wireless computer and your router.

Hope this helps, but if you need assistance please contact our Customer Services team.
Excellent product
My router didn't have a WPS button so had to follow the instructions through the web-based configuration utility,straightforward and took less than 15 minutes to get up and running. I now have a strong signal in my garden,top marks
Dont buy this
Would not connect, tried everyway to do so, followed all instructions, got all lights on, still would not connect, now sat in my drawer with all the other rubbish.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Tony

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Best WiFi range extender
I was not sure if these 'wifi extender's' would actually work, until I tried it. So I read some of the reviews on here and on other sites and decided to buy one. I guess I made the right choice from mobile fun. This piece if equipment is the bestest ever. With having thick brick walls in the house this WiFi extender makes the whole house connected. Absolutely love it.
Now got WiFi in my garden,as well as the rest of my house
Just received my order today and set up in 5 minutes. Only ordered on Friday. Now got WiFi in my garden,as well as the rest of my house.
Not technical minded 70 year old
wanted to get better wifi connection on my iPad in back garden .....wallah it works with easy to set up instructions. WPS? What's that? Just pressed the right buttons, I guess, and watch the green light come on.
Amazing range !!!
This is the best thing since sliced bread. We have quite thick walls at our house and the router itself couldn't get the signals through to all the rooms. But this huawei extender does the job efficiently. WiFi signal everywhere.
Easy installation
Little concerned when my router didn't have WPS button but followed manual instructions and it was so simple. Great bit of kit works a treat.
Does just what it says on the box
It worked just as described and now, in an old thick walled cottage, we can access the WiFi broadband in every room.
Brilliant gadget
One of the easiest to install extras added to my domestic wireless network. Plug and play perfection.
Either easy or a nightmare.
This is a good little product, and simple enough to set up when using the wps button... That is unless it's standard IP address is the same as your router then you have to use a web browser to go to the address in the instructions go to the advanced bit then enter the login and password "admin" for both and change the IP address by 1 digit and start it all again. Not that simple but once done has worked great.
Thought I would give this a try as I had little to loose
Did exactly what it said it would I plugged it in.pressed the button and it took a very moment to connect settled light on.and now signal where it's needed.
At last - better wifi on the top floor
I live in a 3-storey town gown in a lovely area of Co Antrim. The router sadly, only had a fitting in the ground floor hall and as you can guess, climbing two flights of stairs was just too much for the signal on occasions.
It's okay, I get it, we all find these things difficult as time progresses! Until I got the Haiwei WS320 device and paired it to our router. It now takes pride of place on the top floor hall and provides a much better connection than we have ever enjoyed before. This is a great device, so simple, yet effective and one I would be happy to recommend.
arrived by post in good order, I now have internet in my studio so I can get reference material when I want it. the device is very easy to set up, my studio is about 7Mtrs from our bungalow.
Wonderful product
100% Satisfactory
I thought the setting of the Device to work would have been easy. But as my Router did not have WPS button I had to go through the long procedure explained in the leaflet. Eventually I got it working and I am 100% satisfied.
Improved Connection
Purchased the HuaweiWS320 Repeater to improve my Wi-Fi connection in certain parts of my House.
Easy to set up and it has certainly improved my Wi-Fi connection in the area's where it was not so good.
Would recommend this product if you are struggling to get an all round connection in your property.
Does exactly what it says on the tin!
Does exactly what it says on the tin! One tip; the instructions say to press the WPS button. Make sure you press and hold for a few seconds.
I can now get wifi all over the house even at bottom of the garden
Great item, I can now get wifi all over the house even at bottom of the garden. Thanks mobile fun.
Very good web site to use as well and quick delivery
This will help your wifi in a room were the router is in a different room
this will help your wifi in a room were the router is in a different room.
great repeater
very easy to set updoes a very good job of boosting signal
Does exactly what it says on the tin
This was very easy to setup - just plug it in, hit the WPS button on my router and on the extender, and wait for the light to go green!

I now have a decent wifi signal (according to Wifi Analyzer and my PC) where I previously had a weak connection. Very happy, and will probably order another one for downstairs.
what is says on the tin....or box in this case.....
So Simple
"We purchased this as a repeater as our broadband signal is poor to the upstairs of the house which was a total disaster for our teenage girls! We just plugged it in, pressed the wps button on our router then the same on the repeater, they connected beautifully and the girls are delighted! Fairly strong connection to upstairs now even though the repeater is situated in the downstairs hallway. I would definitely recommend. It's so simple to install."
So simple
We purchased this as a repeater as our broadband signal is poor to the upstairs of the house which was a total disaster for our teenage girls! We just plugged it in, pressed the wps button on our router then the same on the repeater, they connected beautifully and the girls are delighted! Fairly strong connection to upstairs now even though the repeater is situated in the downstairs hallway. I would definitely recommend. It's so simple to install.
wi fi repeater
From the time I got this we have saved money on our mobile wifi cost we don't eat into our allowence so we can use our phone on the house WiFi will have to get one for the rest of the family.
Well worth getting
Does exactly what it says on the lable
Problem setting it up but the user guide covers all issues
WOW So easy to up and going
I brought another device like this one a few weeks ago, it took me 3 days following the instructions and web searches to get it up and running in any for or setting, but you had to log into the repeater specifically not just wander... So I though for the price I would give this a go, without even glancing at the setup guide I pressed the button on my router and on the WS320 and that was it, took it to the kitchen and without touching any settings on my phone I suddenly went from Zero bars to a full house... Wounder, I'm about to buy another for the other end of the house... A great simple to use product, less than 2 mins and I had signal on the ground floor for the 1st time...
All I can say is it was simple to install and really boosted the signal. Well worth the rather minimal expenditure.
Painful startup due to wrong mac but now works fine
I bought a Huawei WS320 Repeater to improve coverage on the ground floor of a two storey house where reception from my ASUS RT-N56U router was 'intermittent. I use MAC filtering on the ASUS but this shouldn't have been a problem as it has always been reliable when making connections the past. I spent the usual couple of hours experienced by others in trying to get a connection between the two. Having scoured the web for help, nothing worked. I then cancelled the MAC filtering and the device appeared, connected, and worked perfectly. I checked the MAC address of connected Repeater and - hey, guess what, it was not the MAC address listed in the Huawei Repeater Installation utility under Device Info. Once I loaded the correct Huawei MAC details in the ASUS MAC filtering utility the device has worked impeccably, giving an 'excellent' signal status on all ground floor devices. It has even massively improved reception in the conservatory at the end of the house. If it had worked first time, I would have given a five star rating.
A great way to extend WiFi coverage
This little device is a superb addition to my home WiFi set up. I have a very good BT Home Hub, but as I live in an old house the signal has many proper brick walls to find its way through. In parts of the house and certainly outside on the patio the signal was weak or non-existent.

This little WiFi Repeater / Booster was ridiculously easy to set up, is very inconspicuous and has seamlessly extended our WiFi coverage throughout the house, onto the patio, and even some way into the garden.

It really boosts!
This was bought to extend wi fi throughout a large stone built house and that is what it does. It is easy to set up - just plug it on beside the router and press the button then press the wi fi button on the router after a minute it goes green and you can move it to where you need it.
Better than expected
Improved connection from the start. Very impressive. Very easy to set up.
Wifi booster
Brilliant piece of kit especially usefully when I'm trying to keep up with emails whilst moving around the house doing my "Chores". Wouldn't be without it now!
Very useful
Needed bedroom connection and now can use IPad there. Still not working on TV but need to investigate. Only problem encountered was that I didn't realise at first I should access website through repeater and not router. But I am 65 so can be excused. Follow instructions and all will be fine. Bit expensive but it's Christmas.p
Repeaters aren't easy to come by. Great product.
Great product. Slightly fiddly install but booklet gives several workarounds to both manual and automatic install. Once setup works solidly. Definitely would buy another. Before, my upstairs bedroom had one bar wifi or none. Now I have the full bars showing on any device I use. This is a repeater which is hard to get hold of. Most shops sell wifi plugs that create their own hotspot when all you need is a boost to the existing wifi.
Simple to set up. Just plugged it in near the router, pressed the appropriate buttons and after a couple of minutes for the two units to pair with each other relocated the repeater upstairs plugged in and it found the router and everything works OK.
Yay! Online everywhere!
Living in a C17th cottage with walls built for siege conditions, my wi-fi worked in the lounge. And only the lounge. I asked my (IT tech) brother what to do and he recommended this. It arrived. And...get this...I set it up myself. I am clueless, inept, capable of breaking anything - my dogs' tech skills beat mine.
It is up and running - and I'm typing this from my bedroom. Hurrah!
Buy it, dead quick n easy and inexpensive.
Worked first time
No problem with set up of repeater. Needed repeater to get wifi in lounge. Did have to reinstall printer though, even though router was closer to printer than repeater is. Would buy again.
It does what is say's on the box just plug in and go
Just the job
Did what it stated just out of the box. Set up was simplicity itself and I had it working with router within minutes. Fixed the weak wi-fi signal at the rear of my house.
very simple installation
proberly one of the easiest gadgets you could plug in and use no fuss worked inside 3minutes and no problems at all
It's OK...
Reasonable product, but not as great as advertised. Solid quality and robust. It works OK, but whilst it can give a good extended wifi signal, it doesn't have much broadband capacity, and overrides any residual wifi reception from the original source. In other words, if in one room you have dodgy wifi signal but fast broadband when you can get signal, this product might increase the wifi signal strength but not to the capacity of your broadband.
Does what it says on the tin
After a little hiccup trying to link the product to me wifi router automatically I found the PC setup facility easy to use. Product is now working entirely to my satisfaction. Good job from Mobile Fun!
I bought this after looking at the reviews I plug it in and it paired up first time very happy no problems so for I really can say any more than that works great I need to buy some more
Does what it's supposed to do...
Huawei WS320 was bought to give our wifi signals a post inside the house - get rid of a dead spot, and it does exactly this.
It is extending the signal from a 'Sky' wireless router which does not support the easy set up, and it was a bit of a footer to get sorted. If in doubt watch the helpful video on you tube before you start.
So simple to set up. took 3mins in total. Made a great difference to my wifi reception. Not being technically minded I would recommend
this brill bit of kit to anyone.
Very effective item
I bought one of these to boost the WiFi signal in the conservatory and the patio. It was a bit tricky to set up manually (no WPS button on my ageing router) but once I'd figured out how to do it was relatively straight forward. I was so impressed with the effectiveness of the signal boost that I bought another to boost the signal upstairs. My internet access all over the house is now noticeably faster - great result. Would have scored 5* if the set up instructions were a little clearer.
Does exactly what it says on the tin I tried to watch films streamed to my samsung 3d player but it kept breaking up but with this product it works brilliant now %100 recommend.
I wanted my signal boosted and that's what I got!
We had our house extended up into the loft with two bedrooms up there, only problem was that the wifi signal didnt reach too well, so we bought this booster to try to improve it. Very prompt delivery, ordered whilst on holiday in Mexico, two days later we were home and it had already arrived. Very easy to set up, one button push on the router to connect it and it was up and running straight away. My sons bedroom is up in the extension and he has the Xbox up there and at 15 is on it most of the time! We plugged the booster in on the middle landing and it works brilliantly, wifi much improved all over the house!
My old router gave up the ghost and the servers replacement didn't have the same range, not that it had ever been good. Fitted the booster, and hey presto, five bars everywhere in a large house. The quick set up didn't work with the WPS button but soon set it up via the computer. Easy, and well worth the money.
Granddaughter and all her friends descended on my study to get the best signal for their WI-FI shenanigans, brand new LG 48" Smart TV couldn't connect to the internet, laptop kept dropping its signal. I thought I was doomed to have all this technology and nowhere to use it except in one room in the house and then I got my weekly MobileFun e-mail with what seemed like the ideal solution the Huawei Repeater / Booster! I ordered one straightaway (from my PC in the study) and within days I had all my technology working all around my house. Simple to set up and use, it now gives me 5 bars in every room including the garden. My granddaughter and all her friends never come out of her bedroom, TV works like a dream with streaming videos from Netflix, YouTube and the internet and my laptop works everywhere (including my shed and garage). Wish I had ordered one months ago!
Does the job well
I was a bit doubtful whether this piece of kit would make any difference as I live in a big house with lots of walls and was suffering poor wifi in some rooms. However it hyas really helped. Really easy set up with my new BT hub and greatly improved signal across the house and weaker areas-. Fab product!
Highly recommended
The ES320 WiFi repeater provides an effective way of increasing the range from the router and also increasing signal strength in weak locations around the house. The enclosed instructions are comprehensive and setting up the ES320 is not as complicated as it first appears. Once configured with the WiFi Router ID Key and Password the repeaters work without requiring further attention. Excellent quality and performance, highly recommended.
Fantastic gadget!
Our router is in the lounge at the front of the bungalow. My son occasionally had problems with dropping out when playing games with friends & constantly stomped into the lounge to reset! We couldn't get any signal in the conservatory at all. Now we have full signal everywhere & even 3rd of the way into the garden (although weak but can get it). I can't recommend this enough. : )))))
Easy peasy
Lots of internet comment about the difficulty of pairing. Not with this. I simply followed the instructions........plugged it, pressed the button, pressed the button on my talktalk router. Green light, done. Moved it to a reasonable distance from the router, plugged it in. Full signal at a distance. Sorted!
Does what it says on the box
Plugged it in near my Virgin Media Hub pressed the button on the hub and then the WiFi repeater and that was it. Moved the repeater from my office to the lounge and it worked straight away.Haven't lost a signal since I started using it. Excellent product and at a bargain price too.
Superb it just woks!
I've connected this up with nt home hub 3 it was up and running in minutes no complicated setting just press the eps button and it paired up straight away so where I had no signal on my iPad mini have full signal Ian now going to purchase another seriously it's that good
Huwaei WS320 repeater / WiFi Booster
I bought this following an email from mobile Fun, and it does what it says on the box, in fact I got my father in law to buy one too, and set it up without WPS using the manual supplied. GREAT. Good service as usual from Mobile Fun. Keep it up.
Brilliant piece of kit
Did exactly what it said on box.followed instructions and it worked first time on my wife's iMac located in conservatory at ack of house. The signal on my BT infinity 2 wireless network would not reach that room. Work firt time and continues too do so.
Huawei WS320 WIFI booster
Excellent, ordered, received and installed all within 4 days. Very easy to install, only took 5 mins and works as it said it would
Now i do it in he bedroom
A polished product and quite small too, smaller than most transformers I have anyway, the gree light is not loud so does not keep you up at night. My sky router does not have WPS so I set up the connection useing the extenders home page, so easy, takes about 15 seconds to follow the on screen instruction and then its done. It remembers its settings and so you can move it around the house. Today it was plugged into a socket on the landing so all my bedrooms have WiFi. Over the weekend it will be plugged into the kitchen sockets and I will be surffing in the garden, cool.
very good wifi extender. easy to set up and good coverage and price. if you have an old router like mine its harder to set up but thats the routers fault not this device
Exactly what we needed
We bought this booster on the advise of our son who had also bought one two weeks before. We can now watch everything we want to on our new TV.
I have tried one of these units before (another manufacturer)and had no success. This time the Huawei did it for me. Setting up was a snip and now we get a strong signal at the back of the house. The unit also looks neat and smaller than others. Just one green light on the front and not an array of flashing LED's that, for me, just confuse the issue. Good delivery too from MobileFun.
Doesn't work particularly well
Device seems unstable. I have to switch it off regularly, as my WiFi just drops off. Sometimes I get better signal with it turned off.

One thing to remember with this is that, essentially, you end up with two devices on the same channel. It doesn't actually 'boost' the signal, it just repeats it.

One other point is that I used this at the far end of my house, and the signal is only available in the room that I am in.
Did what was required
This unit was very simple to set up. Pressed the WPS button on the Virgin Media router, pressend the button on the WiFi Repeater / Booster. Within a short time the unit was active and filled in a dead spot. There is a slight deterioration in speed of connection of various units but this is quite acceptable.
So simple to set up
I've previously tried a couple of this type of product and had been disappointed that they were not simple to set up. However this repeater was SO SIMPLE. Up and working in under two minutes, boosting the wifi signal to my daughter's bedroom downstairs in a grade 2 listed house with thick walls.
Exactly what I needed
I was having problems accessing the internet from my kitchen. I came across the Huawei WS320 Wifi Repeater and decided to give it a try. I had to manually connect it using my laptop. The instructions were not clear in the manual, but I found the help I required from Mobile Fun's website, for which I am very thankful. I can now access the internet from my kitchen table with no problems. I have also recommended the product to a friend who was having the same sort of issues accessing the internet. Thank you - a great product and so much value for money.
Unsure about this
As our wireless connection is slow I thought buying this would be ideal. I have tried to install but no success so far. Will keep trying.
Works very nicely
Easy to set up, easy to connect (seemlessly), good range. Does exactly what it says it will.
fantastic, worth every penney
bought this repeater and really did not know what to expect,it is said that great things come in small packages and in this instance it is so true .
what a fantastic great box , so easy to set up and use, great coverage now in the house and garden, just brilliant
Impossible to use
Ihave tried this "wifi" booster in 2 diffferent locations and I just can't get to work at all. The instruction book is not very helpfull either. I wish I'd saved my money. It won't talk to the router.
A must have
Distributes wi fi whilst extending range without installing additional router
Brilliant product and great value for money. Easy to set up from my BT Homehub and we now have 5 bars strong signal strength wifi right through the whole house and outside.
Beating the signal dropout
I was getting fed up with constantly losing wifi signal on my iPad when using it in my touring caravan. I had tried an aerial signal booster but that was only compatible with the old laptop. I saw this Huawei repeater advertised so I thought it may be worth a try. Was I ever pleased. I am getting excellent signal strength up to 80 yards from the modem aerial. Pairing couldn't be easier. Terrific little booster both for the home and for the touring caravan site.
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