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GENx Hybrid Bumper Case for Google Nexus 4 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Sleek and durable, the GENx Hybrid Bumper Case is a two-part lightweight case which protects the corners and edges of your Google Nexus 4.
  • Mobile Fun ID 37910

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 3.8 stars from 47 customers

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Very quick deliver
Hi very good Bumper Case for a great price. The only minus is that the back of the phone is not fully covered but it's just the bumper and it's do for what it's made for. If you want better secure for the phone you can find other case which will fully covers back of your phone on the MobileFun site. But if you looking just for Bumper Case this one is the best choice.
Very quick delivery and just what I needed.
Exactly what I expected and the delivery was incredibly fast!
The next day I had it.
Thank you.
Disappointed! Twice!!!
Purchased two of these in different colours, one for my new phone and one for wife in pink. First was returned, and quickly replaced by mobile fun quoth an alternative, as pink was out of stock, as the decorative trim in the frame cracked around the USB port within two days. My black one is going back on Monday, as decorative trim is visibly written through the silver finish within two weeks. Very disappointed considering the other reviews here... Never mind the price! Already replaced with flexiframe on one phone at half the price and looks a much more robust protective device...
GENx Hybrid Bumper Case for Google Nexus 4 - Black
the case is realy nice, adapts and fits perfectly well on the phone.

One things i do not like are the buttons, are not very salient and make more dificult to use
Excellent Product
I ordered this has a substitue because the original bumper is no longer avaliable.
This is a good product.
A little costly. but worth the money.
The only problem i had is the time it took to be delivered.
But it was well worth waiting.
Bought this as an alternative to the official bumper which was out of stock. Looks alright and easily fits around the phone. A little too easy and is loose fitting in areas and remains a little spongy at points. Buttons with well but I find every time I take the phone or my pocket one corner had popped free.

After about 4 weeks now, I notice the ten that edges the case is completely broken where it goes round the USB port.

I had forgotten I spent this much on it. Might see about a refund or replacement.
Just what you're looking for
Google's Nexus 4 bumper is out of stock, the other cases look ugly and all you want is a nice, minimal bumper that protects your phone while keeping the nexus 4's slick look intact. This one does it. Its simple, strong and awesome.

The one drawback is the amount of time it took to be delivered. I guess overseas shipping takes a while.
Case fits perfectly and offers good protection for the front and back of the phone. I don't have an OEM bumper (due to no stock anywhere!) but this is apparently identical so I'm more than happy with it
Perfect fit
Looks identical to the official bumper but feels more than just a replica because it fits perfectly and generally feels high quality, especially the textured rubber. The buttons actually make it easier to press them and I think the bumper generally makes the phone look even better.
Good all round
Had it for a bout a week now. Looks good. Black rubber, dark grey plastic with chrome plastic for buttons. Doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. Lifts both front and back up by a 1mm when lying face down. It does raise the power button and volume buttons so it is actually easier to press these than without the case. Doesn't add much bulk or hide the glass detail in the back. Front and back screen protectors fit nicely underneath. There is a small groove between the curved glass on the front and the bumper, but I think that is so you can touch right up the the sides. Still makes it easy to go in the pocket. Was going to get official bumper but will give it a miss now.
Good build quality
Received mine today. It fits the nexus almost perfectly, though dies leave some of the 'chrome' bits at the top and bottom, which make it look as if it doesn't quite fit. The buttons all still function perfectly and the grippy texture on the back deals really nice.

My one gripe is that it now makes the nexus just ever so slightly too large to hold comfortably in one hand. I now feel as if I need to use 2 hands to be sure I won't drop it. But I have quite small hands and any case will add some width to the phone.
Very nice bumper case, but a bit pricey
Got this case as the official google Nexus 4 case has been "temporarily out of stock" for months - comparing with photo they look very similar. This is a bumper case [i.e. just fits around the edge and doesn't cover back/front of phone] that is firm plastic [not hard/solid but a slightly rubber feel & flex] which feels very good in the hand - side plastic has a stippled effect that gives it a more secure grip [& not drop!]. If put phone down on front [or back] then case raises it to prevent phone touching the flat surface [i.e. reduce chance of scratching screen]
Has it's own power/volume buttons that work well & case/buttons looks extremely similar colour/design to the part of the phone it covers and almost looks part of it. Has cutouts for the headphone jack, micro USB, microphone & digital scale measures it at 12g [+/- 1g]
So overall, it looks good, feels good and seems it would protect it if dropped on it's edge [online reports indicate this is likely to crack the screen on an unprotected phone] - only downside is it is a more expensive than other bumpers [inc official one]

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