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Gumbite Stoppi Desktop Cable Manager - White/Grey Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your cables neat and tidy throughout your workspace with the Stoppi Desktop Cable Manager from Gumbite.
  • Mobile Fun ID 41410
$12.96 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 17 customers

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No more picking cables up from behind the desk - so simple and effective. Could be improved by putting non-adhesive grippers on the base (similar to to Tree Frog material) as do not want to adhere to desk or wall.
Cable manager
Great device for keeping cables where you need them.
Great solution
Good little cable tidy. Handles ipad lightning cable with no problem!
Too much and too little grip
Pros: it does hold cables you push into it, and is useful.

Cons: The base has no friction to speak of, so it slides far too easily. And the rubber flanges which grip the cables are just a little too tight, making it tricky to gently pull a cable out a little to make the connection without the whole thing sliding around.
This is great because I was sick of trying to pick them up all the time. Now I don't have to, they stay put and Ive used it in the car. Its great and Im very happy. Thank you Mobilefun. I love this site.
Perfect to keep cables tidy...
Great little piece of kit to tidy up all those cables!
Can be used for anything with many cables around the house or office...
Mixed views
Good for larger connectors but the holes are too big for Apple Lightning connectors and anything smaller - this isn't made clear. So if it's for mini USB and older style Apple connectors fine, if not steer clear!
Does job but not sticky enough
This is the first time I have found something from MobileFun that is not 100% perfect.

This holds the wires but the adhesive pads on the bottom do not fix it securely to my desk.

I will solve the problem with some double sided tape - but it would be worth alerting the manufacturers of this small annoyance.

Still gets five stars - 'cause I am a kind soul and love MobileFun and it is not their fault.

Handy product
a great little product fo keeping my cables tidy. No need to look behind the coffee table to find my iphone / ipad cables any longer.
The only downside is that it could do with being heavier as is tends to easily move when you pull on the cable. there is a sticky pad option but i don't want to ruin my coffee table
Bye bye messy cables
I was fed up with my charge cables looking a mess on my desk so i looked into buying a cable tidy but could only find the sigle versions of this and that wasnt good enough for my needs untill i found this one it had the right amount of space for my many cables.... Works a charm and my desk looks cable free now with this clever invention 100% satisfied with this purchase :D
Cable Tidy-ish
So - always aware of the £10 cost of a piece of plastic from China - and what it actually cost in blood, sweat and tears.... and fossil fuels to get it on to my desk, I was glad to receive the Gumbite Stoppi desk-cable tidy thing the other day.

I should point out that this is a fine device for your needs - it really does what it says on the tin... not that it has a tin... Sorry, I got political then pointlessly random there - all within two paragraphs... do forgive.

From an ergonomic point of view, it might be useful to point out that this is not a weighted unit. This means that you can put it on your desk and poke your cables through the designer grips, but it won't stay in the same place until you gaffer it down to your desktop.

Probably also worth mentioning that it doesn't really grip your cables that well. They slip out very easily. With that said, there is an upside to this whenever you want to remove a cable - since the thin ones just lift out of the assembly with no effort at all.... I guess this is a semantic issue based around your own systems and desires.... let's be honest, people really tend not to spend too long talking about cable-desk-tidies.... and there's a good reason for this... there is only so much you can say - but it's YOUR £10 - and you need to part with your money in a way that makes you happy. So please go ahead and purchase with joy in your heart. Your desk will be more streamlined.... but don't forget the gaffer tape!

Also just bear in mind that this won't be a revolution in your life.... there are plenty of other things that will impress you (and you friends) more than this. Like a Lifeproof iPhone belt clip for example.... now that's a groundbreaker!

The Gumbite Stoppi - worth buying for the name alone.
I was always scrabbling round the back of the desk for charging cables. This is perfect and keeps everything to hand!
Why didn't I think of this!!!!! Arrrrgh
So, in one corner of our living room (on the floor) I have and Iphone 5 charger, an Iphone 4 charger (The wife is not an early adopter), an Ipad charger (1st gen, don't judge me) and a macbook charger. So usually we just stare at the cable spaghetti in a trance-like state until we can see the plug we need in the "3D magic eye-like" mess on the floor. Now however things are different. There is order. With the time I have saved through using this item I have learnt to speak Chinese. Its freaking wicked.
Simply works
Like a lot of things simple but effective. We have all our chargers plugged into a socket tower, neat way to keep all the chargers in one place but what do you do with all the ends that plug into the gadgets? You get yourself a Gumbite Stoppi Desktop Cable Manager of course.
Just the thing to keep your cables on the desk and not on the floor
ideal accessory
A little while ago,I found that my monitor suddenly started suffering from "ghosting".Although not serious,it was irritating where computer and monitor were both of good quality.After numerous ways of trying to solve problem,I found that the answer lay in the fact that cables from printer and monitor were touching each other and causing a signal.After separating them so they did not touch,problem solved!! Hence cable manager ideal solution to erase problem.Nice cheap but good solution.
No more moving furniture
Excellent. Wires no longer fall down behind desk so no more moving furniture. Recommended

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