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Gear4 G4IC502G iPhone 5S / 5 SafeGuard 360 Case - Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Providing complete protection and attention to detail, the SafeGuard 360 Case by Gear4 protects the front and back of your iPhone 5S / 5 whilst showing all of the detail of your iPhone 5S / 5.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36427
$24.34 inc VAT
 3.8 stars from 17 customers

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Although it does what it says, the quality of this item is not particularly good. The front cover has come away at the bottom left hand corner. Although it is easy to fit together it is not easy to prise apart and with it having to be removed often to clean the ear piece and home button, I'm wondering how long before it will break. I've also noticed that when typing any 'letter keys' at the edge of the phone, they need to be really pressed before they appear on the screen.
Product awesome
The product is lovely awesome n good I recieved it in good n working condition n the case is love n enhances my phone n it has only one drawback that is the dust goes through the ear vent to the phone ear piece that's it
Well sesigned and good quality. Easy to put on. Does not effect use of the phone. Stylish !
Not bad...
...protects both front and back of the phone which is great. BUT, as has been said before, the front of the case does seem to stick to the screen of the iPhone making the whole thing look like a very poorly applied screen protector. Not much fun when you're trying to enjoy such a nice phone. Also, the case tends to scratch easily itself, I've had mine one day and its already got marks everywhere.
Very dissatisfied
I purchased this case as I wanted to show off the design of my new iPhone 5 but at the same time give full protection to the screen corners and silver back. Unfortunately no matter how many different ways I've tried to fit the case after about 10 seconds a moisture like air bubble begins to spread over the screen and just spreads more and more absolute waste of money and very annoying, do not purchase if you want to enjoy your iPhone
Second faulty cover
I purchased this cover as it appeared to be of good quality and a sturdy design. I had planned to fit a screen protector and a rubber surround to protect the phone but the Gear 4 case appeared to tick both of these boxes.
Unfortunately soon after fitting the case there seemed to be moisture or an oily residue on the screen of the phone. I took the cover off and made sure the screen was clean and replaced but the screen soon had the residue there again. I returned the first case and received the same model case as a replacement. This time I purchased a screen protector as well but the same residue was left on the screen. When you have a good phone and want to protect it I don't expect there to be a poor finish to the screen when I go to use the phone. I'm returning for a full refund. Shame really as other than that it is a good case.
Iphone 5
Clear case so you see the phone you bought, all round protection easy to fit and forget
Gear4 iPhone 5 case
I was looking for a thin plastic case like the one I've had for my iPod for years and stumbled upon the gear4. I ordered it, and once I put a screen protector on the phone I put the phone on the case. It is light weight, sleek, and allows me to see the cool design of the iPhone. I highly recommend it
I was pretty pleased with this case, all in all. Looks good on the phone (I previously had an OtterBox case which was just too bulky). However, after a day or two of attaching, I began to notice the front thin screen sticking to the iPhone's screen. It's now beginning to look like an extremely poorly applied screen protector, with bubbles and distant sections. Not sure if this is a general flaw that lots of people are experiencing, but it's starting to make me reconsider my choice of case.
Perfection !
Great iPhone 5 cover protects front and back , keeping it free from scratches and dents... Phone can be used no problem with the front cover , and no more problems of the film covers constantly peeling off.. Highly recommended
Best case on the market!
This case is fantastic! It covers the front and back of your iPhone 5 so there is no chance if getting your phone scratched. It still allows you to use all the ports and buttons.

One negative I would say is it has a black trim around the front of the case so if you have the white iPhone 5 this may not be the case for you? But is you have the black go for it!

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