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HTC CC C200 Micro USB Car Charger Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
HTC CC C200 Car Charger. Make sure that your phone is always fully charged.
  • Mobile Fun ID 22081
$21.63 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 92 customers

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Great HTC charger
Good quick charger excellent service all round
Total failure in Renault cars
It doesn't work in Renault cars (tried Megane and Laguna), the plastic tip is too wide at the end so you cannot push it in deep enough for the metal pin to reach the contact.
Doesn't stay in the slot. Pops out. Tried in different cars. Always the same. Expensive even if you compare to good ones.
Good product
Arrived promptly and works well would recommend
Spot on.
Boght this to work with a Brodit Cradle but didnt want the active cradle as it's easier to put the phone in the passive cradle. Anyway it works fine & I'm amazed how well the battery lasts on the Htc One X.
does the job but...
Good quality item on the whole. I found the curly cable to be rather short and too springy. Also the cable only has 2 cores so cannot be used as a data cable as well.
Fast Charge
Great unit, puts the phone into AC charge mode so that it draws more power and is able to satnav without draining the phones battery.
Quality item
Have tried other brands of micro usb/ cigarette chargers before and for one reason or another they have failed at some point. This is small and un-obtrusive with the coiled lead being a nice tidy solution for what to co with the lengts of spare cable you get with a standard usb lead... got one each for all of the 4 cars in our family !!
What Service
Excellent piece of kit really recommend and to add to that, I ordered at about 8pm and it was delivered the next day. Wow!! Not only do I recommend the charger I can't recommend the service highly enough. Thank you
Perfect Car Charger
The wriggly wire is the best sort to have in a car - but it DOES NOT work as a data transfer lead.
HTC car charger
Excellent item - bit pricier than some generic ones but much better quality.

Some cigarette lighter charges are difficult to plug in and out - this one isn't.

I love the HTC logo that lights up to show it's charging!
Just what I needed
Had purchased a universal charger previously and lost the ends, this is just what i need. Works well, lead could be a little longer, depending on where cigarette lighter is located. Good to have a light at the end so you can see it it working. Good product
Good car charger
Decent quality, useful to have the charger and data/charge lead separate and nice HTC logo that lights up when charging.

Have found other car USB charger that are a lot more compact though (e.g Griffin), but otherwise quality accessory
Just the job
I can't get excited about a car phone charger, but the HTC charger does the job. I like the illuminated logo, the robustness of the design and its functionality. Buy one.
Great product
Looks great and works perfectly with the phone. Having a separate usb cable means I can finish charging on the pc at work.
Good price and swift delivery.
Does exactly what it says it should. Excellent service as usual.
OK, but doesn't make great contact with car socket
This charger wins points for a nice coiled/sprung cable which sits against that dashboard neatly, avoiding any trailing cables. It's also detachable and useful for carrying around to grab a charge from a computer. Only 4 stars though, because it's a bit picky about making contact with the car socket, and sometimes requires wiggling around experimentally to make electrical contact.
Not much to say, it does what it says on the tin & charges my HTC Sensation.

In theory it should charge all sorts of other phones, Kindles, etc. that use the USB standard, but I haven't tried it with anything else yet.
I like the fact that the HTC logo lights up to indicate that it is working. It is also useful that the lead can be detached to allow plugging into the USB port of my PC. I have not yet tested it to see if the lead allows data transfer.
Excellent quality, cable a bit short
As usual with genuine HTC accessories, the quality is superb. The cable that comes with the adapter is a curly-cord, so doesn't get in the way. It may be a bit short if you are using a windscreen-mount for the phone and your socket is at the bottom of the dashboard like it is on my car.
simple is best
This charger just does what it says on the box. looks good works well whats to say.
HTC CC C200 Micro USB Car Charger
Extremely satisfied with my purchase. Ordered very late on a Saturday but was with me first thing on the following Tuesday. The charger is good quality and does what it is supposed to. I would recommend this to anyone with an HTC Wildfire.
phone accessories
Works fine does what it says on the tin!.
Works Perfect 06 plate Grand Cherokee Overland
When I bought this I felt a little nervous as some users reported compatibility issues. I took the chance and can confirm it will work perfectly on any new shape grand Cherokee 05 up. Also lights up HTC in white which is a nice touch in the dark.
Great buy thanks!
In car charger thay charges in your car
What can I say....it works just fine, nothin exceptional but only expected it to charge my phone while driving and it does....nuff said!
HTC CC C200 Micro USB Car Charger
This works a treat and is a full on HTC part :)
Just as prescribed
Works perfectly. Had issues with other USB connectors for the car but this works 100%
Simple and functional
I needed a charger lead for my car and Brodit phone holder. This fitted the bill perfectly.

The coiled lead is not to long and doesn't pull the holder out of place nor does it restrict insert and removal of the phone.

Being a car charging lead I was expecting my HTC Desire HD to go into car mode, but it doesn't so I guess it's not a full blown car charging lead as supplied with HTC car kits.
Brilliant useful product
This is a great item. I find it so useful just to keep in the car but with the USB attachment can take it into the office too. My phone never runs out of charge because I'm never far from a computer, driving somewhere or at home. great, would recommend, it also charges in the car without the engine being turned on which I find useful too.
A very tidy/neat peice of Kit does what it says on the tin. Well made and has proved reliable. Bought several items from this company and they are always very prompt with delivery.
Easy to use car charger
I found the HTC Micro charge very flexible in as much with two different changing points in my car - both were easy to connect and use with my HTC Desire
Handy charger, NOT a data cable.
The whole order I placed turned up on time.
This seems fairle solidly built, and the curly cable seems robust too. Having said that, I haven't used it all that much.
When I ordered this and read some reviews, there was a strong suggestion that this would also function as a data cable; it doesn't - all it does is charge the 'phone.
I was a little aggrieved at that, but that'll teach me to check more in the future:-).
Does what it says on the tin
Great product fits very well
Does not fit all cars, beware!
This charger does NOT fit all lighter sockets despite being touted as "universal". Peugeot 306, 207, Alfa Romeo 147 and new-shape Honda Civic all have sockets which this will not fit into. The fitment is too loose and wiggles around a lot because the bottom of the charger is too conical to fit in these sockets. I ended up modifying mine by hacksawing it about enough to flatten it off.

It's a decent charger now I've got it working but on the basis of it not being fit for purpose out of the box, I have to score it as low as possible.
Not Compatible
Does not fit on MG ZR and Some models of Peugeot. Charger end too short. this is not a universal fit charger.
Not a data cable
I'm very pleased with it and I use it daily. Just one thing to point as it's not explained in the specs, you can't use this cable as a data link between your phone and a computer, you can only use this cable to charge you phone. You can still use it to charge your phone from a computer though, you just can't access the data content on it. Still a 5 star product though.
Good but cable doesn't work with PC
Good car charger, was hoping the cable would work as a spare for a usb connection for a pc for data etc but only works as a charger.
Does what it says on the box
I needed a car charger for my HTC Mozart with its micro USB fitting. It does the job. An added bonus is the cable and the plug that goes into the socket so enabling me to use it with other USB cables
Great product, small but powerful
The plug-in element is very small, unlike some other products which are so large they tend to get in the way of the gear stick. Produces enough power to charge a Nexus One while it is actively navigating. Only drawback is that the supplied lead is only about 40cm long when coiled, and can't really be stretched from the plug to a windscreen mount in my car. However it's a standard USB socket, so easy to plug in a longer lead.
Very happy with this product.
HTC does it again ...
Official KIT for my HD HTC Desire. The item has been used with ease and satifaction. Good and Robust.
Good Product, good value, good service
Good Product, good value, good service
Does what it says on the tin!
The title of the review pretty much is the review, it charges my phone, is well made (again, every HTC branded accessory I have so far owned is REALLY well made), and it has a HTC logo on the front which lights up to tell you that it is connected and working. This is useful in older cars where the power socket is perhaps not as tight a fit as it once was and so you can see at a glance if it has stopped charging. Small detail, but helpful nonetheless. I also liked the fact it is basically a USB charger so, if the lead breaks, you could buy a new lead without having to replace the whole thing. Well recommended.
Cracking service
The charger arrived less than 24hrs after ordering. Excellent service!
Great charger
A neat and good looking charger, well made and is just the job! It has a curly lead which keeps it tidy and it can be unplugged from the car charger unit as a handy additional charger.
HTC Charger
Does exactly what its supposed to. No thrills charger and can also be used with your PC with it being USB.
HTC CC C200 Micro USB Car Charger
Good solid charging. Nicely put together, reliable and looks professional.
HTC CC C200 Micro USB Charger
Works really well and is a very well made, smart piece of kit. Brilliant for using sat nav and keeping the battery charged on my HTC Desire.
HTC car charger
Great charger. Just bear in mind that the cable supplied with the car charger is only for charging, data doesn't work.
Money well spent.
I purchased the USB Car charger prior to a weeks Motorhome holiday in North west Scotland, it was brilliant! I kept the Desire plugged into thr lighter socket and used the Internet to find campsites and attractions, as well as being able to check the weather as and when required.
Worth getting....
Does what it says on the tin....well worth getting the pukka htc product. The usb connector means I only need to take one cable with me for car or mains charging.
Great charger
OEM charger that works great, light up to show that it's connected correctly and has the added bonus that you can use the lead as a normal usb lead and the charger to charge other devices (with the appropriate connection).
Does what it says
Bought this charger to cope with the demands of GPS for long car journeys. Works great. Charger is pretty small and neat, and keeps the phone topped up even when multi tasking and using Google Navigation. Coiled flex is versatile and the USB connection means I have second charge cable. I even like the illuminated HTC logo.
A Must Have Product!
Anyone who owns a HTC Desire will know that battery life is not long therefore this car charger has been a life saver.

Great delivery as always from MF!
HTC micro USB car charger
Excellent service, ordered one day, arrived the next. Product is also very good and does exactly what it claimed to. Very satisfied customer.
It works!
When using the Sat Nav function and Bluetooth whilst driving I found that the battery was going flat even when connected to a charger. Trying a different charger made no difference. A phone call to Mobile Fun assured me that this charger is the only one up to the task. They were not wrong! Even after a long journey the battery of my HTC Desire is fully charged. Thoroughly recommended!
As I would have expected from a branded item, it's excellent and does exactly what it says on the tin. One thing I would have loved (but didn't really expect) is that the corded cable would also be able to carry data, unfortunately not.

A perfect addition to my luggage, it's just a shame that some hire car companies disable their 12volt sockets for some crazy reasons!
Like this alot for the fact it has a curly lead so retracts out of the way when not in use
Not working in all cars
It didn't work in our Rover 75. I need to push the plug hard into the socket the whole time to get any power. However, it works fine in our Volvo XC90.
Doesn't work
The one I got doesn't work. You have to press it into the cigar lighter slot & keep pressing for the 'HTC' wording to light up. The one that came with the car kit I got works fine. Hopefully, MobileFun will send me a replacement.
First class item,I have no doubt that there are cheaper versions available but this is a good product with the added advantage of a two part system in which the lead can also be used with the charging plug supplied with the phone thus giving you a spare lead. Good value
A charger for all seasons!
This charger not only "does what it says on the tin"....and very well, but also charges my other USB devices in double quick time.

Great buy...don't think about it, just buy it.
Very satisfied
Fantastically quick delivery, with minimal packaging (which makes a change!). Like another poster I've had to play around with the charge a bit to fit my Clio, but that's more to do with my car rather than the product. Nice long springy lead too, which means you can move the phone around comfortably in the car.
Great product, a little small
Great product, as stated. Gives the full 1A output that a lot don't so the phone doesn't use up more than it gets charged while sat nav etc is on! Only gripe is that the pin is a bit small and didn't quite reach the end of the cigarette lighter in my Renault Clio-needed to be pushed really hard and secured
Does what it should
What more can I say. It plugs into my 12v socket in the car, the little HTC logo lights up white and it charges my HTC Desire. Handy the lead can be unplugged and changed if required.
Ideal for longer journeys.
I found my old, generic, USB in-car charger would still allow my Desire to discharge when I was using it for navigation. With this HTC charger I can continue to use the sat nav and the phone seems to charge as quickly as a wall adapter. Only slight drawback is that when using it with my iTrip to listen to music through the radio it produces some interference that wasn't there before.
Otherwise highly recommended.
Amazing product, super fast delivery. I need say no more. Highly recommend!!!!!
Good piece of kit
Neat piece of kit. The fact that the cord can be used separately is a bonus.
Neat and useful charger
Useful compact car charger with USB lead handy for travelling, another fast delivery from MobileFun
It's in charge
Great bit of kit, looks the part and now I can use the phone on the move as a satnav, etc. The battery life of the Wildfire isn't great when all things are on, so this will give me more time to do what I want to do!
received first post this morning,fantastic service
This is a professional looking piece of kit. Looks good in the car and does exactly what it's meant to do.
Good device, awesome service
Ordered yesterday, here this morning, great service from mobile fun.
I'd been using a cheap 500ma adapter from ebay which couldn't keep up with the power when using sat navigation.
So ordered this. Fits well & charges;) noticed now when using sat navigation in car the battery actually gets charged instead of slowly decreasing like the El cheapo eBay tat.
Excellent bit kit.once again first class service.ThankYou. no disliks.
HTC Desire USB Car Charger
Genuine HTC part. A bit more expensive than copies I've seen with fixed leads. But I now have two interchangeable USB leads that I can use with either the in-car adaptor and/or the mains charger. Useful if I mislay one. Delivery was with the usual MobilFun promptness.
Works perfectly, charged my phone fine on a recent long journey whilst using the sat nav.
Excellent, HTC CC C200 car charger
This HTC CC C200 car charger works perfectly with my HTC desire. It is designed by HTC to supply a full 1amp (5v) required by the HTC Desire. The current rating is important as without an adequate supply current when using navigation apps the phone will slowly discharge if using a charger rated at only 0.5amps. The C200 charges the phone even of you are using navigation. Recommended.
Great product
Good charger, unlike others I have tried - really does have the output to charge HTC when its running sat-nav.
Great Charger
Great fit charger that seems to charge the phone very quickly even though it is only a phone charger
HTC CC C200 Micro USB Car Charger.
Excellent piece of kit, works perfectly and most useful to keep in the glovebox.
htc in-car charger!!!
As anyone who uses the htc desire and other models of the htc phone range,the battery life is very poor,and therefore constant charging is required,and that was my reason for purchasing this item,it works very well,it appears to be well constructed and the lead can be separated from the plug unit allowing you to use it on a usb port found on computers,overall I have to say it was a good purchase,.
Great quality
Expensive but great quality. Rated to 1A so you can charge, use GPS and maps at the same time. Curly usb lead may be a little short for some cars.
HTC CC C200 Micro USB Car Charger
Very nice design and easy to use
HTC CC C200 Micro USB Car Charger.
Fast and accurate delivery
HTC usb charger
Arrived quickly, works fine, also can be used to charge other items with usb charger.
HTC CC C200 Micro USB Car Charger.
Item just what it said in the advert. Delived within 24 hrs. Excellent service.
HTC cc c200 micro usb car charger
Better than expected
HTC Quality Product!
Hi all,
Just bought this with a few other bits for my new HD2 and it is really good quality HTC branded kit. The Curly Power cable is meant to be to stop tangling, but if you need to extend over the little amount of 'free' cable offered you might find it pulling your phone from its cradle or the plug from your dash, so be aware this is a relatively short cable about 0.5m unstretched. Fortunately I don't have that problem, so its more of a heads up than a negative remark! As I said you won't be disappointed as the quality is spot on and yes the delivery could only be improved if Mobilefun beam the product directly into your hands the second you click "buy"!! Great service
Unlike most one piece chargers, this one comes in two parts. You get the USB cable and the plug-like cigarette charger. Having a separate USB cable is a useful spare and its coiled too which means you don't have any annoying cable trailing over your car's console. Definitely worth it for those times when the phone has decided to give up the ghost just when you need it or when using it for satnav on a longer journey.

PS Mobile Fun's turnaround is amazing. This is the second time I've bought from them. Ordered one day and the items were delivered the following morning. Impressive.

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