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GripMount Case Compatible Car Pack - iPhone 4S / 4 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Hold and charge your iPhone 4S / 4 securely in your car with or without a case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28558
$27.05 inc VAT
 3.7 stars from 12 customers

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Iphone Car Pack arrives.......6 months later!!
I got a card from through the door from the post office telling me I had a parcel to pick up. Believing it to be a Christmas present I rushed to collect it, only to find it was a GripMount Case Compatible Car Pack - iPhone 4S / 4, which I ordered at the beginning of the summer!!

The product seems fine and fits the phone perfectly, my obvious issue is with the length of time it took for me to receive it, having ordered in June!!
Does exactlt what it says on the tin
If, like me you don't read more than two lines of a review and want to get straight to the point, it's a holder for a iPhone that swivels both ways for phone use and tomtom use it works great, if you need one, Buy this one end of.....
A bit of a squeeze with a hard case
The holder has a very firm grip to the car and feels very secure at that end. It does hold my iphone with a hard case on it, but it doesn't completely embrace it so I thought it might fall out. However once it's in it seems to be pretty secure.
Should have bought the Brodit one !
I am disappointed with this holder. I have had Brodit holders in the past & they are far better.
This one is flimsy & feels like it is going to break when you try to use it with a bumper on.
The arm on this holder is too short so the phone can not be held upright in my car.
Plus the tightening mechanism is very fiddly & always comes loose so the phone is never at the angle you want.
This fits my Iphone 4 with black Apple bumper perfectly. I had attached to windscreen and used in both portrait and landscape mode for use with sat nav app and it is very secure. Very happy with it.
Don't waste your money
Initially this holder appeared to be good, finally a holder that will take the iPhone 4 with a case - except the poor design of the 'ball-joint' hinge is terrible and comes loose - meaning your phone will face towards the floor every time you go over a speedbump.

An expensive waste of money - look at other options.
Too tight
This was advertised as capable of holding the iPhone with a case. Well it barely fits my iPhone with an Otterbox Commuter, hardly a bulky case. Too tight. Nice suction system though.
Iphone 4 car holder
Very good would recommend does as described.
Does the job
Fits my I phone with the case on, easy to use definitely would recommend.
Just what I was looking for
This car mount was just what I wnated, it fits my iPhone4, with bumber, nice and snug. The phone just slides in and out, the attachment to the screen is firm and neat, if you have a deep windscrren it may be too short, but it's fine in my mini tucked down in the bottom right. I did not nee the charger as I already ave one with a built in audio in adaptor, but if that goes pop I have a backup. I does come with a smooth disk which allows you to mounnt on the dash but I am not keen on putting anything sticky on dash in case it leaves a mark.

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