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Griffin Survivor Case For iPad 4 / 3 / 2 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Duststorms, rainstorms, 6 foot drops, whatever lies in your pockets...no matter what life throws at you (or your iPad), the Griffin Survivor case is ready for anything.
  • Mobile Fun ID 28634
$71.34 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 14 customers

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Weak deskstand
Case is tough, but deskstand is brittle and poorly designed
Brilliant product
Purchased to protect my new iPad 3 for work. I needed a case able to protect it in quite a harsh environment - on site in all weathers. Having 'tested' it cannot fault it.
Perfect accessorie
Extremely happy with the case, offers the uttermost protection and practicality which is what I needed.
Ultimate smash and grab pad protection
I don't mean to kill stuff. It just seems to happen. Maybe it's the mud, rain and deserts that serve as my working office half the time. Maybe it's doing stuff like riding mountain bikes, carrying mugs of tea or elderly cats at the same time as fragile electronics. Maybe it's leaving stuff right on the edges of workbenches over concrete floors, under piles of paper which my girls run in and sit on when they get home from school. Whichever it is there's always been a pretty grim trail of digital death trailing in my wake. Until now.
Having killed/torn/cracked various silicon, Nut and Otterbox cases for my I phone I found the griffin survivor I phone case and it's been fantastic.
That made getting the survivor case for my new I pad a no brainer. The four week wait for restock was terrifying as the slimline pad slid through my hands or laid about looking naked and vulnerable next to my swimming brick phone. Somehow it survived long enough for me to snap on the two piece griffin exoskeleton and massage on the silicon cover. Same great mix of bump/drop protection from the plastic and silicon mixture. The same slightly awkward to open, but crucially very snug and secure headphone, charger port and camera flaps with hard plastic surrounds that have kept the phone so well sealed. The screen protector is remarkably good considering my fingertips often don't work on bare smart screens due to the lamentable split and dry condition of my upholstery. It's had a few unintended drop and splash tests already and passed without worry and grip/anti slip levels are fantastic for carrying/leaving in random places security.
On the negative side it adds a chunk of weight and bulk to the slippery pad, the fold out stand is OK but not particulary stable and it won't fit into a docking station while in the case. Wi fi, 3GS and Bluetooth connectivity is unaffected though and if you regularly treat your pad with the sort of respect normally reserved for sledgehammers or brick ends rather than delicate and expensive electronics then this case is the ultimate physical insurance available. Just wish they did a case for MacBooks then I might not be taking another dead one back to the Apple store for an autopsy tomorrow!
Toughest yet.
The Griffin Survivor Case For iPad 2 is simply the strongest and toughest protective case out there the inbuilt screen protector never has any air bubbles and is simple to wipe clean, there is no difficulty in using any of the I pads function as all are accessible with covered tabs keeping all buttons and volume adjuster protected from dirt and dust, the screen cover allows for a natural interaction of the screen ensuring ease of use as thou there is no cover at all. This case is perfect if you are working out doors on a building site in the garden or simply commuting on public transport. Its tough, rigged and strong simply a must have to keep the I Pad 100 percent protected.
Survivor case.
Have had this case less than a week but very impressed with the build quality and ease of fitting. The increase in the overal weight is offset by the very tactile feel of the outer casing. In conclusion this case feels like it will do as promised, provide robust protection for an expensive bit of electronics.
Fits like a glove and it's tough
Great product that does what it says on the box. Military protection for your iPad 2. What I realy like is that it protects the edge of the glass screen against accidental damage. A problem that Apple need to address.

I found it easy to fit but it does take longer than the smart cover which offers no protection at all.

Once its on the amount of protection is obvious and because of that I happy to take a little longer to fit it in the knowledge that once fitted my iPad is less likely to come to harm.
Wha can I say
Well yet again I'm here writing another review on yet another fantastic product from mobile fun. I purchased this to protect my iPad 2 from the elements and it does exactly what it says on the tin my iPad is totally covered and completely protected.
Some people are saying it'd hard to put on but believe you me this is far from hard to install but yet again when you spend this amount on something you would want it to be safe.
This way I know it's safe as I take my iPad to work every day and when you work in the industrial field there is that possibility I might drop it but if I do I know is safe and sound.
So yet again thank you Mobile fun for another fantastic product.
If you have an iPad and want to keep it safe I would recommend you get this.
I'm also waiting on the survivor case for my iPhone 4s and I know it's going to be purfect.
A no-nonsense all embracing protector
Having recently taken advantage of an orange upgrade, which provided an iphone 4 and an I pad 2, I decided that the I pad was very vulnerable to daily knocks and scrapes - I could have purchased a top of the range leather case but elected, instead, to go for the griffin survivor case. This has turned out to be an excellent choice - not only does it keep my ipad completely out of harm's way - it allows me to access all of the ipad's functions through the robust clear screen which is integral to the griffin survivor. The griffin survivor case is a black "rubber" protective "capsule" that goes around the ipad while leaving the screen clear under an excellent clear protective sheet, through the touch sensitive functions of the ipad screen remain entirely unaffected. One potential drawback is the relative complexity of fitting the case around the ipad - it has to be said that the accompanying fitting instructions are rather vague and are not really intuitive - I struggled for over an hour to fit the case, but a more practical person might not have so much difficulty! in summary - a very useful piece of kit which should give the user great confidence and peace of mind when using his/her ipad in any environment. Oh yes! almost forget to mention - the griffin survivor comes with a very useful, detachable stand which clips onto the case and provides a useful reading and operating angle - ideal for long and boring train/ plane journeys (if you are allowed to use your ipad in-flight!).
Worthy investment
Just what I needed to protect our iPad 2 from our 4 year old son ,I think I may purchase the iPhone 4 case as well.usual excellent service from mobile fun
Good for camping!
Once it has all clicked into place as it should it forms quite a robust little shell. Of course it doubles the overall thickness, but it does add some serious protection and peace of mind. Positve: great for off-road, camping adventures. Negative: not as quick to take on and off as i'd like.
Tough stuff
If extra protection is what you are after for your ipad this is the bad boy for the job. It really can take the hits and has already saved my ipad!.

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