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Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Extra Battery Kit - EB-H1G6LLUGSTD Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Official Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery and Battery Charger - Make sure your spare battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is always fully charged.
  • Mobile Fun ID 35104

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 4.5 stars from 63 customers

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Really happy with the product..the only downside is that there are no instructions.. I had to google what the different colour lights meant! Red: charging, Green: fully charged, Orange: problems with charging I.e faulty cable or battery! But once I sourced that information everything made sense and I can honestly say I'm delighted with it!! Does everything it's meant to do!
Mobile fun was very response in replying my email in regards the delivery after the product has been dispatched.
The charger and battery is working well so far and I am very happy with it.
It saved me from having to buy another phone
I've owned a samsung S3 for only over a year, yet the charging connector play up. I had it fixed once but the problem came back so I decided to buy a charger with an extra battery. So far it been working very well. It saved me from having to buy another phone. Cheers
Galaxy battery
Great product and does exactly what I need. Service was good and product arrived in good condition. Thank you
Product arrived
Just to say thank you. The product arrived 15 July 2015
Battery and charger set for S3
Saved by MobileFun -- I was despairing of the rapid decline in my battery, and thought I would have to shell out for a new phone. I had read about various scam batteries for Samsung phones, but the reassurance from MobileFun gave me the confidence to buy from them. So glad I did. It's like having a new phone and I get to keep my old battery freshly charged as an emergency backup. Well done for a genuine Samsung Accessory at an unbeatable price!
Hi .Although the first delivery went astray, you Email
followups were prompt and helpful.
I did note in a previous Email that the dimension of the replacement battery is slightly different from the original.
Slightly fatter but works well.
Just awesome! The product reached with an excellent covering. Excellent service.
Samsung Galaxy SIII Charger
I wish I had read that this charging stand does not come with a lead. None of mine fit. I feel that without one this product is not value for money.
Great battery solution
Works exactly as described. Great idea, to be able to charge a spare battery, independent of the phone. I love being able to use my phone on one battery, whilst the other is charging. The charging unit is a fab design, not only to use as a phone stand but also folds down to be an excellent carrying case, for the spare battery, without being bulky. Love it!
Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Extra Battery Kit
this doesn't come with a usb lead so you need to use the phone one!
other than that this is a great piece of kit.
i needed a spare battery as i use the phone as a gps when walking,
being able to charge a battery without having to take the phone apart makes things much easier.
it's well made and genuine. looks like it's built to last.
Excellent product
A quality product, promptly delivered. Pleasantly sleek, slim design with LED charging indicator and it serves as a handy stand for the phone too. Not much else can be said other than it's a good kit!
Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Extra Battery Kit - EB-H1G6LLEGSTD
Broke the micro usb charging socket on my Samsung S3. The repair was going to be expensise, so I bought this Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Extra Battery Kit - EB-H1G6LLEGSTD from Mobile fun. I now have a fully charged battery at all times. Better than charging phone.
battery kit
It was what it said on the packing
Brilliant to use against and alternate between batteries. Whilst one is on charge you won't have to wait for your phone to change as the spare can go in charge in its own case. Battery life still not very long but maybe that is because of the amount of time spent using my phone and apps. Overall a great time saver and useful item :)
good genuine product, trustworthy company
This is the second time I have bought from this company and will do again. I have already recommended to others.
The product is genuine, value for money and very good.
Highly recommended.
Nice battery performance
I bought this one mainly because I needed genuine new Samsung battery and there are so many fake copies on sale that I got fed up . Having bad experience buying fake copies for my other phone I decided to try this option instead and I was not disappointed - my phone lasts for almost 2 straight days of fair use. The additional battery charger is very handy to recharge the old battery and have a back up just in case.
The only downside is that this kit does not include a cable . I admit I was disappointed slightly and I had to order this separately .
I had been having trouble with the battery life on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and was looking for a great solution. Bought the Battery Kit and it works wonders. It's very useful to have a back up battery handy when the current one runs out.
Great Product, Slow Service
I'm very happy with the product (Samsung Galaxy S3 Extra Battery Kit) which I ordered through the NZ Mobile Fun website. However it took so long to arrive and I had no response to any of my inquiries except for automated replies which stated I would receive a response within 1 working day, that never happened. Item was ordered and paid for on 7th March, arrived on 26th April. Otherwise seem to be a good company, just need to improve communication and delivery time.
I have had my S3 for less than a year and the battery was dying too quickly for convenience so I researched options. I took it to the Samsung store in Westfield and they said I needed a new battery as mine had "bulged" (not sure how or why). Despite a very large store they had none in stock.

I thought about an extra large battery but apparently it would require an expanded back cover for the phone and none of these have the hard front cover that I currently have and like so I decided to get a standard battery instead, hoping that 2 batteries would ensure that I had enough charge while out and about.

I purchased the new battery with the charger as it seemed to make sense to be able to charge the spare battery while the other was working in the phone. So far it just about does what I thought it ought to do with 2 frustrations:

It doesn't come with a cable so you can't charge the extra battery and the one in your phone at the same time which is frustrating (and a big problem if you've lost/broken your charger)

It comes with no instructions and seems to vary between a solid red light and a flashing orange light, and it sometimes (eventually) gets to green which I assume means fully charged. I emailed MobileFun for clarification and apparently both orange and red mean charging (why it needs 2 colours to say the same thing I don't know). It also seems to take forever to get to green and there's no way of telling how much longer is required to finally get there.

So, all in all, it has ensured that my phone stays operational throughout a day with no further charge (if you change batteries part way through) but you do have to be organised enough to get both batteries charged before you head out.
extra battery/charger
Love the fact that you can charge the spare battery separately, but had in my head for some reason that you could charge your phone on it too. You can't, but still a fab device.
Perfect to fix Samsung Problems
A lot of Samsung Galaxy phones are having problems with the charging point and one of these is the S3. This is the perfect device to fix these problem especially for people like me who can't afford to get a new phone. I have a couple of phone batteries and when one battery is dead I just swap batteries and stick the dead one in this charger.

This is also easier for use as you can put the charger on the side and can continue to use your phone without having to keep it plugged into the wall.
Brilliant product provided with superb service
The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a chronic problem with battery charging. A large number of handsets develop a problem of slow charging or not charging at all at times. There are a lot of forum posts describing it. My Galaxy S3 developed this problem recently. Mobile Fun had the solution. A separate additional battery pack at a great price. It arrived within 48 hours of ordering, during the busy Xmas period, unlike other high profile online retaiilers! It charges the battery rapidly. So now I don't ever need to plug my phone in to charge. I just change the battery. Great product, Great Price, Great Service!
Samsung external charger
As this is a xmas present it hasn't been used yet but very prompt delivery
perfect solution
My original battery doesn't last long so this product solved my problem. Genuine Samsung product so good quality and looks the part and the spare battery keeps my phone up and running.
needed exra chsrging capacity
Arrived as expected in good condition. I bought the charger kit to go with it. So now I am able to charge a battery at the same time as the mobile. Now my charging problems are over. I just change the battery if it runs low at an inconvenient time. WONDERFUL
Extra Battery Charger
Really superb! Before purchasing this I was deprived of mobile usage until battery is charged to 40% after about 3 hrs. Now with this charger my mobile is always at my service with sufficient charge in the battery. Also this charger is enabling me to assured of fully charged battery ready within 2 hrs. Iam fully satisfied with the performance & service of the product. Also thanks to mobifun.com enabling me to use my mobile to full extent.
More useful than just a spare battery
I was looking just to get a spare battery for my S3 when I saw this product and thought it looked good value for money. Power is supplied through the micro-USB, same as the phone, so no extra wires, transformers are needed. Charging time depends on your power source. The indicator light reminds you you've a battery on charge. But then comes the useful bit - just unplug the device and put the whole thing into your bag or pocket and you're good to go. No risk of shorting the contacts on your keys or losing the battery in the bottom of your bag. The slot to hold the phone is of no use though - it's not stable enough to let you prod the screen. Nor will it accept my silicone jacket-covered S3. The design of the gadget is good - it won't look out of place on your desk. Battery itself seems to be genuine Samsung, and holds a charge pretty well. So I'm happy, durability of the box or battery will become apparent in the next few weeks.
Perfect product.
This is a genuine Samsung product and extends the life of your existing battery as you charge it outside of the phone. My original battery lasted just over 24 hrs when charged via the phone, now it lasts 48 hrs + when alternated with the replacement. Highly recommended.
s3 battery and charger
Have this product a few days now,I'm never without charge for my s3, the charge on the new battery not lasting as long as I taught it would but maybe after a few charges it might improve
Perfect choice
This is the perfect charger for the phone battery and at a very reasonable price. Would highly recommend it to all Galaxy phone users.
Fantastic product and Service
This battery kit is amazing ...the speed of charging is so good it is better than charging the phone so I will buy another one to keep in the car rather than charging the phone the connection of which is often intermittent....Also your service and delivery is exceptional....Great !!!!
No Power Adapter Cord!
Well, I received the Samsung Galaxy S3 charger, complete with a spare battery. All and good. Except that there was no POWER ADAPTER CORD! Couldn't believe it. Since when do you get a power-operated device with no power cord?? That was one of the main reasons I ordered this product as my Samsung GS3 loses charge so quickly I anticipated charging a spare battery and also charging the phone at the same time. Surely it is not normal for chargers to come without power cords?
Last minute present for husband
The website was easy to use and was helpful and the product arrived very quickly. My husband is delighted with it. Excellent service all round.
I bought this kit, and the first thing I noticed was that it would only charge with the lead running from my laptop, not the mains charger. Ok, I thought, I will have to live with this then.

Next thing I noticed was that instead of getting a good 20 hours out of my original battery, both original and the battery in this kit were only giving me ten hours each, despite the indicator showing full charge when the battery was returned to the phone.

Then sometimes i would return to the charging battery after a few hours expecting it to be charged and an orange light would be flashing on the charger and the battery when put in the phone would show that it hadn't charged. This was a fairly frequent occurrence.

If I took one battery out and put another one in straight away, the orange light flashed. it required a few hours could down before I could change over batteries.

This list of faults started to get on my nerves, for a very expensive charger it was really not performing as it should, so I returned it.

BIG BUT...as soon as I tried to charge my phone as I had done previous to my use of this charger, it charged to 35% and would not charge any more. As soon as I unplug my phone it rapidly discharges, rendering my phone useless.

I tried my dads charger that I had used previously to charge my phone and it didnt even register that it had been plugged in.

Two and a half days on and I have no response from either mobile fun or samsung and my phone wont charge above 9% now.

THIS KIT HAS RUINED MY £500 phone (yep i paid full retail value).

I'm furious.
Good stuff
The battery charger and battery are exactly as described. It is a small charger that fits easily in your pocket and looks pretty cool too. Though you don't need to carry it as the two batteries are quite sufficient for the whole day and more. So far i have not exhausted both batteries.

Made my life easier.

Received the item on the last day of the delivery period specified.
I thought the phone would drop down if I put it in the vertical position, but, NO! The dock has a kind of a lock in the base, so you can touch the screen with no fears. It a high quality material. Thanks very much MobileFun!
Very nice original product reached in time. It could have been very if it were trackball. Delivery through global mail should be made traceable.
Spare Battery
This is just ideal as it means I will always have power for my phone. It is stylish and practical whilst not being too large to carry about. Charges quite quickly and has a coloured light indicator to show when charging and fully charged. Excellent.
extra battery kit
Item was exactly what I needed for my phone. Having an extra battery on hand is the best thing to have. A lot of places didn't have this product available yet and at a reasonable price at the same time..
THE perfect accessory!
The Samsung Galaxy S3 is an awesome phone but if you use it to its max you will struggle to get an entire day out of it. Having this waiting in the wings doesn't just allow you to finish your day it lets you up the usage further still getting rid of power saver, giving you confidence to watch video, play games as much as you like etc etc! 10 stars!
extra battery kit
Item was exactly what I needed for my phone. Having an extra battery on hand is the best thing to have. A lot of places didn't have this product available yet and at a reasonable price at the same time..
extra battery kit
Item was exactly what I needed for my phone. Having an extra battery on hand is the best thing to have. A lot of places didn't have this product available yet and at a reasonable price at the same time..
Genuine Samsung Galaxy S3 Extra Battery Kit - EB-H1G6LLEGSTD
Just got 2 Galaxy S3's. I always buy a spare battery and charger. This product is exactly what I wanted. It is small and sleek and can be put in pocket. A bit expensive but well worth it. Only downside is no power cable, but it doesn't matter as i have that with the phone's.

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