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Genuine Samsung Galaxy UK Mains Charger with USB Cable - 2 Amp - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A genuine Samsung UK mains charger in black for your Samsung Galaxy phone. It outputs 2 amp for ultra fast charging and comes complete with a detachable USB charging cable.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39164
$27.05 inc VAT
 4.9 stars from 64 customers

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Offical priduct
This is the second replacement to my original charger. I opted for another "genuine" charger a few months ago and clearly something is wrong with it as it takes many many hours to charge. I have therefore come back to Mobioefun to purchase this original Galaxy Note 2 charger. I have been using mobile fun for many years and they always provide prompt and great service, thank you!
S3 mains charger
Arrived quickly & is exactly the same as the original unit that came with the S3.....charging is really quick.
Don't bother with cheap imitations, just buy this one.
It arrived quickly and works
It arrived quickly and works - what more can one say?
the real deal
This is a fast mains charger which will have your overworked and out of battery Samsung smart phone perky and raring to go again in no time. Perfect for the summer when you will be taking lots of video and pictures. Don't accept any poor substitutes, this is the real deal. I've bought 2 of them now and they both work exactly like the original fast mains charger I got with the phone. You won't be disappointed.
Genuine Product
Genuine Product - Arrived next day. Can't ask for more
A quality genuine item fit for purpose
Good but cabcle too short
I understood from a response to a customer question, that the cable for this product was 1.5 metres long. However when I received and measured it, it was barely 1 metre long. The missing .5 metres makes all the difference so will be returning the product asap for a refund.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Sean

Apologies if you have been advised wrong. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.
It looks genuine. Arrived promptly. Had to wait a week though for the headset though. Emails from customer service very professional and they keep you updated about your order status.
Sheer Power
Before buying this charger checked out a few reviews & they were correct. Charged up my phone super fast also the wife's tablet no problem. Well worth the money. SHEER POWER where you need it.
The real thing.
I have tried cheaper products and found the connections often wobble and fail the charge time is really long. So I took care to find the product that looked least like a fake, there are apparently loads out there. Its packaging looked 100% authentic on arrival. My phone now charges quicker. Apparently an extra wire in the cable enables the charger to know the phone is of a type that can safely receive a higher input, and then more power is sent to the phone. Not cheap, but its the real thing.
Proper charger for Samsung Galaxy
The charger is from what I can tell is a genuine Samsung micro usb charger. It does the job its suppose to do and charges phone fast. Post was fast too. A++
excellent customer service
Such a wonderful customer service and a quick resolution to problems. it's a breath of fresh air to see. I would definitely recommend.
A very fast charging cable
I am very pleased with this product, the packaging and delivery was great and the product itself is amazing. it charges my phone so quick i can't believe it! I would definitely recommend this product to other others. It is absolutely awesome.
Iam very happy thanks
Hey everybody I am bay samsung galaxy note 3 charge it is very good and very fast charge Iam very happy thanks
Excellent Replacement
My Galaxy Tab 3 7" was taking hours to recharge. Well worth the extra to get a genuine Samsung charger - it is now fully charged in just over an hour.
What a relief
Having looked at many suppliers of 'genuine' Samsung leads and chargers I came across this site and thank goodness I did. The charger is brilliant. It charges within a couple of hours unlike my old one that took literally days and nights to provide any change at all! This item has given me my faith back in my phone. Thank you, this item IS the genuine article and does what it says it will, what a relief!
Good quality charger!
I definitely think it's worth buying a genuine Samsung charger rather than a universal one. Although you are paying a bit more you can be confident it will charge aswell as your original charger.I needed a charger ASAP as I had left my original one at my mums house in Birmingham.This charger is great, I've used other cheaper chargers in the past and they do not charge aswell and even stop working.
Don't hesitate to buy this, you get what u pay for.I used it to charge my Samsung galaxy A3
The Genuine Article
This is the best charger I have ever purchased for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It really works. For a start it fits the device perfectly, no wobbling about..a good right fit. It charged very quickly. It was so easy to order and the goods arrived before expected date. This has been a great experience all round and I would not hesitate to use Mobile Fun every time and I would certainly recommend them to my friends where I know they will get genuine goods. Thank you.
I lost my plug+usb cable for my phone so had to get a new one , I found Mobile Fun so easy to order and the price was good i had no problems at all as far as ordering and delivering. Will use them again when i need something, and will recommed them .
Dont buy cheap imitations..go for the real thing
I was over the moon with this charger, well worth the money. Arrived withen 2 days of order. It was for my daughters tablet. It also works on her samsung mobile phone. Dont buy cheap imitations..go for the real thing through mobile fun.would recomend them .
Original charger
This is an original samsung charger, arrived fast and replaced the charger my kids killed! My phone charges faster now. No complaints!
Brilliant charger
This charger is the real thing. After using cheaper products it was time to try to obtain the genuine article.
My S4 charges very quickly and in my opinion the charger is good value for money.
Don't be fooled by cheaper products which claim to be genuine - you get what you pay for!
I am very pleased with the product which I feel is reasonably priced. *****
That it was compatable with my phone it was just what I was looking for. Next day delivery brilliant.
a very good buy
That is was the correct charge for my tablet the galaxy 3
Genuine Brillient Charger
I recently stumbled across mobilefun having never heard of it before. Prior to this I would order everything for my phone off of a popular auction site which usually resulted in fake cheap items being sent out to me and me having to repurchase said items multiple times as they kept breaking.

I decided to take the plunge and order off here as it all looked legit. I ordered this charger for my phone as the one I currently had off elsewhere wasn't charging my phone fast enough. I thought for a genuine product that will last the money is worth it.

The item arrived within 2 days.. very very fast postage and packaging was spot on.

Item was in genuine original packaging and I can confirm that the charger is 100% genuine too!

I thought I would test the item out compared to my cheap auction site version. The auction site version took 5+ hours to charge my phone whilst I used it at the same time.. this charger is SO fast and charges my phone up within 2 hours or even faster sometimes depending on if my phone has anything running.

I am extremely happy with my purchase.
The usb cable that came with it wasn't long enough for my liking (my plug sockets are far from my bed area) so I decided to purchase the Belkin USB Charger cable off here too!... and thats genuine and amazing too! I AM A VERY HAPPY GIRL !!! THANK YOU MOBILEFUN.
Genuine chargers
Due to my job being nationwide everyday, it seems that modern smartphone batteries are useless. Tried several non-genuine in car chargers over the last 4 months and dont do anything!!! 3hours only put 15% into battery. Some days have to charge twice if i travel to Scotland which is most weeks. Great product from mobile fun will only buy genuine Samsung accessories in future.
very fast delivery but over priced and charge not as fast as my old charger the phone came with
For genuine parts use this company
This is the second time i have used this company for my Samsung galaxy note 2 and would always recommend anyone to use them. I needed a charger cable and thought i was getting a genuine one from elsehwere , i should have known better as it was cheap and surprise surprise it was useless. Its nice to know that although a little bit more at least you are getting the genuine parts. Good on you Mobile fun you deserve all the business you can get.
At last: a charger that actually works on my Samsung Ace 2!
I previously bought (cheap) chargers from 3 different companies each claiming that their charger would work on an Ace 2. Two didn't charge the phone at all, the other one was amazingly slow - about 3% extra charge in an hour. By this stage I was determined to get a charger that would do the job. This is the one! It may cost more but then quality usually does. This is quality.
Pleased with product
Very pleased with product,great service and quick despatch.Happy to recommend.
Does what it says on the tin
Very pleased with it got for a spear charger to use at work, the only downside to this item is the cable itself is to short about 1.5 meters. wish it was 2-3 meters but I wanted a genuine samsung item other than that it's just your run of the mill phone charger
Don't go cheap on chargers
I have gone through countless chargers and cables, trying to figure out why they don't charge properly. I've even replaced batteries (currently have 2 anker 7800mAh extended batteries). So, once again, i was looking online for a Samsung original charger after my old one decided it won't fully charge, even though it's 2amps. i landed on this item, sighed when i saw the price but felt relieved after seeing nothing but positive reviews. So i bought it. My 2 humongous batteries charged in less than 4 hours (usually it takes a total of 16 hours to charge them both). Don't go for chargers on popular auction sites. They're all crap. This is the real deal and i'm satisfied with the purchase. Go for it. You will not be disappointed!
Best item. Looked elsewhere, found only fakes which blew uP. Ordered and received next day. Worked 100% perfect.

Think these reviews are set up?

Order it and see fir yourself
Speedy and Reliable Charger
I previously bought a cheap charger from a different website, it was slow and stopped working after a few months. This one is great, it arrived within 48 hours and I can't believe how quickly it charges my phone, definitely worth buying the real thing.
Great charger
Charges well. Genuine product.
Great service
Really pleased with my new charger. It charges very quickly and my phone holds the charge for longer that with my old charger. Thank you.
Really Impressed
Really impressed with this charger as the orignal that came with the phone was making a loud hissing type sound. What a fantastic replacement. Loving the long usb cable, really makes a difference when charging my phone. Thank you MobileFun Team
The Truth!!!!!!
What a refreshing change! A company that claims they sell "genuine" products that actually DOES sell genuine products!
I always look for genuine products as I am scared of using non-recommended items, never more so when it comes to electrical items because of the risk of electrical faults and causing fires. Sad I know, but I watched the "Rip off Britain" programme recently and they had an item about the massive influx of FAKE electrical chargers etc. They had done tests on them and the results were scary! I came across MobileFun website, but as I have been duped before with false claims, I looked up the company to see what others thought and the reviews were really good and seemed genuine. I decided to give them a go. No regrets. Definately genuine as claimed.You can tell with the quality and packaging. Brilliant customer service(another hard to find quality these days) informing of where my order was up to. Will recommend to anyone else and MobileFun will certainly be the first place I look in the future.
Buy Genuine Samsung Charger.
Buying a new phone charger for my wife's Samsung Galaxy, I was most worried about buying a cheap copy that would be a fire risk, as has been reported in the news with many cheap unbranded electrical goods. So on MobileFun website I found the item in seconds, checked it was what I wanted, ordered and it was here within a day or two. I tested it when it arrived. Yes genuine and it works.Brilliant. No worries.
Excellent product.
This is a genuine Samsung product that charges my device very quickly and my phone seems to hold its charge longer than before.
It's convenient as I can plug it into any wall socket or disconnect the plug and connect it via usb to my laptop.
The plug itself can fold down so it's compact for travelling. It also arrived quickly.
Works and is genuine
I got sick of fake chargers so decided to splash out and get a real one. It works well and as stated. Well worth the money. :)
Exactly as described
The product is genuine and arrived in a very short time. Exactly as described. The quality of service has made me a "returning customer."
Does exactly what at says on the tin
Having spent days looking for a mains charger, was relieved to find one that didn't have any reviews stating they had exploded or caught fire. This charger works great. Even faster than the original one I got with my phone. Great product.
brilliant item
Brilliant genuine item, works perfectly with my phone.
I would not hesitate to recommend Mobile Fun for genuine items, it is worth paying the extra money for the genuine item.
You get what you pay for
Having rejected cheaper adaptors given the mixed reviews published on other ecommerce sites, I decided to use Mobile Fun because (a)they were one of the few companies supplying a genuine Samsung product and (b)I needed quick delivery. Product arrived next morning (opted for 1st class Royal Mail) and works well, so very pleased with purchase.
great and genuine!
I've been looking for a real genuine charger for a very long time. All of the other ones I have purchased from different sellers have been fake. However, this one is 100% genuine. It's easy to take apart which makes it handy a for when you travel and it is also light. I would recommend anyone looking for a real genuine Samsung charger to purchase this one. It's safe, trustworthy and reliable. Thank you mobilefun.
Replacement part
The item I ordered was as required, what impressed me was the ease of ordering and the speed of dispatch and subsequent delivery, in good condition. Thank you.
Does what it says on the tin !
I got fed up with the charger that came with my Samsung Galaxy S3 as I would put my phone on charge at night and sometimes it would still not be 100% charged by the morning.
Also, the cable connection would often be lost when using the USB connector to my pc. This new charger is very quick with my phone being 100% charged from 20% in a couple of hours and the USB connection seems to be very stable.
Should have bought it earlier
When I bought my phone, it came with a 'European - 2 pronged plug' it took a long time to charge. With my new 'UK - 3 pronged plug' the phone is charged very quickly. Had I known of this benefit, I would have bought the charger earlier!
Good travel extra
Just what's needed to slip into the suitcase when travelling and a preferable colour to the white one which came with the (black) phone
At last a properly advertised GENUINE item.
So many websites advertise a genuine item but sent you a nasty cheap alternative. Mobilefun advertises the genuine item and that's what I got.Well done Mobilefun,at last a trustworthy website.I will use again.Recommended.
A useful addition
Charger ordered to keep in travel bag and use when away (in UK). Serves purpose well and has the benefit of longer lead than that provided with phone.
Fast Charging
My S3 was getting slower & slower to charge. I tried all the methods on forums including buying a different charger & cable, all of which were unsuccessful. Then I purchased a genuine Samsung charger & cable but this one has a 2 amp output, the difference is amazing, much faster than when it was new. I can't guarantee that it will be this good for everyone, but it certainly worked for me.
A1 charger
Great little charger for all my micro USB device's as its as 2amp charger. Good price and very compact with longer cable allowing use while on charge.
1st time to Order frim Mobile Fun
Received the shipment after 12 working days (considering the weekend difference between Shipper and the requestor countries).. Request was made under the global shipping service (no tracking).. Customer Services serving well.. Product is original.. Will keep ordering from mobile fun.
must have. no substitute.
NEVER buy a cheap after market charger. ALWAYS buy a genuine charger. I know of a couple of instances when a fake cheap charger has literaly blown up.
Samsung phone.....Samsung charger
No brainer..
Be sensible and be safe.
Genuine item
I have been trying to find a genuine charger for a while. I should have just come straight to mobile fun because that's exactly what I got. I thought that is what I ordered through another reputable website but it was fake Chinese crap. Don't waste your money and risk your safety. Order from here, job done!
Brilliant - genuine Samsung stockists
I bought this as Samsung themselves confirmed by email that MobileFun are authorised stockists and genuine Samsung spares seem to be hard to find - the market is absolutely flooded with fakes. The original charger for my daughters phone had apparently 'broken' but I suspect that my son took it when his failed and put his defective one in its place. As this one is white (matching her phone!) and not black like the original, he can't take it a second time!! The charger is supplied with a cable as stated as well as the actual mains plug. The cable can be disconnected from the plug and used as a usb cable if you need it. It arrived really quickly and does the job perfectly, I am really pleased with the service from MobileFun, this is my second purchase and I will always check this site first in future - it's now bookmarked. Thanks so much!
I am very happy with this
Thank God I buy from Mobilefun everything for Mobile for years now....
Just what i need - perfect decision
I always buy original/official and i am happy because i find everything i need in mobilefun.
Oh yes!
Go for it! This product is particularly good with a white samsung galaxy and it does what it says on the tin! When you have spent a lot on a phone, you don't want to risk anything with a charger that is not a samsung product 'just in case'.
Samsung galaxy s3 phone charger
Superb product. My phone now charges fully from a flat battery in just over two hours. It's also better than the standard Samsung issued phone charger as it's much longer! Arrived the next day too! Highly recommended.
Desperately needed
I had left my charger in Sussex and needed one to charge my mobile.
I ordered a new one from Mobile Fun which was very promptly delivered as usual by them
The service is always excellent and quick
Genuine Samsung Galaxy UK mains Chargerwith USB cable
Brilliant fast and reliable ordered one day received next day and very pleased with product

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