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Genuine HTC One M7 Double Dip Hard Shell - HC C840 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The HC C840 is a tough polycarbonate shell case for your HTC One M7 to protect the device from bumps, scrapes and drops. Manufactured to the highest quality, as an official accessory all cut-outs for accessing and using the device are perfectly placed.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38231
$24.34 inc VAT
 4.7 stars from 87 customers

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Just the job
Great product helps keep your phone save without the bulk and looks smart too. Recomended .
saved my phone countless times!
Brilliant case. Dropped my phone loads on concrete and survived with no damage to the phone

But it just split the top part on the corner today after a fall so buying another one without hesitation :)
Great cover!
This covers fits the phone perfectly, it´s stylish and it doesn´t add almost any weight or thickness to the phone itself.
I would definitely recommend it :-)
Nice product, good quality as explained on website & as expected :)
Nice product - fits the phone in an absolutely perfect manner. Proper fit for front speakers, headphone socket, charging port, etc. Very impressed again through a nice product from Mobile Fun - thank you!!
What a brilliant piece of kit,it even looks better than the phone itself, which i didn't think was possible.
does its job
fits phone perfectly no loss of screen view just what I wanted
Goof choice!!!
I really enjoyed from all points the Dip Hard Shell I ordered last week. Although it takes more than the average for it to arrive to its destination,it was what I expected.I would definitely recommend this piece for those that dont wish to make the HTC one loose it character
Great Product
The Product was delivered in good condition. Looks Good. feels Good. Great product for HTC one. Also good service from MobileFun.
Took some time to be delivered but then was expected as the item was shipped from UK.
Overall Good Product.
exellent service
Delivery was on time...good job..it's worth spending 300 bucks xtra..cover is too good. Must have
Not robust enough
I bought this case about 6/7 weeks ago and it did its job brilliantly. It looks great and doesn't add too much weight and dimension to the phone.

When I was on holiday I accidentally dropped the phone when I was sitting down in my balcony. Phew! I thought, at least my phone wasn't damaged but then I noticed a small split on the front of case by the volume keys. The case had cracked and after a day that piece of plastic snapped off.

Now Im back here looking for a new case.

At the least the case did it's job, just wished it was more robust.
Excellent service and product
Product arrived promptly and in one piece.
The case slipped on nicely and you can access the buttons like you would if you didn't have a case on.
Adore my new cover that goes with my new phone.
Thank you
fantastic proudct
HTC double dip cover is a fantastic product for it "HTC one" & it is also highly recommended if u want protection for ur phone with excellent looks .
Trusted place for online shopping :D
I ordered 2 items from Sync & Charge cable and Double Dip case but I didn't receive it at first. I complaint to the customer care they are so awesome to reship both the item for free of cost.

There is no issue with this case volume rocker works fine if you perfectly place the phone inside the case.

As others say the case is high quality and it offer grate protection, so go get it!!!

I love MobileFun and their service :D
Htc 1 case
Have been looking for a a good case since I got the htc 1 and I found it best case out there so I bought 2
Quietly Brilliant like HTC would say. Really well made and fit for purpose.

Please just make sure that you order via DHL express if you order from South Africa.
Perfect product, flawed delivery
Product is exactly what I had expected after reading other users' reviews and my own online research - perfect for my HTC One in form and functionality.

The only issue is the way it was delivered. Generally, with other couriers, someone at the confirmed address receives and signs (acknowledging delivery). In this case, however, the package was simply lying on the stairs of the first floor. Anyone - and I mean anyone -driver, cook, maid, etc. could have picked it up and kept it. Luckily, I happened to find it, rather fortuitously. Now this is really weird and irresponsible. I don't mind paying an extra couple of hundred rupees for delivery, but just dumping it the way it was done is unacceptable. And please ensure the bearer delivers package to the person meant for, max his/ her spouse/ immediate family who is aware that a delivery is expected. NOT a neighbor/ somebody in the first floor, when the address unambiguously says SECOND floor.

Please take steps to make sure this does not happen - or I will have to think twice before ordering from your website.
Value for money
Htc one backcover
Thanks mobile fun and royalmail service u r incredible.....
I got my order double dip hard cover as seen in image it is newer than the new......
200% excellent service got my order within 9 days as it was stated 8-10 working days.....
U r king of service so guys try this sight safe and trustable
Great product and great customer support but poor logistics. Initially the product was sent to my address and left at the main entrance gate to my apartment and hence it got stolen as in india it is very common. These things happen frequently but I emailed mobilefun and instantly got a reply either to refund my money or send the item again. The second time around they made sure I received my item in hand. Good stuff!
Feedback on service
I bought htc one cover last week.the packaging is not good because of that the cover was broken when i received.But they are ready to replace the piece.other then that service is good.qulity product.

Packing side improvement is needed
very impressed
I got my new HTC one on Friday and needed a hard shell case for it, I saw this one on mobile fun and ordered it at 5.30pm and joked with my wife that it would be great if it came the next day.
I was so impressed when it turned up at 11am Saturday morning and I only.paid for normal.postage, well happy with the case, the phone and the service, keep it up guys...

the Top of ten
I will be short. It's the best case for HTC One,you can find online! And delivered faster,than I expected! 10 of 10! Will use mobile fun service again.
Before purchasing this case I did my usual due diligence of research. Many users stated this case scratched up their device yet others claimed it didn't. So, I decided to take a chance. I don't regret that chance as the complaints of this case leaving scratch marks where (in my opinion) inaccurate. If I'm using this case I carefully slide it on and off and never has it left any marks. Ultimately this case offers the MOST COMPLETE protection of any case on the market being that it covers the ENTIRE device except the display, of course. Coupled with a screen protector I don't think you could ask for better protection.
very good sevice
I ordered HTC double drip hardshell cover for my HTC one from mobile fun. The product received is in very nice condition. The product is received within the stipulated time frame.
Customer support is very good.
Mobile fun site shows product value in the rupees terms which is my country's currency, which I liked a lot , other foreign sites don't do this.
perfect phone case for a HTC
This product really appealed to me, when looking for a phone due to the design of the case by putting two different coloursat the end of the case it makes the case look unique and smart however before buying the case I would have liked to know that it was a three piece case. Overall I really recommend this product because of it's originality and uniqueness
HTC One double dip case
I got the cover in record time. Very easy to fit and gives the protection needed with the phone without compromising the look and feel.
Looks great, feels good.
The product is really nice, feels great.
Mobilefun really takes good care of their customers. My package was lost during transfer but after 1 email Mobilefun sent me a new package immediately. I really appreciate that. Thanks,
What my htc needed to become just perfect
This os an excellent product: excellent quality material, superb looking, thin, very precise design, nice to touch and makes my HTC much less slippery. Just perfect.
Excellent genuine Product
Bought this Case last week and it was excellent. The Product came in good Packaging all the way from UK within 10 days. Worth to pay extra 300 bucks on Shipping. The Case fits my HTC One and gave it a complete new look. This is a recommended product. Looking forward to buy many things from mobilefun, I am very Happy.
Htc prodicts are Amazing
I got HTC one in India and to my surprise the cover wasn't available in India and when I got hold of this site I was so happy to find one.
1. Amazing product - double dip hard shell HTC one original cover
2. Amazing service by the mobile fun
3. Please get shipping free for India( it's a request if possible)
4. Friends you can trust this company for online products.
Thanks and I love my HTC one with it's new cover coz it's awesome.
Regards always
HTC One Double Dip
Excellent product phone looks doesn't impacted. Delivery is also excellent. Got the product in 8 days full marks to service.
best case for htc one.
Excellent Service as always! Would recommend this.
HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell
The Hard Shell looks fantastic - unfortunately it arrived with a crack in the red part of the protective shell. Let's hope it protects my phone better than it protects itself!!
Great fit and finish as you would expect and offers all round protection.
Thrilling service, delightful product
I was absolutely thrilled to receive my HTC double dip hard shell in a week's time of ordering. The product is awsome and provides a perfect frame to the picture called HTC One.
Kudos to mobilefun for a great service and hope they continue to wow their customers.
Perfect fit, stylish and protective.
I bought this as part of my boyfriend's birthday gift. Delivery was fast and efficient. The product itself came in a lovely display case and when it was put onto the HTC one phone it fit perfectly. The material feels really nice in your hand when you hold the phone and the double dip colour is bang on trend. It is protective and stylish and I had one very happy bf with this product. I would highly recommend this great priced cover to protect such an expensive phone and it doesn't detract from the actual device itself either, just enhances it while offering protection from scratches and bumps that will inevitably occur at some point without an adequate shell cover.
HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell
If you get a phone like the HTC One with it's perfect full metal uni body and with it's slender curves, you really want people to look at your phone but, then again a full metal body makes it a lot more vulnerable to scratches. Hence, HTC brings to you the Double Dip Hard Shell, this cover has everything you want in a phone case- the looks, it's real sturdy, feels great in your hands and also does not take up a lot of your pocket space.So, all in all this is the thing i'll dress my HTC one with.
Great case
I really like it. The best case that I bought for this cell phone.
great service
I bought HTC one double dip cover from mobilefun in there services are fabulous n so is the product.
HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell Case
Ever since I bought HTC One I was searching for double dip hard shell case. Its not yet available in retail stores in Delhi. Finally, I found it on Mobilefun, . It was convenient and effective. I received the product well within timeline and good condition. Overall I think I got the best deal from Mobilefun. Thanks!
Hard case
The case suits the phone very well, and offers a good level of protection. My only gripe is that the up/down volume key does not engage very well with the phone keys resulting in anup volume only. I eventually "resided out" the case keys in order to directly access the phone volume keys
Bang On!
Wihtout doubt this case adds something to the already classy handset - its robust and is in no way detrimental to the functionality of the device.

As an individual who wants to make sure that my phone looks the part, this has given me that warm feeling and as an added bonus it come in the colours of my favourite rugby team.

Never thought I woudl say this , but the whole HTC/Mobile Fun experience has left my Apple loyalty to be found wanting!!
Totally in love!
Got my htc cover today and its awesome.. Loved the colors and the fit and yes it does protect your phone really well.. Glad i bought it! :)
Great Cover
One of the best covers I have used for htc one till yet.
The quality of the product is really good n even the shipment did not take a long time to get delivered only thing I got disappointed was in the beginning they did not have stock but was posted on the website but they got it really fast which I did not expect since they informed it might take 12 to 15 days..... Overall good
Awesome case
well after waiting long today got my favorite case for my love ( HTC One) . I really wanted to give 5 stars but i was really upset due to delay in delivery. Apart from it my device look fabulous now with this case. case fits perfectly and its 100% original. I am Happy now, it was worth waiting.
Best cover for a phone I've ever bought. Fits perfectly. Looks great. And trust me, it protects your phone if you drop it!
Cut To Cut.
A phenomenal cover for a astonishingly beautiful Device.
To my utter disbelief the case fit & Finish is premium to the core.
Feels great in hand. Gives the WoW factor.... To The plush phone. Credit & Kudos to the Shipper for housing in all the accessories under one roof, and an on time performance.
htc case
I purchased a HTC one hard case. The case is nice, but is over priced for what you get. The case appears to be more decorative than protective.
All in one solution
Amazing case...leaves very slight scratches due to close fitting..but looks very elegant. Genuine product and service. The best case for this phone. Gives a reassuring feeling while using the phone. Superb all round protection and amazing looks. Worth it in the end. Some dust does get in over the dual speakers through the holes...but its not much of a problem at all.
The case
Pretty nice price for a case made by HTC. The shipping speed wasn't to bad neither.
It is very nice. Good looking as well good safety for the phone.... & lastly worth it....
htc case
The case was delivered at the best condition and was delivered on time. really like the products you offer on your site and your service is top notch .the only thing the product looked beautiful on the pic but was not very happy with the product
Ordered my phone case and it shipping was fast and product was great
Thanks to MobileFun
Its a great product,i have received it within two days its a very good case i loved it a lot as described A++++++++++++++MobileFun
Great case
Case looks amazing and it is unique
This Double Dip case is great! Makes my HTC One look even more amazing & the touch of it feels so soft & good. The quality is what you expect from HTC...BRILLIANT

It took almost 3 weeks because it was backorder. Forgot that I ordered it got it & it's HOT
HTC one double dip
Very nice clean look and smart product.
Happy customer
Happy with my product and the communication
Very good cover
Great cover. Easy to apply on. Fits very nicely on phone. Would be nice if it had a stand to hold in landscape position. A face cover to protect the display screen. Also a belt clip.
An absolutely superb piece of kit. Great fit for the phone and reassuringly sturdy. Before I had this I was nervous handling the phone but now I am confident that it can take a drop or two!

Case itself is "non-slip" so safe in the hand.

When I got this it was only available in red and grey - I would hope to see an all black version out sometime soon...
A bit pricey, but worth it.
I have had bad experiences with 3rd party accesories in the past and now tend to go with the 'official' option where possible.

HTC have never disappointed, cosistently producing high quality accessories, which continues with the Double Dip case. Upon receiving the case I was a little uncertain as it is a three piece affair with the main body separate from the coloured ends, but after encasing my phone I was very happily surprised, the case snaps firmly into place, and all cut-outs match the varoius ports and holes on the phone exactly (even the noise reducing mic, which is about 1x2mm!). Most importantly, my phone feels very secure whilst hardly increasing in overall size!

It is a little pricey, but then so is the phone it protects, I wouldn't hesitate to recomend this case, it really is the best out there.
I do not usually find cases a very attractive addition to a phone and this HTC One is such a good looking phone. But this case is excellent, fits perfectly with everything in just the right places and it adds to the design of the phone rather than detract from it. Will keep the phone safe from drops and scuffs. Excellent!!

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