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Griffin Arrowhead Universal Stand for Tablets & Smartphones Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Griffin Arrowhead Universal Stand features two weighted feet and an ergonomic design making it a useful stand for your tablets and Smartphones.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39597
$11.66 inc VAT
 4.5 stars from 30 customers

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Griffin Arrowhead Universal Stand
Great stand, have been using ever since I received it. Really good for listening to music vertically, then simply turn horizontally to watch You Tube clips on. When not in use, handy magnetic bottoms attach together.

Recommend to anyone, very good.
This is not a "Funny" stand up
This is ridiculously useful!
I thought maybe it would be handy, better than propping my Nexus up against a Jar of Jam or my coffee mug. That was an underestimation, it's a good deal more stable than any of them, AND doesn't have to be moved to take a swig or assemble a Jam Butty.
It's essential Kitchen Table Kit.
I rest my Case!
These were for my grandchildren who each had a Hudl for Christmas and were finding it a bit tiring without any to rest them on when they did not have a table. These have turned out to be ideal and solved the problem and at the price they were a bargain.
So simple, so useful
This product is so unassuming. I use with my Kindle Fire and it works brilliantly. Perfect weight so it does not tip over either.
I do have to take the Kindle out of it's hard case, but that is not too much of a hardship !
just what i needed
yes it was just what i needed for my i pad
Clever, Simple, and it Works
I bought a folding cover for my ipad which doubles as a stand. However, it you touch the screen too hard it just falls over backwards. If I use a stylus it's even harder to gauge the pressure of a touch.

I bought the Arrowhead more out of desperation than belief it would hold the ipad as well as I needed it to.

It works really well and supports the ipad very well. Better than I hoped. It also comes in handy for my iPhone, which is in an Otterbox cover, as well.

Very satisfied and well worth the money
Hits the spot!
I use my IPad all the time and like to keep it in the 'Apple smart case'

Other stands I have tried require to remove it from the case, this does not and fits the bill. I like it.
"Cannot do without item"
Despite having bought a genuine cover for my tablet which can be used in a tilted position it collapses just when you tap the screen. This product has become a must have. Being magnetic the 2 parts cannot become lost.I like the idea that it has 2 positions, one to use as a tilted keyboard the other a firm upright position, ideal for watching TV or browsing. I find that I can use it in the kitchen with a recipe book propped up on the worktop infront of me. As time goes on I am sure I wil find many more uses. Well done Mobile Fun for a simple but brilliant product. I have already recommended to friends, that's how pleased I am.
Excellent Service as Usual
The stands work perfectly with my Ipad Air.
Very practical
Compact, versatile, portable, perfect.
Well marketed, well described, fast delivery.
Lovely little item
Purchased this on a whim really. But, since I've had it its really proved its worth!! I have the 7" tab, and this is brilliant for this. It stands up really well using this item, great for writing, listening to music or audio books. I didn't want a case as such for my tab, even one that acts as a stand,but this does the job wonderfully well. I really love this quirky little item and would highly recommend this.
Simple But Brilliantly Useful
Just Purchased the Griffin Arrowhead Stand for Smartphones and Tablets and have to Say it's Very Simple but Very Useful for Holding My Phone Whilst on My Desk at Work or at Home. No Sticky Back that You have to Press on to or Pull Off like other Stands, Just Place on and Take Away Easily. Also Brilliant to Carry Around when Travelling, Just Click Together & Go. Altogether a Brilliant Yet Simple Product.
Limited use
I wanted to use this with my mobile phone however in order to do so I would have to take it out of its case every time which makes it much less useful.
Ideal for standing any size tablet, iPad or smart phone... We are fighting over this pair so ill have to buy more! Rubber grips are ideal for holding device in place, best holders we have had....
smartphone holder
love it and recommended it to others
it does the job
It works good it does what I need it to do its sturdy and doest wobble
Stylish and simple
This is a really stylish and simple way too stand both ipad and iphone vertically and horizontally. Goog quality product.
Perfect Gadget
Holds the iPAD at a a perfect angle to view when watching a film or the TV. Is also useful when typing and being able to change the angle ...perfect gadget
Excellent product
We bought this product for when we are on the move, it as been absolutley brilliant.
Brilliant, One of a Kind, Portable Stand
I absolutely this arrowhead. Not only did it come in lightning quick time from MobileFun, there is no setup required. Just open, place it on a table and away you go. The fact that it is flexible enough to be placed how you want means you can support your iPad (full size), iPad Mini or iPhone. I'm using it currently for my iPad but I'm ordering another one today for my iPhone.

This way, my devices can remain on stands on my desk with the perfect angle for me to use it without lifting it up. In fact, because it is so portable and fits into my pocket, I take this with me everywhere; for meetings, for holidays and so many more places to come.

I cannot recommend this product enough.
Very useful. I use this to stand my ipad in at bedtime. I use the clock on that as its so much bigger and easier to read than my conventional time piece!
Having tried many other 'prop up' stands n covers...we finally came upon this one. It is simplicity itself, nothing to do but put Tablet into little arrowheads, either upright or at an angle... a perfect slant for use...and off u go. To carry and store, simply click them together with magnetic sides and into your pocket they go for mobile use. Only thing for me...if I had waited a few days I would have got them cheaper and with a freebie...sigh...
Perfect for the job.
Bought this product for use on the plane for our recent holiday. As I like the design of the iPad i don't want to place it in a cover I have a sleeve to transport it. The stand works very well and is very stable. Works in both orientations and the ability to lye flat on a slop also works well. Only downside which is why I knocked one star off is the magnet for holding them together is pretty week and after and hour in hand luggage had come apart.
Perfect solution for an irritating problem.
Often a simple solution results in the best results. This gadget not only solves a serious and frustrating problem but looks and feels fantastic. Beautifully manufactured and so convenient to carry around in your pocket. Buy it and you will not be disappointed.
Does exactly what it says on tin
I had my doubts about whether this product would work and how it would look, but I'm glad I took the risk because it does exactly what it says it does.

Portrait, landscape, flat: all positions work and are extremely stable on flat surfaces.

If you're like me and don't like to use any type of case or cover then this product is perfect for those moments when you do want to stand your iPad upright or type at a raised angle. I keep mine on my desk for this exact reason. Well, I did, the misses has started using it so much I need to buy another one...
So Simple
A simple idea but so useful. makes it so much easier to use readers etc without bulky cases. quick simple storage when not in use. probably my best buy this year - really lives up to its description

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