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HTC Snap Deluxe Carry Holster

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Product Reference: 20711

Perfect for holding your phone whilst in the car and charging at the same time.



The HTC Snap holster is a unique customer made holder specifically designed to work with the HTC Snap.

It features a small, neat and discreet holster which can be used to store your phone either in your car or it can be clipped onto your belt so you can always ensure that your phone is with you.

The deluxe holster can carry your HTC Snap in the car You can attach your HTC Snap to your belt with the deluxe holster

The pack also includes a car charger designed to work specifically with the HTC Snap so you can ensure that your phone is not only secure in your car but it is also always topped up.

The holster can be carried either in the car or on your belt The HTC Snap holster comes with a dedicated car charger The HTC Snap deluxe holster


  • The Holster is small, neat and discreet
  • The Holster is custom made for your phone model.
  • It can be used with car chargers and conveniently charge in your car
  • Safely rapid charge your handheld
  • LED charging indication
  • High quality charger short circuit protection
  • Use with gooseneck pedestal to easily put this holder anywhere in your vehicle or
  • Use with belt clip that keep your phone with you wherever you go by using this holster and it is designed to hold your phone securely with you.
  • Dimension : 113 X58 X19 mm

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