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Google Nexus 4 SmartSync Desktop Charging Dock Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Smart, small and discreet this Google Nexus 4 desktop dock supports charging and synchronisation of your LG Google Nexus 4.
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 3.6 stars from 5 customers

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Great dock for Nexus 4
The charging jack on my phone has been damaged slightly over time. This had meant that normal charging cords tended to fall out easily if bumped slightly. This was especially annoying if it happened during an overnight charge.

This dock is the ideal solution for this problem. My phone fits snugly in the cradle and there is a positive feel when the jack engages.

On top of the functional benefits, it looks good sitting on my bedside table. I'm very pleased with my purchase and feel like I got good value for my money with this purchase.
Poor build quality
I had this for 2 weeks before it stopped responding. I was using it between my office and in my bedroom so I could put it on the nightstand.

It has stopped charging, does not recognise the cable is inserted, I've tried a few cables, all doing the same and the same cables charge the phone fine so this must be due to the internal build quality of the port inside.

2 weeks use is useless and I have requested a return
Tight fit but otherwise OK
The phone is a tight fit in the holder making it difficult to place and pick up the phone (using the insert with no case on the phone).
Dock lifts up with phone and needs 2 hands to separate.

Also has a logo on the front that is not shown in the images provided that ruins the look a bit.

Doesn't seem to be detected as a dock, so any daydream settings for dock only don't work. Need to change it to charger or dock.
Google Nexus 4 SmartSync Desktop Charging Dock
A nifty little device that doesn't take up hardly any room on your desk. Includes a micro USB cable so you can keep your current one as a spare for when you travel.

All in all quite happy with this.
Slightly stiff fit, but
The bare phone is a fairly tight fit into the dock, but I suspect will slacken with use. The supplied USB lead is not very long so would probably reach a computer USB socket, but would struggle to reach a USB charger in a floor-mounted socket.
Otherwise looks OK: a tiny blue power LED indicates power available but not too bright for a bedroom.

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