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Gum Rock Bluetooth Portable Suction Speaker Stand - Green Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Highly versatile and portable, this green Gum Rock speaker features a unique suction pad to prop up tablets and smartphones and connects to any Bluetooth device in order to stream music and calls wirelessly.
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 4.1 stars from 62 customers

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Loud, Proud & Funky!
This is a fantastic little device, easy to use, with great functionality, it packs quite a surprising punch for such a small speaker. It is well designed, very well made and pleasing to look at. Most of all it's fun to use and it's size means that it can be put in a bag or a pocket for listening to your sounds on the go. Loud, proud and funky. Get yours quick before they all sell out.
Sound quality not bad for small speaker. Won't stay stuck to any surface for more than about 10 minutes. Tried it on the tiles, mirror, windscreen and even if cleaned before will not stay put.
ohh what a great little speaker.
great sound its amazing
we love it. we use it all over the house
and it was a fantic price
couldnt have been better
we would give it 10 stars if we could
What a great little speaker
What a great little speaker.So easy to set up and use.
I have to mention the service from Mobile Funas I have bought a number of items recently
and they are so very quick,and that's with me living in the far north west of Scotland-brilliant-they should be in the Which review
Love this speaker good sound quality and great Bass Response a very good buy
The gum rock is great!
Thanks. It's a wonderful invention.
Gum Rock
This Gum Rock Speaker is amazing i love it! you can stick it on your bathroom wall, so you cn listen to music whilst in the bath :D .. only one negative thought... The battery life isn't so good it lasts about an hour.. I Recommend this product!
love it
havent bought it
Exactly what I needed
After opening the box and reading the instructions, I started to use my item. To no avail, could not get it to work. But then I went on the site to ask what I may be doing wrong, and saw there was a video tutorial. BRILLIANT every thing clicked into my female brain. Been shown what to do always works better for me. Its a woman thing!! So then I was away with it and have not stopped using it since.
Excellent price that did the job for me.
Bluetooth phone speaker.
Great product.
Would recommend.
Well packaged and delivered in a timely fashion.
Gumrock what a crock
upon receiving the gumrock bluetooth speaker thought the most suitable place to stick the speaker was the windscreen of the car. A couple of reasons I thought windscreen would have been good was smooth clean surface,how wrong I was, the longest it actually stayed on the windscreen was 30 seconds.tried a few times re cleaned surface,still no good.Sent a message to supplier told them of my problem and wanted to know what to do to send it back.From what they told me it will cost me more for me to send it back.Its easier to just throw the useless crap away.Gumrock what a load of Crock..Waste of money..
Great sound and very versatile
A really useful addition to my "gadget store"! Good sound, easy to pair, used in the bathroom and the car as a hands free! Quick dispatch to Cyprus from the UK ... usual and expected quality service from MobileFun!
overall not bad
to listen to music on very good,good for phone conversation.only thing not good ,go to stick on biggest flat piece in the car.....dosent last longer than a minute on it.
Gum rock speaker
Lovely little speeker works a treat used it once now cannot get it off the kids
Great to use anywhere especially in bathroom highly recommend.
Gum rock speaker
Lovely little speeker works a treat used it once now cannot get it off the kids
Great to use anywhere especially in bathroom highly recommend.
Touchy bluetooth but fun toy
This is a fun little speaker to have around the house or for camping trips. Drawbacks are that the bluetooth connection is a little touchy, and the suction only lasts for a few minutes if the speaker is suctioned to a vertical surface like a wall.
Beautiful Blue & Funky!
Great concept and pretty good speaker, only downside it doesn't keep my Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini up when landscape but portrait excellente, i can deal with this!
Great sound
This speaker is so small but the sound quality is great and loud. You can use it everywhere even in the bathroom and listen your favorite music when taking the shower :). It can be use like a stand for your phone when you use the Skype because this speaker have the mic build in and it's work also very well. I recommend it for everybody.
"Got to buy"
This little "gizmo" is brilliant. Use it everywhere, it sticks to fridge (chat while cooking)working on laptop, sticks to my note board, dashboard in car, back of phone, just endless places. Such great volume and clarity of voice for phone calls, or listening to music. Bought the green one. Just love it !!
So great I had to buy two
This bluetooth speaker pairs immediately with either of my devices. it is brilliant to use in the kitchen or bathroom , as is splash proof . I had to buy two so I can leave one downstairs and the other upstairs - thank you Mobile Fun for yet another perfect accessory
What a buy!!!
Bought one for my son for Xmas they are fantastic love the fact it's blue tooth, splash proof and the sound is fantastic he uses it in the bathroom kitchen outside everywhere and I think it's unbreakable too
Loved it so much bought a orange one for me
Ideal !
Bought this gum rock speaker for my granddaughter ! It is perfect ! Bluetooth so easy to connect , and sound remarkably good and loud enough for anybody ! Great when on back of I phone but also when standing alone !
Gum Rocks!!!!
Yea, my gum rock rocks!! i now rock in the shower without breaking speakers, phones etc. (cant say i havent broke the windows tho)
speedy delivery
excellent quality

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!
Great little speaker
Easy to set up. I bought this to amplify my tablet for movies for my mother. Still need volume almost to highest level, but does a good job amplifying sound. I suction cup the speaker to the back of the tablet to use as a stand. The suction cup comes undone occasionally. Other than that, great!
Gum rock
Very poor quality
Brilliant iPad accessory.
Seen excellent reviews on this product but I have been so pleased also. Even recommend it to other family members who are looking to purchase the same.
Well, the kids love it...
I bought this as we were going away for a few days and I wanted to have a speaker without cables.

From the moment it was connected it worked perfectly and my 2 daughters (3 & 5) had tremendous fun running around the holiday house with it and sticking it to various things. I haven't had the chance to use it as a stand but the sound quality and range are great.

I would heartily recommend this product as a fun and functional speaker with good quality sound.
Super Suction Speaker
I bought this speaker after reading the reviews and am NOT disappointed -it is fantastic, so easy to use and the sound quality is brilliant, so much so I ordered another one for a Christmas stocking filler and since the second order I have in fact ordered another one as another stocking filler as so impressed. You can use the speaker portable to the device you have it set up with, showed it to a friend who could not get over how amazing it was and took the details from me for him to order for himself. Do NOT doubt this little speaker with the BIG sound quality.
Value for money
Device works perfectly with my samsung galaxy S4. Volume level is great, speaker surround effect is awesome and product is very nice looking.

The only drawback is the microphone sends feedback on whats going through the speaker, so whoever you are talking to on phone through the speaker could hear their own voice. Aside that, this is great invention and great product.
I drive for the breakdown services and when I get a break I like to sit back and watch a film or check e mails .
This devise is perfect and so easy to set up and use, just stick it to my windscreen and that's it.
It runs perfectly and sound quality is great .
I have left it switched on all day and it still performs as good as when you just put it on.
My samsung 10.1 is brilliant but is now complete with this unit you just can't go wrong!
Unbelievable little piece of kit
I ordered this to use as both a portable speaker and a hands-free device.
And I wasn't disappointed. the sound quality is superb for the size/ price. Great volume and sound quality.
Highly recommended.
Portable Suction Speaker Stand - Black
The led are not visible on the black version (well not on mine) I tried taking it in to a dark room and could not see a flash of led anywhere.
The speaker sound is excellent, this can be controlled by the device and the speaker, so if it is not loud enough try turning both up. Although the microphone seemed to make the person talking muffled, maybe the microphone hole was covered by the rubber I will get that check when the item comes back, as this may have moved over the hole when trying to remove the product off a surface. Otherwise an excellent idea
Travel proof
If you want a clever little speaker that you can stuff in your packing this is it. It is rubber cased and will go in anywhere. The led light underneath on mine wasn't visible so I had to make a small hole and the flap covering the on/off switch looks a bit flimsy but it is still a great bit of kit.
Cannot See LED
The basic idea of the speaker is excellent, however mobile fun have now advised me that on my black speaker it is very difficult to see the LED therefore as i have already returned it once. i have asked them if i could exchange if for one of the other colours which apparently do not suffer with the same problem.
Poor led
Apart from the original £16.99 I have now paid a further £3 to return it thinking that the LED was not working and have now been told, with the black speaker to cannot see it anyway, which seems a bit pointless to me, because without it the item is virtually useless. i have now asked if they would exchange it for another colour.
Missing LED
I am not very impressed with this speaker i have not been able to find the LED and i have already returned it once, with no luck. I notice from the website that the LED is supposed to be on the base, but surely that would be useless having it there.
the speaker seems ok in the short time i have had it, however i too am having probs finding the LED i have returned it once but the replacement seems the same? not sure what to do now as it costs too much to keep sending back.
Much better than expected!
It's nice now and again when you buy something that exceeds your expectations and this little speaker does just that. It's very durable, sticks well to most smooth surfaces and the sound is crystal clear and surprisingly loud. Fully controllable from your phone etc. or the buttons on the side of the speaker. Built in battery and USB charging cable are all in the box. All in all a great speaker that will withstand the harshest of treatment. Highly recommended.
A brilliant little gadget
This is a fantastic idea for any mobile device. Good sound, easy connection, can also be used as a hand-free system in a car. Only flaw: the sucker can be weak and become detached in a car, even on very smooth surfaces.
Just a little green bubble . . .
It looks rather odd (well actually my grandchildren think it's cool) but it makes listening to music from my laptop or phone so much easier, and the quality is amazingly good. I do a lot of sewing and can stick the bubble on my sewing machine and still hear the music over the sound of the machine. It would be safe to use in the bathroom too!
Packaging said you could link to other speakers - you cant. Usb connector is loose and feels like its going to break.No CE markings, bit dodge.

Going back.
Fun and Funky
Very easy to pair and to use - good sound, simple instructions. Very pleased.
Good quality, neat idea
The sound for such a small speaker is really good, suction base is very useful and calls are very clear and loud.

I just noticed the other review and the LED is underneath, you just need to look
No LED lights working
it is impossible to know when the unit is fully charged as there were no LEDs working as stated on the enclosed instruction manual. In fact on closer inspection I cant see where the LEDs would be which make me wonder if this is a sub standard rejected product. I have requested a replacement, have purchased many things from Mobile fun over the years so hope I will be treated fairly and with respect.
MobileFun Reply
I'm sorry to hear you are having issues, the LED is located in the suction area underneath the speaker.

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