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Genuine Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy S2 - 2000mAh - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S2 going for longer with this official kit comprising of 2000mAh extended battery with replacement back cover in white.
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$37.87 inc VAT
 4.8 stars from 200 customers

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Extended Battery Kit
First class Product and service. Thank you
Good Service by MobileFun
Very good product and extremely good service from MobileFun.
Bigger & heavier but it works very well
Bought this because after 2 years the battery I got with the phone no longer lasted a day and needed to be charged several times a day to keep it going – which was annoying. While I could have just got a replacement battery which would have lasted the day, I wanted something that would give me a little more power for longer as my use of the phone has increased over the years. So, I ordered this kit which isn’t cheap but certainly does the trick.

Firstly, it will make the phone both heavier and thicker as it has a deeper battery and a new back cover to enclose the battery. However, for me that isn’t a huge issue and actually works well. Maybe a slight downside is that because of the back cover now making the back of the phone the same depth all the way up it isn’t as easy to know which way up the phone is without looking as it was in the past, but again not a big issue.

As for power, after a couple of charge cycles the batter is lasting very well indeed and could probably last 36 hours of normal use without needing a charge- although I charge it each night anyway.

So, if you intend to keep your S2 for any length of time this is a great product. But I would not recommend paying this much if you intend to upgrade soon.
get a life get more battery
Fantastic, "does what it says on the tin". Genuine Samsung kit so no worries there. only adds a couple of mm to thickness and it still fits my rubber phone cover.I no longer have to worry about battery so my life is easier
Great buy!
Purchasing the extended battery kit was well worth it!
All the extra charging kits I purchased are now confined to the drawer!
Extended battery for galaxy s2 - works !!!
Does the job for me. Previous battery was not able to sustain for more than 15-16 hrs...but this one is at least lasting for a day. Has saved me from replacing my phone.

It's hard to get accessory and I waited for approx 45 days for the order to get fulfilled.
First the delivery was delayed.
I also complained about that
After that I got my product.
Excellent service.very happy on the deal.very much satisfied even when it was late.
I love mobile fun.
prompt delivery
could be better power drain is still a problem, still good
Extended battery for samsung galaxy S 2
I used to charge my samsung Galaxy S2 two to three times a day with its original battery(1600 MA). But after using the extended battery, I charge it only once a day. I am very happy with my phone after using the extended battery. I strongly recommend this battery.
Great battery - I get 2 days full-on use
My old battery was flagging to the point that I only got 2-3 hours use from it but this one was instantly brilliant. I can now safely get 2 full days use including listening to music for a couple of hours.

The back is slightly larger than the original but not so bad that its a problem and the benefits far outweigh the extra width.
Really pleased with the larger battery and cover as I had initial concerns that the battery would be no better than the original. The battery does last longer, and does exactly what it says on the tin.
My second concern was that my Samsung flip case would not fit after the extended Back had been fitted, but it fits perfectly. I would highly recommend this product.
Highly recommended product
As we all know, the battery in Galaxy S II doesn't go through the full day with moderate usage.

With Auto brightness, Mobile data On, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS & Sync Off, i will run out of Battery at around 19.00hrs.

Even though the increase in capacity is only 350 mAh, the real life scenario is very different. Now with Auto brightness, Frequent use of Wifi & Sync On, the phone keeps going till 23.30hrs with more than 25% still available.

So this should be good for a full day for an heavy user too.

Note: I listen to music and browse Web simultaneously for around 2.5 hrs a day with call duration of around 45 mins.
Replacement battery
I bought this battery as my phone was playing up and thought id try a new battery. This has fixed any issues my phone had although my old cover doesn't quite fit but im giving going without one a try. So far, between having great battery life and ditching the bulky cover, its like having a new phone.

I haven't used this company before but I had no problems at all, I received my order within a few days and what I ordered is exactly what I got
Excellent addition to your SGS2 arsenal
I don't know why Samsung didn't offer this battery as the default option while buying the phone. Excellent value for money. I have never gotten THIS much juice from the original battery or the so-called extended 3200mAh chinese battery that I had bought. The battery life has improved from just over 6-8 hours to more than 12 hours with this battery with constant usage. I definitely recommend getting this one for your SGS2 to give it a new lease of life.
awesome product and great customer service.
Its totally worthwhile... after 3 days of use ...the extended battery provides me with xtra 4 hrs of battery life. My phone can last 12 hrs easily with continuous internet 3g throughout the day, with calls and some gaming. And the customer service is as good as it can be....vry polite and professional.
Would definitely recommend it for all s2 users. :)
works great
does the job, i can now get 24hrs out of my phone with medium - heavy use.
Good choice
the battery now can last longer compared to before and the size still reasonable
That's it!!!
This battery should have the device come with..Excellent product...Fast dispatch people!Thank you..
At last I have found a solution to protecting a phone with an extender battery
i have been looking on the internet for a simple but effective method of protecting my Samsung Galaxy S11 now that I have got a samsung extended batter. Once on this case is great. All the buttons respond as normal and the grip is good and with the tough surround and silicon lining it is a perfect way for protecting your phone.Not some flimsy back cover that keeps braking. this is stuff sturdy and certainly does the job. Thank you Mobile Fun only again you triumphed
On the money
The item arrived in very good time and as described. It does exactly what I needed and has increased my battery life so I can go that bit longer without having to worry and conserve the energy. The backplate is a snug fit and the increased thickness of the phone is hardly noticable (1 - 1.5mm max). Its given me about an extra 20 mins running time and my phone still fits into its cases snugly. Overall I think it was a good move to get one and I'm very happy :))
excellent battery upgrade
My phone is the first galaxy s2 to come out. Bought it when they came out a week later and the original battery just could not hold a charge anymore. Randomly turning off which was very frustrating. So I looked into a new battery. I found out and read about this one. The reviews on the site help make my decision and I have not regret it since. The battery will last all day long with minimum to heavy use. Like the others have said it does take a few charges to get to full potential. I really like this phone and I will continue to use it until this battery dies. I am happy that it is a Samsung genuine product. The battery fit into the phone with no difficulty and the new backing that comes with it. Well worth the price and upgrade if you like the phone..
Great upgrade
My phone is nearing two years old, and the original battery had pretty much given up the ghost. Randomly turning off, and being hard pushed to get half a day out of it.
I needed a new battery, so I thought I may as well get the extended one, I'm glad I did!
There is a marked improvement over the standard battery. I've been pushing it since I've had the new battery.
During my 40 minute commute I've been using SatNav and Spotify connected to my car via bluetooth, to and from work. As well as some moderate to heavy use throughout the day and the battery will still be at around 40% at the end of the working day.

The phone is very slightly thicker, basically the phone is now flush with the bottom speaker section.

Good Battery!!! Good Purchase!!!
Fast and efficient delivery and good battery!!!

Thanks Mobile Fun!!!
The time between charges seems to have increased much more than the 20% bigger capacity suggests. Well worth the money and if anything the tiny increase in phone thickness looks and feels better than the original and still fits the same case.
Ordered 7am Saturday delivered am Monday fantastic service !!
you too can last longer
I got fed up with constantly trying to reduce battery consumption. So I decided to get the genuine higher capacity battery. It last much longer, It also makes the phone feel more robust.
I can use the phone as much as I like now. And I dont have to worry about charging it until the evening.
New battery
Perfect. Longer lasting battry with a new cover for the phone which alters ittle to how the phone looks and feels BUT gives me that extra battery life to last me through a buisy day on the phone. Samsung, make this the norm. Merry Christmas and a happy new battery.
Thanks a lot mobilefun
I was searching for this for a long time
finally found it on mobilefun
placed order on 22//11/2012 indian website in.mobilefun.com and got it on 4/12/2012
its brand new and original smasung product
i will suggest everyone with galaxy s2 to buy this extended battery kit to improve battery life
also i would like to know which case fits the phone with extended battery kit since old case does not fit since ext4ended battery is bit thicker
gives extra hours of usage
Now this gives the samsung S2 a good full days usage (13+ hours of heavy/medium use) worth while buy and samsung should have made standard fit...recommended buy.
Excellent product
This battery is really worth to buy.I`ve got 3 days of use instead of 2 now with normal usage.Should have come as a standard battery with S2.The delivery was super fast too, so overall very happy with the purchase.
Provides significantly longer periods between chargings
The extended battery kit is ideal for those users of the Samsung Galaxy SII that make heavy use of it. The battery usage in general does vary but on average a full overnight charge with the standard battery of 1350mAH will go to about 30% charge remaining by mid-evening. With the extended battery of 2000mAH the remaining charge by mid-evening is around 50%, so a worthwhile difference, although it would still need an overnight top-up charge to last the next full day. The 'kit' comprises the battery itself, and a new back cover. This is necessary because the new battery is slightly thicker which means the original back cover with its profiled shape will no longer fit on. The new cover has a 'flat', straight profile, making the phone look slightly thicker, but also gives it a smart appearance. I am still using a soft-feel protective surround jacket, which is profiled to fit the shape of the original back cover. This is now a slightly tight fit over the new cover but it still works, however it would be nice to find a protective jacket that is designed with the extended battery cover in mind. The extended battery is also a little heavier too, which is no bad thing as it gives the handset a more 'meaty' feel when carried. Overall, an excellent purchase.
Battery ki
Brought the battery kit arrived in good time, but the new back cover which is supplied with the kit does not click in to place at the top of my phone.Battery life is very good just a shame the back does not fit that well.
I ordered Samsung extended life battery for my Galaxy SII, which arrived on time, packaging was clear and concise as were instructions. inclusion of suitable back panel was nice to see. Reasonably priced, Would prefer a full charge to a partial charge on arrival, otherwise did exactly what it was designed to do. Not much else I can add, its a battery, and it works.
You will not regret spending some money.
I am now able to use the S2 without having to bring the charger when I am not home, nor do I have to limit how much time I spend using it. The product has increased the battery life A LOT - from charging the phone every night (limited usage) to charging after 27 hours (lots of text messaging, and a fair bit of surfing and gaming). I am pleased with the fact that it also comes with a new back cover since the original one will not work with this battery. The bulkiness and change in weight is so small that either of the two are almost unnoticeable. If I have to choose a con, the only downside is that hard covered cases will not fit if you use the battery. Otherwise, this battery is definitely worth the money and the service of this website is incredible. Less than $5 to ship overseas is a steal! It arrived in about 8 days.
very happy with this purchase
The original battery was draining with in hours with the way I use the phone.

I needed a bigger battery so I bought a non Samsung branded battery which came with the a different back. After about 4 months the back kept falling of & it got annoying.

I decided to go for this battery which was smaller than the other one I bought.

The back case fits perfectly as you would expect &I get a full days use with no problem
Genuine Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy S2 - 2000mAh - EB-K1A2EBEGSTD.
Definitely worth buying. It adds about 20% to the battery capacity. All smartphones could benefit from extra ampere-hours. This one just equalises the total thickness of the phone to the thickest point so you are hardly aware that it is any bigger. A new case back is provided which fits easily and once fitted makes the phone look original.
extended battery for my Samsung S2 means my mobile phone is once again mobile.
Genuine Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy S2 - 2000mAh - EB-K1A2EBEGSTD.
I have bought 3 of these extended life batteries for my SII. Much better life than the standard battery and handy to carry round a couple of spares if you are out on the road
Increased Battery Life...
This 2000mAh battery for the Galaxy S2 is a little bit larger than the original battery, and as a result adds a bit of weight to the phone and marginally increases the thickness.
This means that the majority of standard cases will no longer fit, however if your case is a soft material it will probably be able to stretch a tiny bit to accomodate the increased thickness.

The battery itself came with a 62% charge and took about 6hours of heavy use to run down the first time I used it. After a couple of days of allowing it to go completely flat and fully recharging it I did notice a significant increase in battery life, even with heavy use as a Sat nav over a 5 hour car journey, which normally would have completely drained the battery I found it still had around 40% charge remaining. With data network mode de-activated and no wi-fi connection, the battery lasted me 2 full days & nights with minimum use and the occasional phone call/text, so there is definitely a very noticeable increase in battery life.

I just don't see why Samsung didn't include this in the original package to be honest.
HUGE improvement
This battery should be standard with the S2. End of.
extra life a must
Just come back to Android from iPhone and went for the s2.
Appalling battery life with the supplied 1650 mah.phone would die in less than a day.I'm a heavy user and although the iPhone wasn't the best battery I was tempted to go back to it. Mobilefun popped up in a search for something better.And opted for the genuine 2000 mah,which comes with a replacementack.Absolutely brilliant a bit pricey it so you think but well worth it for the extra day I get.Should be supplied.as standard. Phone is more solid in your hand,but watch the cases, the majority won't fit! Small price to pay!!
Well worth it and it was delivered within 24 hours. Perfect
A worthy purcahse.
Bought this after reading some excellent recommendations for it. I must say I have not been disappointed. Granted, it does take a couple of full charges to get it up to speed, but once done, this battery will last all day and then some. I consider myself a heavy user and the standard battery only last about 6 hours. You can easily get 20 hours with heavy usage with this one. Mild usage, 2-3 days. The cover (and battery) are original Samsung products. The back case sits beautifully and extends from the recess making the phone look more 'complete'. This really is the battery the SG2 should have come with. I do get the impression that at the Samsung final marketing meeting, the lead designer stood up and said "Hey guys, this a great product, but the battery is sh*t. However, don't worry as we're now going to design a better battery and re-design the rear cover. That'll fix any issues. It will no longer be the slimmest phone in the galaxy, but hey, with all the technology crammed into the phone, we need this battery!".
Downside: Contoured covers don't fit. Not even my beautifully designed SG2 cover. However, I've got round that and custom made a flexible carbon cover for the back. Now my covered fits perfects. This 'fix' won't be for everyone though.
I very rarely do reviews for anything, so to do one for this battery proves it works. Buy it, you'll love the transformation.
What a difference it makes
As with many smart phones, battery life is an issue. This Samsung extended battery,2000mAh rated, makes all the difference. When I use the phone as a gps rangefinder during golf for instance,the battery copes with a round easily unlike the original which is on the edge. Thoroughly recommend this item.
Must have !!!
I was always left with an empty battery at the end of the day, even after a full recharge.

Now, it lasts double than that.

Quoting on another review: this is the battery the Galaxy should have come as standard.
Very good for heavy user
- The phone actually looks and feels better with the ext battery
- Still very light weight
- Can just last 3 days on light usage (text, email)
- Can comfortably last 2 days on medium usage (internet, GPS)
- Can easily last the full day on very very heavy usage (Gaming, music, video)

Definitely worth the money.
wot a battery
just bought the bigger battery for
the galaxy s2 wot a purchase,
i make and recive loads of calls
each day standard battery on fon
empty by 5pm. i get two days now with bigger battery.
well worth the money,battery lasts 3 days now.samsung should fit this as standard.easy to fit,does make the phone heavier but after time you dont notice it.also my plastic cover still fits.superb if your wondering wether to get this,dont just buy it now
Ordered this product Thursday 1700, arrived next day Friday at 1100 :O what can I say, just amazing =). Battery is still on it's first cycle and is doing ok, much better than the stock 1650mAh. The bulk is hardly noticeable, and more importantly my previous case fits!!! The case I have is the bumpers that are sold online, the half rubber half plastic cases fit without stretching =) So people who are worried about cases that don't fit, I can tell you that at least the Bumpers fit without a problem. Great product again, thanks!!
Great battery which does just what it says on the tin. Trusty product from Samsung, which potentially should have been supplied with the phone on release. Whereas I used to have to re-charge every afternoon (on top of overnight), this battery will now last me an entire day through evening with high varied usage. Literally just evens out the dip in the back and my phone case still fits. When I eventually ground its usage down, I will be looking to purchase this item again. Product arrived next day as promised, add me to the happy customer club!
sgs2 battery
service was excellent,ordered it thursday night and it came saturday morning.no problems fitting it.it was 63 percent charged,so ran it flat,then fully charged it.the original battery would have gone flat in 27 hours.this one after 27 hours has 56 percent left.samsung should have fitted it from the start.yes it does make the phone slightly larger but after a day you wont notice it.also my plastic cover still fits to my amazment.worth every penny.so go for it
Lasts longer
First of all I received the next day which was great! Second the review...
It does make your phone more bulky and heavy but still not over bulky. I can also still use my soft plastic cover which many poeple say dont fit so no problem there.
Battery life is a lot better than default but still wont last a whole day with moderate use i.e listening to music, using wifi/3g and gps.
Im still happy as I now have 2 batteries now so im confident ill always have power.
I would recommend this over the samsung battery pack thing which is over £50.
Not too expensive and you should notice a big difference.
Galaxy S2 battery and back cover
The product was exactly what I requested. The shipping was quick. It was easy to find what I was looking for online
How the original S2 should have been !!
Great upgrade -I get a min of a 1.5 days now.
Ext. batt. pack { Samsung Galaxy Sll }
Excellent service and an excellent product....All delivered before the phone actually arrived...Phone ordered same day !!!
We all know that smartphones are not the best on battery life,but this battery I have bought is perfect for me.I am out on the road all day and do not always have access to a charger. It has given me an extra few hours life to my samsung galaxy s2.After a full day of usage it is still on 60% 8 hours later, and I can talk a bit.
Battery Increase
The S2 should have been shipped with this battery.. I used to carry around a spare battery now I can use my phone from 6am until 12midnight. If you are a heavy user then expect it to die by 10pm the standard battery would have died by 5:30. If you are a light user then expect a big increase in battery life. I found a noticeable difference and sometimes struggle to kill the battery to full charge it by 1am!

It is expensive but I found it worth the cash. Although the flip case I have now doesn't fit right and there aren't any other than silicone available with the bigger battery that will fit :(...
A very useful extended battery
This is a great extended battery for the Galaxy S2 which adds very little to the bulk and weight of the original phone. It comes with a slightly more curved back plate to cover the thicker battery. A couple of my soft cases for the phone still fit.

As a Samsung original product both backplate and battery are high quality. It gives a genuine full day's use with the phone, which already had reasonable battery life with the original battery.
Just feels right
Now holding the phone with the extended battery kit just feels right, I believe this was the original cover & battery design of Samsung who in last minute went for the slimest phone in market target. I rather choose a phone which gives extra battery life than making the phone 1.5mm thinner. My only worry was will my protective phone cover fit & it does with no problems!
Not as good as expected so far
Not the significant difference for me as I have heard by other reviewers. It lasts longer for sure but it won't last a full day of use for me without resorting to charging or a spare battery which is a disappointment. I used it for a full day without charge last week when in London on business and without using GPS or bluetooth all day it only lasted until about 3pm before I resorted to a new battery. So better but still not really good enough. That's with the screen turned down to minimum brightness all day too. Not sure if it's related to heavy data use or not!
i bought this to extend the already brilliant battery life of the s2, i was worried about the extra bulk , but it is hardly visible , with minimal weight added, i have the genuine samsung flip cover case too, and with the extended battery on, it still fits perfectly.

the buld quality also improves, it makes the phone feel less flimsy and very sturdy .

a must buy!!!!!!!!!!
Samsung should have supplied the phone with this battery.
This battery makes the phone perfect, lasts all day regardless of use. Samsung made a big mistake not supplying the phone with this battery. The cover fits perfectly and makes the phone feel better. All the covers I have for the phone still fit as the new cover fits flush and does not make the overall thickness of the phone any more, just fills in the thinner part of the phone.
Well worth it!
This battery is superb and highly recommended. When I received the battery and plugged it straight in, the battery level was showing about 70% power. So I decided to run it right down to about 4% power before bed by playing games, surfing the internet, emailing etc. Plugging it in about 11.30pm then unplugging about 6.30am next morning. It was showing it was fully charged by then and probably sooner. My phone struggles during the day to keep a signal but I never bother turning it to flight mode. I always use it very heavily at dinner times with gaming, texts and calls etc. Normally by 8pm the battery level is showing 20% left. Now with this battery it's showing 65% left!! Come on, that's incredible and that was with the first charge! It gets better the more charge cycles it goes through. I think the key to this battery(indeed any battery) having a longer life is to almost totally discharge it before recharging.

I would whole heartedly recommend this battery to anybody. I agree with previous reviews by them saying the phone actually feels better in the hand with the new back on - it does. Also the phone should of come with this battery originally - it should.

I must say I was extremely impressed with MobileFun's service. They deserve a 5 Star rating for quality. Ordered, notified of despatch and arrived on my porch floor all within 24 hours - incredible! Will certainly do business with again. Thank you very much
Spot on
I couldn't belive the quality of service. One word ...Fantastic. The battery is working better than I expected and it arrived quicker than if it were hand delivered. Thank you.
now my phone lasts a full day :-)
this pack is great , keeps the phone a reasonable size and takes your battery to a full day.

no more worries at not lasting 24 hours.

1300ma standard is taken to 2000ma with this kit

works for me , hope it works for you.
Performs well once conditioned.
Lipo batteries need conditioning to reach peak performance; this unit is performing better after a few deep cycles. I can achieve 48 hours on a charge with light use and it performs better under load (calls and web use) right to the end. This battery + back only ads 2mm to the phone, but improves endurance substantially. Please note that some cases and car docks are not compatible with it.
Well worth buying
Normal S2 battery was much better than my old Galaxy S, this I upgraded the battery on and found it more more usable and but made the phone far heavier and bigger. This kit however is superb. Battery life is better than the standard Samsung unit but this Samsung made extended battery gives better life still and looks just like it came with the phone, its still makes the S2 lighter and less chunky than my sons LG E900. Great investment for the extra battery life I can now leave the phone with wifi, GPS and Bluetooth on all day on one charge and it still fits in my standard S2 desktop dock... well worth it.
Glad I invested in this.
The larger battery pack is a great addition to the Galaxy S2. It is not that much larger and the phone still fits in my Krussell case and desk stand/charge perfectly. It provides a noticably longer operationl and standy time. I share the optinion as another reviewer that this phone should have been suppled with this one as standard.
A great optional extra
Arrived quickly as everything always does from mobilefun! thought it best to go for the original samsung product and glad I did from reading some of the reviews of other options. The replacement cover is a perfact fit and doesn't make the phone feel bulky at all hard to really notice any difference. Still fits in the samsung desk cradle I have in the office for charging so all good so far. The original battery wouldn't last a full day without being on charge so fingers crossed with this one it might just do it!.
Makes a good phone even better
Before purchasing the official extended battery kit, I was struggling to get a full day from my GS2, but I am now managing 2 full days, even going in to the 3rd day, if I've only used it lightly. And as for those that have stated thet there are no cases to fit, with the slightly larger rear cover in place, the official Samsung flip case, that I previously bought from Mobile Fun, fits a treat and will keep your handset looking good too!
Perfect, great product!
Very Good
It feels as though my battery life is longer by 50%.

In realistic terms, I use my S2 to play 100 emulated psx & n64 games as well as having a bright manga reader on most of the time. the phone can handle everything I throw at it (including calls) for 12 hours, 14 if I turn off the wifi :) Awesome.
5 star service/5 star product
Firstly from the time I put the order in to the time of recieving the order took less than a day, friday 6th jan 4pm to sat 7th jan 9. 30am,this is a fantasic service,if I could give more than 5 stars I would ,the battery is just what I would expect from a quality company like samsung it does everything it says it would,yes I could of got the battery slightly cheaper from other internet companys,but do you know what I dont care!mobile fun will be the number one company I shall use in my future purchases,excellent company and service,thank you mobile fun.
Happy now
I was really disappointed with the battery performance of my Galaxy S2 but now with the extended battery kit it lasts how I expected it to. Still fits in the flip case too. Should have been supplied with this battery in the first place!
Happy now
I was really disappointed with the battery performance of my Galaxy S2 but now with the extended battery kit it lasts I expected it to. Still fits in the flip case too. Should have been supplied with this battery in the first place!
What Samsung should have provided at phone launch
I have to agree with previous comments that the extended battery and back panel are excellent and could have been what Samsung should have provided at the start if they weren't beguiled by chasing after the 'world's thinnest phone' accolade. Back panel adds hardly anything to thickness and makes the phone easier to handle and feels better in the hand. Well done!
Good choice
I was introduced to an extended battery pack at first through a friend but chose this one as it is less bulky for my hands.

This battery does what it says, but I think I run out my battery like using petrol in my car with the school runs.

At least it last for more than 20hrs straight without me needing to recharge it.

Is there a case (leather one) that will fit the extended battery and phone? If you know one, please let me know.

Appreciate it.
MobileFun Reply
Hi, the following leather cases will work with this extended battery.



WOW just WOW
I've had my S2 for quite a few months now.. I had a Desire HD before and the battery wasn't the best.. when I first got the S2 I was might impressed with the battery. .but once I started to download more stuff which meant more things were probably running it didn't seem to last very long. I often start work early so my phones off charge at 5am and by 3am when I finish work my battery can be anywhere from 40-60% by 8-9pm I need to charge it or I can just about get to 12 when I go to bed.

This is my 3rd day with this new battery and I'm on 1d 18h and the battery is on 31% that is just crazy.. I'm gonna leave it off charge all night and see how it does in the morning.

On Monday I tested the phone out by leaving on 3g and gps for the vast majority of the day.. I browsed the internet and updated my twitter quite a bit and by like 8pm it was on around 60% which again is amazing.

So performance wise so far I'm blown away.. this should sooo come as standard. Fit wise it fits perfectly.. the lil indent in the original back cover is basically filled out so the black just flows.. it feels nice in the hand.. adds a nice bit of weight that doesn't make it feel like it will fly out of your hands.. plus it fits my s-line gel case still.. although I kinda don't mind it out of the case now as it feels nice to hold.

A+++ product.. quick delivery.. well worth the money.
Very Impressed
Perfect fit (as you would expect) and makes the phone more comfortable to hold. I little bit heavier (no bad thing) and I easily get 2.5 days of normal useage out of my phone now compared to 1.5 days on the standard battery. Seems to be getting better as it goes through more charge cycles so could be 3 to 4 days of use :-)
great battery
Takes a while to charge, but once it has, lasts me 2 to 3 days light usage. I actually prefer the slightly heavier feel and flush flat back of the replacement battery cover. This should have been the standard battery!

Quick postage, no delivery problems.
Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy S2 - 2000m
Usual very efficient service from MobileFun. Extended life battery and cover work/fit well. Like most big screen phones the Galaxy S2 is very heavy on battery use, so I think you would need a second of these batteries as backup to get through the day if you are a heavy user.
A no brainer
I've been using my phone for light use as in occasional texts and browsing. I'm using this battery on it's first charge and I'm 1day and 8 hours in and still have around 85% left. Now that sounds amazing, but when I say light use, I really do mean it. Probably sent around 30 texts and used the web for 15 mins. The battery use app tells me that the display accounted for 36% of the drain and has been in use for over 90 minutes over the last day.

I have pretty much maximum power saving on. No wifi, no satnav, and data only enabled when I need it (seriously, what's the point in all these if it's just sat in your pocket simply waiting for calls and texts?).

To say this is the first charge is quite impressive. Perhaps it's more to do with my usage patterns, but it feels like the difference between the 1650 and 2000mah batteries is much larger.

Samsung should just ship the phone with this as standard. I really don't get why you would care about how thin the device is when it's other dimensions are so huge. Give me battery life over a few mm thickness any day.

The new cover fits flush with the raised bump on the bottom of the phone, which I think looks better, as well as providing a bit of protection from flat surfaces for the lens
Does exactly what it says on the tin!
I'm torn over this extended battery kit.

On one hand, it's given me another 25-50% runtime on my Galaxy S2 - I use mine a lot and can now go nearly 36 hours on one charge where as I struggled some days to achieve 18 hours between charges.

The phone is actually much nicer to hold with the extra weight/bulk and is less likely to fly out of my hand when hurriedly removed from a packet.

The flip side is purely aesthetic - it has lost its wow-factor and super-slim feel. To be honest, if the Galaxy S2 came like this buy default you probably wouldn't even raise it as a concern.

As the new battery/case thickness doesn't exceed the original maximum dimensions of the Galaxy S2, the phone still fits my Brodit car mount perfectly.

Although initially disappointed by the results the battery does need a good week's worth of discharge / charge cycles before you start to experience longer run times. If you have a rooted phone, don't forget to reset the battery stats after around a week.

Writing this review I've actually talked myself out of being unsure about the battery and I would recommend the purchase if you too can get over loosing the ultra-thin feel of the S2!
Does what it is supposed to do, the battery in the S2 out of the box is crap to be very honest, does not even last a day but after this purchase has not complained to me even once. This lasts at minimum 36 hours a day after a full charge and with WiFi On, GPS On, Full Sync always On and with my wife online on Skype as well
Very pleased with performance
Very happy with the official extended battery. It barely alters the appearance of the phone, fits in my existing silicon case and is only slightly heavier.

Previously my phone could be fully charged at 5pm and with moderate use it wouldn't make it to bedtime. I've no such worries now and don't have to panic on a night out.

Only four stars as Samsung should have included it.
fantastic service
I ordered an item for a Christmas present. Initially I was told that the item was not in stock but if I left my details I would be told when more stock received. The very next day I got such an e mail and was able to order the item which arrived within 2 days. I could not have asked for better customer service and care - wonderful. The item was well received as a Christmas present too and the recipient was very happy.
Worth thirty quid..?
Like most GS2 owners, I was not at all happy with the battery life of the standard battery, and did not like the idea of a rediculously-bulky 3rd-party double-capacity battery, particularly since many 3rd-party 'high-capacity' batteries tend to be of questionable quality and capacity.

Therefore, my only remaining option was to consider Samsung's own higher-capacity battery.

I struggled to justify spending the best part of 30 quid on a battery which, frankly, should have been included as standard with the GS2 handset. Nonetheless, my frustration with the standard 1650mah GS2 battery's duration eventually swayed my hand and I shelled out the money for this 2000mah Samsung battery.

After a couple of weeks use, have I concluded that the expense of the 2000mah battery was actually worth it, in terms of the length of time I can use my phone between charging? Well, sadly, NO. The increase in usage time, seems, subjectively at least, to be marginal at best.

There's nothing wrong with the quality of the product, it's just that it offers such a small increase in usage duration that the net value of the considerable investment is questionable. I don't absolutely regret buying this battery but I wouldn't buy another one if faced with making the decision again.
Great service
Ordered around 5ish and got the battery delivered/posted to me the next day on 1st class. It wasn't recorded too, which means it slipped through my letter box when I was at work and saved on another expensive time consuming journey to the post office.

The battery is amazing and is giving me 4 hours more life than the standard one, so it can keep up with a heavy days usage.

My 2 battery covers(Leather and Rubber) fit fine despite the now more sleeker backing of the phone.

Great buy, if you have a Sii, this is a MUST HAVE!
How the phone should have been!
I've been using the new battery now for a few weeks and have to say I can now go though a whole day of playing music, phone calls, texts as well as quite a bit of game playing and still have about 30% left at the end of the day. Very VERY happy but think the phone should really ship with this battery.
Good job
After reading the reviews I thought ir t was time for me to upgrade my battery as the one that comes with it only last 1 day.I ordered the battery arrived before the stated time( very good service), the battery itself does not make the phone any thicker really and last about 1 1/2 days so i bit of an improvement only thing now is that there are no protective cases for my phone. hope somebody will start making one.
Makes my phone run all day
This battery allows my Galaxy S2 to run all day with my fairly heavy use.

Contrary to other reports I am also able to use the official Samsung desktop dock with the battery.
Much Improved.
Ordered this at 4pm and it arrived in the post the next day, well done Mobile Fun. The fit is superb on the SGS2 and it makes the phone feel better to hold. My first charge showed a slight improvement over the standard battery but subsequent charges have improved performance significantly to the point where I can take the phone off charge at 7am, use it all day and still have around 40% charge the following morning. Something the standard battery would never achieve. As has already been said, I think this is the battery that Samsung should have supplied as standard with the device but sacrificed it to keep that 'thinnest' look. Most users that I know would sooner have the better performance over the 'thin' look any day. Buy it!
Samsung should have shipped the Galaxy S2 with thi
Without a doubt one of the best buys I made for my Samsung Galaxy S2, it protects the camera lens much better than the stock one, and provides a better grip for the phone. I passed from an 18 to 20 hour charge to a 48 hour continuous use. Also had a great surprise when it fitted into the Genuine Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Vehicle Dock, no need to replace to the stock battery and yet the new case lets me use the stock battery if power runs down with a perfect fit for the plastic enclosure provided. Only wished I had more stars to give to this product.
This is a must......
As the title says this is a must for Samsung Galaxy S2 owners. I was finding that the original battery that came with the phone was only good for 24 hrs (just) but this battery extends the use of the phone to 2 days ( depending on use of course) but is well worth paying for.
Great product.
Really improved the battery life. Now lasts me all day even with with a lot of useage.
Awesome, the battery the S2 should have shipped wi
Very pleased with the extended battery, as it is an official product there are no worries about compatibility and the new back fits like a glove, I personally prefer the feel of the phone now it's slightly thicker.

I can, with normal use get a couple of days out of the phone now compared with going for the charger at anytime from 5pm! Even with heavy use on a recent training journey, watching a movie, listening to music and regular use of Whatsapp the phone made it to the end of the day.

All in all I am very pleased with the kit and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone that has this phone.

One downside is that you have to forgo the use of a case as I am not aware of any that fit with the extended battery fitted, that said its still a brilliant addition to my S2, and you'll love it too!
worth the wait
Well my extended battery kit for my Samsung Galaxy S2 arrived last week. I had to wait a month as these are in high demand but i would wait it all over again. The power boost lets me play with my phone all day inc browsing the web, sending and recieving email, gaming, recording and playing back videos and movies and most important to me, playing music all day long in work over a p.a system as the cd player is broken. All this and i can still make loads of important work calls and have power when i get home to do some serious ebay hunting after work without fear of battery failing right when i need my phone most. Best money Ive ever spent!!!!!
Genuine Samsung Extended Battery Kit for Galaxy S2
It is simply the battery and the its new cover that should have been provided with the SG S2 the first place. The added thickness alongside the nice textture backing gives additional grip which was needed as beeing too slim made it aukward to hold sometimes.
The battery life as now been extended over a day and 1/2, whereas before I could barely go through one day traveling
Exactly what you'd expect
The phone gets a useful extension in life span. Roughly linearly according to the extra capacity as you might expect. Generally the third party batteries don't though. Reports suggest an average third party battery of 2000mAh lasts only as long as the standard Samsung 1650mAh battery.

Regarding installation, the phone feels good with the bigger battery. A couple of my Galaxy S2 using friends didn't even notice the change when I handed them my phone. I sense that Samsung designed the phone like this then made it thinner to get the "thinnest smartphone" accolade.

My tight case still fits ok too.

All round, money well spent.
Simple and Sleek
Enhances and upgrades the already excellent Galaxy S2. For 1.5mm increase you get a sturdier battery cover, which because of its raised profile, protects your camera lens to a much greater extent. The battery itself is of the usual Samsung quality, and will give you at least 20% more power. There are already a plethora of cases that are compatible with this. For those who love their S2, this is highly recommended, grab it when you can! These battery kits are in demand for a reason, they are without a doubt a must purchase for the power user. Mobilefun's customer service is second to none, and I was delighted to finally receive my battery.
The battery/back cover the phone should have shipp
The replacement back cover looks great. It looks like it was designed to perfectly fit the phone.

The replacement back slightly recesses the camera lens and LED flash, so they're protected when the phone is put on a flat surface.

Additional weight isn't perceptible (at least not to me) but extra battery life is and is always welcome!

The Galaxy S2 is a brilliant phone and this Samsung extended battery kit makes it even better!
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