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Gear4 IC535G iPhone 5S / 5 IceBox Edge Case - White Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect the back and sides your iPhone 5S / 5 with this incredibly durable and crystal clear IC535G IceBox edge case with white trim.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36346
$21.63 inc VAT
 3.5 stars from 41 customers

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Super Quick
Super service - quick delivery thumps up
best protection
The case is great ,my phone looks amazing in that ,as best meets my requirements and protects my phone .Moreover delivery was really quick taking into account the place where I live.I would definitely recommend
Gr8 Case
Amazing Case. Very protective and easy to put on. Stylish and works well with the phone. Keeps the phone looking elegant.
Gear4 IC535G iPhone 5 IceBox Edge Case - White
This case is great, good snug fit and still can use the side buttons with ease. Also good protection and looks great.
Sleek and Stylish Protection
This case was exactly what I wanted.
I'm very particular when it comes to choosing my device protection and I'm always looking for something that's both functional and fashionable. This case is exactly that; the slim black bumper protects the sides whilst the clear back shields any bumps or scrapes, all whilst leaving the design of the iPhone 5 crystal clear for all to see. Combined with the white or black model of the iPhone this case is a top top purchase.
Very pleased
Really pleased with this case, i wanted something that still maintained the original look of my iPhone but still offered protection so this fitted perfectly. I found the edge of my black IP5 scratched quite easily and this protects all round.
Rubbish. More protection with no case at all
Got this to protect my nice new iPhone. Now the back is really scratched and ruined. Would have been better having no case at all.
Loosk Are Deceiving
When I first saw it, I thought it was amazing. Then when I finally received it, I was completely disappointed. It looks nice at first but then within a day, the back of my phone got really scratched and now looks terrible. Not only that, the clear back plastic got really dirty and looked very ugly really fast. It eventually started to not look clear anymore from all the dust and dirt. I take good care of my phone too and now its ruined.I really want my money back. It's not worth the $30 I spent when I first bought it when the iphone 5 was released.
very disappointed very poor product
Although I purchased this in early Nov I did not start to use it until 5th December due to a delayed delivery of the iPhone. By Xmas the outside had picked up colours from my clothing and looked disgusting. Had I had not been abroad would have returned it for a refund.
N.B. have tried to clean it to no avail.
This an update to my earlier review - similar to other recent reviews, this case has ruined the back of my iPhone. Dust gets in and causes lots of little scratches so the back of your phone ends up with lots of white specks. I took a Stanley knife to it to remove the crappy plastic back.... unsuccessfully... it's now in the bin! DO NOT BUY IF YOU VALUE THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR PHONE!
Has ruined the back of my phone
The back of the case has left over 20 tiny little chips on the back of my iPhone. Even if I cleaned the inside of the see through plastic, (which if it was doing its job I wouldn't need to) there would be more tiny little chips the next time I checked. Has left my phone with what looks like loads of tiny white spots. Avoid.
Despite having this case on, my iPhone 5 still got scratched on the back. VERY DISSAPPOINTED!
not as good as it looks
the whole back scratches up within days. looks horrible. and when dust gets under the glass on the back, it scratches the casing. waste of time. do not buy.
This case has caused more damage to my phone than it has protected it. Dust gets in through the hole in the case for charging and gets stuck in the back of the case. This scratches and chips the back of your iPhone. Within a week the back of my phone was scratched to bits and looks horrible.
Just the job!
Just the job!Light,functional and protective.
Works but discolours quickly...
The case does the job however the white model began discolouring and staining straight away. After a while it begins to look ok as it is evenly stained... Not dropped the phone so not sure how it stand up to impacts but it does successfully prevent the bezel from getting scratched which was the main purpose for buying this particular case.
It really is a superb case, fits nicely onto the iphone, and it looks good too. I put on the moshi screen protecter and now my iphone is all round protected. Has good amount of protection all around for your iphone but most importantly it still reserves the looks of the iphone too. I would definitely recommend if u have a white iphone 5.
Discoloured within days!
Great case but after minimal use discoloured after put in a black leather bag unable to clean so completely impractical colour.
iPhone 5 - Manufacturer hadn't the type of case I needed
I had heard that the iPhone 5 could scratch easily, my Son-in-Laws's had already marked. So I saw this case at mobilefun, which was reasonably priced, and as I am a wheelchair user and clumsy, the case with the edge bumper and a clear protective back seemed just the job. The IceBox Edge Case arrived within 48hrs and was even easy to fit, even for me, covering the back and edges with enough to protect the front of the iPhone with the bumper giving an edge. My iPhone 5 looks very smart in black and I am more than happy with it, mobilefun gave me great service at decent price.
Looks Good
I bought this cover before my iPhone arrived, looks good, but returned regarding comments on the clear plastic back getting scratched/scuffed. I imagin it is a great cover but opted for the Belkin grip sheer. Bought two and one had to returned. 3* as only fair.
Quality not great, disappointed
Delivery by mobilefun was awesome. Right when I put the cover on the phone I noticed it already had some kind of scratchy thing on one of the corners. Removed it to try and clean it and the next time I put it in two other appeared on the bottom. The border of this case is also a dust magnet. Try to clean it with a paper tissue and it will grab fibers like there is no tomorrow. The clear baclk panel is obviously low quality material.
Does what it is supposed to do
I like it, not love it. The bumper part is excellent, fits nicely and it is not loose at all. But the back part which is transparent is OK, it does what it is supposed to do like protect and show off the back-side of your iPhone 5 but it is prone to scratches and finger marks and oily hands and fingers will not be so good. Right now after waking up iPhone 5 is charging and I can see the back full of oily finger marks, looks terrible.
Great slim cover
This is a great cover for my iP5. Light, protective and not bulky at all. Great cover and super service. Thanks.
Its alright.....
I bought this cover/case for my phone the day the iPhone 5 was released.. the cover was delivered really fast from mobilefun so no complaints there, However- there is many scratches and scuffs both on the inside (which makes no sense) and the outside, i was beginning to think that its great that i have this cover as my awesome phone could have many scratches, though this is not whats going on, i NEVER put my phone near anything that could scratch it like keys or coins etc, i bought it for the clear back, so as to not hide the beauty of the phone, its great for protecting the edges, and if the phone was dropped I'm confident it could protect it, the back clear bit though? not so much, im very disappointed with that, and the price is a bit steep i think to for something that seems to be deteriorating quite quick,, all in all - i wouldn't buy it again, its alright, but not great.....
A well made case that shows off the iPhone 5
This case consists of of clear hard plastic back with rubberised sides into which the phone fits easily. There is a window cut in the plastic in the top corner for the camera and LED light.

The case is well made and shows off the slim and sleek iPhone 5. The rubberised sides give an all important protection o the sides of the phone and they form a lip a couple of millimetres high which gives some protection to the front glass. The back get protection from scratches by the clear plastic but this in turn gets scratched.

If you are someone who is careful with their phone, then this is a great case. Consider buying a screen protector as there isn't one included. If (like me) you tend to give your phone harder treatment, go for something which will not show the knocks. I've only had mine a week and the white sides are grubby and the back is looking scratched!
iPhone 5 saviour
Well designed case that fits snugly and easily to the new iPhone 5. Provides easy access to all external controls and still shows off the back of your new phone, although I'd recommend the purchase of some front screen protectors to stop the screen being scratched.
Not very impressed
Firstly, Mobile Fun's service was excellent so no complaints there!

The good:
good fit - doesn't hide the beauty of the iPhone too much - doesn't hinder use of volume controls etc - if you're like me and often have dry hands, the bumper improves the grip.

The bad: had it less than 2 weeks and the plastic back has developed kind of frosty patches and numerous abrasions... on the inside!! Not sure how this has happened as the phone has only been out of the case a couple of times for a quick buff-up using Mobile Fun's cleaning cloth. Consequently, the loveliness of the back of the iPhone 5 is now marred by, what appears to be, a cheap plastic cover. £15.95 is starting to look like a lot of money for bit of nasty plastic!

In conclusion, if all you're bothered about is covering the back and sides of your phone, this will do the job. If you want something that compliments the aesthetic appeal of the iPhone 5, keep looking!
Nice cover
Although ive not used the cover i have tried it on and it fits really well and looks very smart. For a full cover it doesnt kill the looks of the iPhone 5.

My only fear is what condition the sides would look like which are anodised after long term use.
Good looking product
Good looking product and makes the iphone5 look really well however, somehow, ink or paper print has smudged on the cover and we can't get it off. Contacted the company who advised us that the cover can be returned. We love the cover and really want to keep it, what we want is to know how to clean it up. Have sent further e.mail to company and awaiting reply.
Does the job well
So you have got your new iPhone 5 and want to protect it but not hide the wonderful design.

This does case does it all the sides of the phone are protected by a soft rubber case and the back of the phone protected by the clear plastic shell allowing the rear of the phone to still be seen

Only slight down side is the cut out for the camera is a bit large but otherwise this is a great case for the money
Stylish Case
I wanted a bumper case for my new iPhone 5, but didn't want it to detract from it. This case was easy to put on and looks really good. Feels like it protects the phone like a good bumper case, but you can still see the back showing off the Apple icon. This may sound daft but the white of the case is exactly the same as the white on the phone, so you barely notice it's there. Service from Mobile Fun was good too, quick delivery!
Nice product
This cover fits great and looks lovely, however have been on my phone for 2 weeks now and the rubbery edges on the cover have already discoloured making it look dirty .
Perfectly OK
Easy to take on and off, practical, minimalist ... if you want to put your iPhone in an unobtrusive case then fine, but the phone is undeniably nicer without a case at all.
Does the job
Good case, fits well. Transparent back shows off to everyone that you indeed have an iPhone 5. Protects the sides. Slightly raised edge protects the screen in the event of an attack of the butter fingers. Feels sturdy and good quality.
Brilliantly slim
The case is very slim really good protection. Well worth the money. The only problem with this case is that it's white and collect Dirt very easily. I would recommend this to anyone but not in white.
iPhone 5 case
The case has a nice glass back and allows people to see clearly you have an iPhone it also allows good access to ports at the bottom of the iPhone for food sound quality. The only real negative is no protection for the iPhone screen but with a screen protector the case works for excellent protection
Exactly what I wanted
Having taken delivery of my nice new iPhone 5, I wanted a cover to not only protect it but to reflect the build quality of the phone (and show it off a bit!). This cover ticks all the boxes at a reasonable price.
Does the job nicely!
Received this case today, and fitted it immediately. It is a nice low profile case, and the iPhone 5 back is still visible through the clear plastic panel. The trade off here is that it does make the phone a little bulkier (as all covers will do) but I am now so much happier when putting the phone down. Excellent fit, and all buttons, microphones, camera etc work perfectly. It looks great too :-)
Great Case
I wanted a low profile case that protected the phone without distracting from the design and Gear4's IceBox Edge does exactly that.

The fit is perfect, the rubber edge actually enhances the feel of the phone and the clear plastic panel will mean no nasty scratches when it's in your pocket or on a tabletop.

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