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Genuine HTC One M7 Double Dip Flip Case - HC V841 Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Flip case offering high protection for your HTC One M7, featuring a perfect fit and stylish design including a folio stand with suede lining.
  • Mobile Fun ID 38238
$27.05 inc VAT
 4.3 stars from 152 customers

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Beautifuly fragile
Simply put: It is the nicest and most suitable and stylish flip case for HTC One out there with the ONLY downside that the material falls apart in a matter of weeks.

I've had two of them already and exactly the same thing happened, I've also seen loads of other people's reviews highlighting the same. It's like it if was pre-programmed to autodestroy itself in 4 weeks or so. Pity.
Hi, I purchased my order reached me. Item looks very nice indeed. Thank you for your honesty. Service quality is superb.
HTC double dip case
Looks and feels great. Let down badly by case refusing to stay closed. This severely limits its ability to provide protection to the phone when dropped as it springs open.
The product is awesome and is exactly as per the photos put up. THe quality of the case is very nice and it fits the phone perfectly. It adds class and elegance to the phone . Really liked the case .
Functional and simple
A fantastic slim line case by HTC that protects the screen and its surface with the closed cover. A nice and sturdy hardcase backing and a great 'fold and view' function that lets you sit back and enjoy your videos without holding your phone. Only con is that I feel the phone doesn't 'click' into the cover, fear of the phone falling out.
Perfect accessory for my smartphone.
The flip case is exactly what I was looking for, I had a similar case for a Galaxy S3.
It arrived ahead of time and fits the HTC One like a glove. Frequently dragging a modern smartphone in and out of jeans pockets can be quite damaging and a good robust cover is essential. This one is spot on.
fallen to bits
This case looks smart and feels relatively sturdy but after having it a month the material has began to fray away from the edges of the frame.

I'll be purchasing myself an Otterbox which I should've bought in the first place!

Buy it if your not really that active but I commute a lot and this has taken a bit of a beating and I'm very disappointed it has only lasted a month or so!
It fits well, it looks really good. Protects the corners well. Only downside is that the lid won't stay closed especially when falling which is you drop it could come open exposing the screen. For that reason I only give it four stars.
Excellent quality product & superfast shipping!
Received this product couple of days back - looks excellent, fits very well, absolutely genuine and shipping was done in a very decent pack to ensure no damage is caused to the product in transit. I placed an order on Tuesday last week and received it on Saturday morning (same week), so I can say that shipping time has also been very very acceptable. Overall a very delightful shopping experience with Mobilefun - thank you!
One in a Case...
The case is really worth buying for the HTC One.
The HTC One is a phone to flaunt without a case but this cover just makes it look even more gorgeous.
The top and the back feels amazing in the hand.
The red also looks amazing and brings out a natural flow of the phone.
The only disappointing thing is because of the material used on the red party, if you use it with dirty fingers, you will leave permanent marks. I wish something could be done about that.
Case for HTC One
When I bought it I got a very good impression of the work itself Covers the materials of which it is made​​. It is very soft on the inside is obvious that they have invested a lot of effort for the details on it. Fits snugly as a unit to the phone. I am very pleased. Thank you. (googal translator)
Phone Case
To coin a phrase "Does what it says on the tin" I am not a big fan of phone cases a they just seem to get in the way of phone design and use. That said I like to keep my phone clean and scratch free so they are a necessary evil. Dilemma time, flap down, flap up, flap to the side or pouch (Aahh the benefits of choice!!). In this instance I elected for the flap to the side. Item duly arrived and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised, good quality, fits where it is supposed to and does the job.
Great Product
The product was very good, just as mentioned on the website. Only thing there was a problem in delivery. But the team of mobilefun was very co operative and reshipped the product to me.
Very nice quality
Okay, so I originally bought the polycarbonate double dip case from htc but grit between the case and the phone caused the phone to get scratched.
I decided to buy this case after reading quite a few good reviews about it.
I'm really glad I did. It's made of high quality materials and looks excellent. The Red colour of the inside is more of a burnt orange though but still looks really nice. It has a real classy look about it to be honest. The cover which goes over the screen is not held by magnets or clips but after a lot of use this had not become an issue and actually makes accessing the screen less of a chore once you've mastered flipping it open.
All in all this cover is top stuff. For the reduced price mobile fun us selling it at its a must have. This is actually the second one I've bought. This one's for my wife, the other one is mine..... Which pretty much speaks for its self.
Amazing - Value for Money with Style :)
Great cover, sleek look and designed in a way that doesn't restrict the everyday use of your smartphone like most covers do.

In fact with its intelligent design you can easily prop your phone at a convenient angle on your desk to view videos, read mails etc.

Great addition to my HTC One and I will recommend it without any hesitation!
Good service .
Very nice case.
Chose this case from a protection standpoint. Covers all of the phone without being hugely bulky. The material feels good to the touch although the joints become quite loose very quickly. Not a major flaw though.
nice transaction
Delivery was on time and product is genuine as described.
hc v 841case for htc one
i buy case hc v 841 for htc one,very good qality case,i m really happy,my htc one look very sexy now after case,thank u mobilefun.com,want to deal again shortly
Nice Case!
OKish. Not bad as other reviews says
* Looks Elegant
* Touch and feel of case is good
* Fits average only (the lower part of my case is slightly loose)
* Openings for mic, speakers given at right places.
I was bit worried as there is no track to the shipment. After a week It was happy ending. I received the parcel. Genuine HTC one double flip case.
excellent quality nd service
Cover quality is very good.its delivered on time
Good... apart from the microphone access!
Overall, I liked the versatility of this case, and build quality is quite good. Please be aware that the phone microphone aperture on the HTC one is tiny. With my case, it failed to align with the also tiny hole in the case, and missus complained that I sounded muffled.

The Answer? Drill out the case hole a size at a time until it aligns properly, job done.
Genuine HTC One Double Dip Flip Case - HC V841
Fantastic looking case for a fantastic phone..very well made and robust, with a lovely soft lining to protect the screen. Afantastic case for a very low price and the stand aspect of it is perfect for watching movies on the train etc..Highly recommended!
htc case
Excellent product.
Can't Fault It!
I was a bit worried about a few reviews I'd read complaining about poor quality, but I thought "what the hell" and ordered it anyway. I'm so glad I did, it fits like a glove, the quality (IMHO) is good and seems strong enough to handle everyday knocks. It also looks pretty good (for a case).
htc company gone mad
the shipping was perfectly quick and fast by mobilefun i recevied the item after 7 days in a perfect way .thank you mobilefun

now coming to the cover review . its is the worst cover made by htc as a accessories . didnt meet the expected level
Good case !
Smartly design . Quiet durable . Overall I satisfied with what I received and it fits well on my smartphone . Thank you MobileFun .
I ordered this product and received in hands very genuinely within more than the expected time line. We can trust these people in delivery according to my experience, but the tracking options and delivery status notifications to the customer has to improve much more.
Dip flip is an awesome design and much convenient in use, except right side edge covering of the phone.
respected team,
my order id is 3259246 which i placed it on 7.07.2013. its almost 12 dayz today that i havent got my order and there is no information regarding where my order in india has reached thru tracking.'
sir please do let me know the actual status of my order as in the guest tracking its showing that the order is complete.
great customer service but not so happy with product
Case looks good but when you actually use it shows that there should have been little more thought put in design
- the side bumper coating peel off eventually and surprsignly within few days
- the crease formed at back (by folding the case in view mode) is quite big and visible.
- the case i received didnt fit properly but got refund after replacement failed to arrive while my friend got a snug fit case.
-mic got partially covered while so people who called had trouble listening to me
- the flip cover doesnt rest properly on the screen , its a stays open a bit
- the packaging and delivery of the products were nevertheless good
HTC Flip Cover
Cover is good quality products
Thanks to Mobile fun
I thanks all team of Mobile Fun, that I received my Flip cover yesterday. It's very... Good. But I am disappointed that ( I needed to pay 250/- Rupees extra) of custom duty. Kindly specify separately that custom duty will be extra or you will include it. Overall you Guys are doing excellent, but can make much more best to in your competitors.
HTC One- Double Flip Cover
So far so good.. its jst been a few days since I got my hands on the cover, so its too soon to give a proper review of it. However, I like the look of it & the feel of it too.
HTC Double Dip Flip Case - HC V841
Amazing case and it really serves its purpose..and the delivery? Speedy!!!will be ordering from you sooner!
The perfect cover for my device.
The perfect cover for my device.
Fits perfectly, looks good.
A good in-hand feel.
Nice looking and feeling case, perfect accessory for my HTC One
great site
I ordered HTC one cover and received the same within 5 days.
Great site.
The cover is still not available anywhere in Delhi.
Although the case looks great, the material is not good quality and I think it will start to fall apart soon.
The biggest problem is that the microphone is partly covered with the case and contacts cant hear me unless I take the phone out of the case, which is a bit pointless.
Exactly what I was looking for. Protects the entire phone and the soft microfiber flap protects the screen perfectly. The stand feature is brilliant and there is even a cut out for both speakers. Excellent product from HTC and excellent service/dispatch time from mobile fun as always! Highly recommended!
htc double dip flip cover
The cover for htc one is excellent ..... It compliments the htc one very well ... And seriously i love it
HTC 1 Flip case
Awesome case slim and looks good. Handy with the bi-fold case that acts like a stand for viewing videos and the like. Wouldn't buy any other case bar.
very very nice
sheer class
I ordered htc cove before 6pm.it was dispatched before bed time and outside my door at 1pm the next day,best service ever.cover being admired by all that see it.have recommender mobile fun to all my co workers ,,well done keep up the good work..
could be better
The case fits snugly and looks smart

Major negative...top cover does not shut completely and stays open which gives an untidy feeling when the phone lies on a table with the top lid slightly open
Very Poor
At first look, this case promises so much. But, the cut outs to allow the phone to stand up on the base mean that the speakers on the phone are not rigidly contained and the plastic parts catch in your pocket. The strip finishing off the join between the 'leather' outside and red inside peeled off after 2 days and now after 2 weeks, the 'leather' is delaminating from the backing. A good idea, but poorly executed.
Great service
htc one case
Great phone case. Looks a feels fantastic and doesn't add any bulk to your phone. I would recommend!
Great for watching videos
This is great for carrying the phone in a jacket pocket but I also watch videos when flying and it's great to prop up to watch a video and while away those tedious hours on a plane.
HTC phone cover
I was very pleased with the service Mobile Zap provided me. My order arrived within the timeline, and in good condition. I would definitely use the company again in the future when and if needs be.
Perfect Case
I really love this case ! It fits perfectly to the mobile and it is very light. I hope we get more colors from it.
Does what it says on the tin
very pleased with the new case, It arrived quickly, fits the phone well and looks great. It does not feel bulky. A very useful feature is that it doubles as a desk stand to view videos.
This cover is a very lovely cover. It looks so posh on the phone.
People always ask me where I got it from.

It is very durable and I will recommend it for people.
Smart case for smart phone
HTC One is a phone that can be described as a work of art and I wanted a case that still showcased the artwork. Where better to look than HTC's own Double dip flip case. It is very tactile just like the phone itself. It is also very versatile and allows you to showcase the phone using the case itself to prop it up. Finally the soft red lining of the case matches the red ear bud phones perfectly.. All in all a Smart Case For a Smart phone.
HTC One Double Flip Case
Just what I was looking for to protect my new phone. Elegant, practical and functional. Excellent craftmanship. I am extremely happy with this product
10 out of 10 - again!
I recently ordered a cover for my new phone and as is the case with all the other orders I've placed, it arrived on time, was value for money and did exactly what it said on the tin!
Wouldn't go anywhere else now for my mobile accessories and gizmos.
I would - and have - recommend your site to family and friends.
Thanks once again mobile fun.;-)
worth every penny
Bought this for other half its worth every penny only one thing there's no magnetic part on it too keep the the case closed apart from that great buy
Htc one hard case
This case fit very good to my htc one phone
HTS flip case
Just as you described and it's excellent. I cannot thank you enough for telling the truth about a product and it actually does the job! nThanks
Good for reading, but not much else
I originally thought this would be a good case because it doubled as a landscape stand for the HTC One - and that part of the case works fine. From a design and materials standpoint, it is not quite as good. For starters, the case is loose on the phone. This might not be a big problem as it wraps around the phone, but there is not a closure and so there is a good chance of it opening and falling out if dropped. Second, there is no protection for the front of the phone other than the flap. The case only comes up about 2/3rds of the way on the sides. Again, it might not be an issue, only time will tell. last, there are the materials. The case is made of a "plether-like" material that resembles a tough card-board, lined with a fuzzy material. I do not believe it will hold up all that well over time - but the phone holder is a plastic material that is a bit more durable.

An OK case, but I can't say that I would enthusiastically recommend it.
Glad I chose this one
i was amazed at first... bought and returned same day
I was amazed and can't fault the quick service with mobilefun, I ordered the phone yesterday afternoon and got it at about 10 this morning, all went well for a few hours it stood up as a stand and everything it says... However I have had it almost 11 hours now and I am returning it because firstly the front cover doesn't stay on, it just flaps wide open as soon as you shut it, and when you open it out to use it as a stand it collapses immediately, so in 11 hours of being on the phone, it already doesn't close or stand up.
I thought it was what I needed
Purchased this case for £24.99 thinking it was what I needed the idea is brilliant but not very practical, as when receiving calls the caller says that my voice is muffled, but when the case is removed the sound is all right ....
not to happy
hi all got this doudle dip case,its not to clever,first off you get a lot of crud in the back of the phone,yes it does give you a support,butits made out of compresed cardbord and i think it will tear,also the case is starting to fall apart and ive only had it two weeks,overall bit rubbish
Excellent versatile flip case
A lot of thought has obviously gone into this excellent case (as with all HTC products). It offers all the protection I expect of a flip case, covering the screen when it's in my pocket. It fits securely but is easy to remove and as a bonus converts into a useful desk stand.
The complimentary one
Oh happy day! From around the world, a package that has been the subject of much anticipation. Having watched reviews of it, some glowing, some by idiots who maybe shouldn't give up their day job, I finally have it in my hands, and it is all I could hope for ( I didn't really expect it to be stuffed with money). Of subtle beautiful design, perfect in form and function, the HTC One Double Flip Case, is all you could hope for in a case. It protects the beautiful aluminum body of the One, while adding the practicality of being a stand ( landscape ) for when you want to enjoy the stereo speakers and stunning screen of this amazing phone. Put it on the dash of your car, and you could pretend that you're at a drive in movie theatre of old...Rock'n'roll! Turn out the lights, stick it on your tummy while your lying down, and welcome to the worlds comfiest theatre. The only negative that I have about the Double Dip Flip Case, is that it highlights HTCs inability to supply the phone as of the beginning of April. Still, when my phone does finally arrive ( surely they can't delay it again ), I know that with the Genuine HTC One Double Dip Flip Case, I have the perfect item to compliment it.
Great idea and helps to use the phone with Kindle app
I wanted this to help protect the new and much coveted HTC One, of which model I was one of the first in the UK to own. What a phone, I am loving it in every way. The case I bought has a hard protective shell that also looks good. It really does a good job but a minor glitch is the fact that the fitting around the case edges is a little less than snug and in truth a little bit sloppy. Nonetheless it does stay in place and works as a fold out stand and protector when closed. It would have been a nice touch if HTC had gone one step further and added a magnetic closure upon the case closure a bit like the Kindle Fire has on the official case for that device. I also bought the dual colour hard shell as a second and alternatve case for the phone, and this worked well too.
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