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Sorry, but Huawei WS320 Wi-Fi Repeater - White (EU Plug) has been discontinued and is no longer available to order. For your convenience we've selected some alternative items that we think you may be interested in.

Huawei WS320 Wi-Fi Repeater - White (EU Plug)

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Product Reference: 39966

Extend the range of your wireless network with the Huawei WS320 EU WiFi Repeater / Booster. It supports multiple wireless LAN protocols including IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n.


Why Buy?

  • Increase the range of your wireless network
  • Helps to cover signal signal 'dead zones'
  • Ideal for home use
  • Great low cost solution for business use


Increase the range of your wireless network

The Huawei WS320 extends the reach of existing wireless networks by receiving the wireless signal, amplifying it and sending it on. All that is required is a spare mains power socket and you are ready to extend your network.

Helps to cover signal signal 'dead zones'

The wireless signals of the WS320 can cover some dead zones, such as the partition walls or partition floors of bedrooms, lofts or gardens, thus effectively extending the wireless signal coverage and easily implementing various wireless applications.

Huawei WS320 WiFi Repeater / Booster - White    Huawei WS320 WiFi Repeater / Booster - White

Ideal for home use

The number of consumer electronic products which uses WiFi connectivity continues to grow, creating a natural demand for wider WiFi coverage around the home from devices which include games consoles, TV's, Printers, smartphones and many more devices.

Domestic WiFi routers tend to be sited next to the landline master socket, typically in the hallway or at the one side of the house which is not always the most effective location for distributing signal throughout the building. The Huawei WS320 can be sited at any point in the home to provide a strong signal and minimise black spots.

Great low cost solution for business use

Additionally, the Huawei WS320 provides an easy solution for business users to extend a WiFi network for employee or customer use at minimal cost; these can be used as a simple extension to an office network, help signal strength at restaurants, hotels, cafes and many other places of interest. The Huawei WS320 avoids the need for expensive cabling or additional routers.

How to setup

  • Plug WS320 into a power socket
  • Press the 'pairing' button (WPS) on the existing WiFi router
  • Press the 'pairing' button on the Huawei WS320
  • Wait a few seconds, the status light on the WS320 will turn green
  • Huawei device will begin to relay the existing WiFi signal using the same network name (SSID) and password (encryption)
  • Devices can be seamlessly connected to the WiFi network as normal

WPS is supported by most recent Wifi routers (e.g. BT Home Hub), if WPS is not available then a web-based setup administration console will guide the user through steps required to configure the device.

Technical Specifications:

  • Router/Access Point - Extender - Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • WPS Pairing - Easy push button configuration
  • Supports IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n.
  • Support for WEP, TKIP AES encryption
  • Expands any existing WiFi network up to 150 m, up to 135 Mbps
  • Dimensions: 76 x 42 x 69 mm
  • Weight: 66 g
  • Voltage: 110 - 240 V
  • Warranty 1 year


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