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HTC One M7 Car Mount Cradle with Hands-Free & Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your HTC One M7 fully charged while driving with this car mount cradle and car charger. It also features a speaker/ microphone system and a multi-function button to accept/make or end calls.
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 4.6 stars from 14 customers

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Suitable cradle and fixing mechanism
Quick delivery. Suitable cradle and fixing mechanism. Some interference with radio when plugged in and in charging mode.
One very pleased man ,spent such a long time searching for something that I've now found ,very well well made ,multi positional ,without the floppy bendy bits ,the sound from the built in mix is very clear ,and it goes into car mode with no messing around ,...it is brilliant ,
htc one in-car device
The product turned up extremely quickly. Still yet to use it fully but it appears to do as advertised. The only item missing from the description is in regards to fitting the phone with a cover. There is actually an insert that needs to be removed to fit the phone with a cover. I first could not fit the phone and was starting to get frustrated until I discovered this.
HTC One Car Mount Cradle with Hands Free & Charger
Great item was really surprised how good the cradle was. Well worth the money and does what it says on the tin.
Its adaptable
Used the cradle on my HTC One with a greatshield phone case, had to modify the cradle clamp with a multitool sander and slightly alter the phone case to get it to fit in the cradle. I didn't want to ditch the phone case as it offers good protection but with a bit of ingenuity the HTC One cradle mount allows sat nav, hands free phone capability. Having looked at several options this cradle meets all my needs.
Good piece of kit
Needed a car kit for my HTC One that held the phone well for the possibility of taking video with a clear line of sight.

The kit was a good purchase and recommend it to anyone. I use the phone out of a case while it is in the car kit. Only negatives I would say is the phone mount that attaches to the suction mount is very slightly wobbly but a small amount of double sided padded tape sorted it out perfect for keeping the phone steady and one other issue is the micro usb connection for the charger is tight to insert and take out. Video purposes the phone is very well held and secured with padding with the clamp. If mounted on the windscreen camera picks up suction cap but can be mounted on the dash with the 3M pad included in the pack giving clear sight, speaker works well with adjustable volume and extra USB port, highly recommend it.
The Best of the Best
This is an excellent all in one, phone holder, charger and hands-free device. Its fixings are very versatile (glass, dashboard or where-ever you desire)and there's enough cable to fix it a good distance away if required, if you are like me and have an excellent navigator for a wife - she told me to say that. It holds the phone firmly and by removing a small inner plastic, it can be used without removing the phone's casing. I have mine fixed to the quarter-light and is ideal for glancing at when in sat-nav mode.
One of the best (if not THE best) on the market. Can't fault it.
Looked high and low for a decent car mount for my HTC One. Came across this by accident. I must say it is superb. Rock solid quality and works like a dream. Auto detects the phone and puts straight into car mode.

Great stuff!
Brilliant - Absolutely Brilliant. Does exactly what it says on the .....well you know what I mean. I am very pleased with it and can't wait to go on my first long journey and try out the sat nav thru Google Maps.
Even my wife is impressed - and it takes a lot for her to enthuse about my gadgets.
Does the job
Holds the phone nicely, a bit bulky but can be mounted very low on the windscreen so no loss of visibility. Very good sound & I can be heard very well by the people I'm speaking to.
Really excellent Car Mount Cradle
I am absolutely delighted with this car cradle, charger and speaker (all in one). It holds the mobile really well, the charger is long enough to reach the socket while fixed to the windcreen. This is usually a problem with a Mondeo, so I was very pleased. The cradle itself is nice and sturdy and well made. Good buy.
Superb piece of equipment
This phone cradle really is the best one I have had. Easy to use, the phone recognises it as soon as it is inserted, it's stable and just does everything it is supposed to do

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