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FreSOUND NFC Bluetooth Stereo Music Headset and Music Streamer Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Listen to music wirelessly and take calls hands-free from your phone with the FreSOUND NFC Bluetooth Stereo Music Headset and Music Streamer.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39458

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 4.4 stars from 20 customers

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Small and discrete
Is small and bluetooth
Decent product
So far this little gadget has been working fine. Sound quality is pretty good with high quality headphones. Even so, I feel there is a little downgrade compared to a wired connection.

Those earbuds that came with the package are only a waste of natural resources and human labour. They sound horrible - in to the bin they went.

Overall I'm quite happy with this product, but I could be happier with a couple of improvements:

-volume control buttons make a beep sound. Why? I can already feel the click and hear the change - should be enough...

-NFC starts the device, but also opens up android Music Player. I use mostly Spotify, so this is unnecessary feature for me.

-Because of the button layout and noticeable force needed to make them work, it's almost impossible to use them while wearing gloves.
Excellent Product
I bought this device mainly because my phone's headphone socket is temperamental and I needed a way of connecting to my car stereo's aux in socket as well as my headphones. The device is extremely light, easy to use and I have so far got around 8 hours use from a single charge. The fact that it also acts a a hands-free unit is a bonus. Great service from MobileFun - this was a replacement unit as the first one was unfortunately faulty. This was dealt with quickly and without fuss by MobileFun.
Very useful
A great product very useful easy to use,this product was sold by a respectful company at a great price would recommend to anyone
Works great!! This is what i was looking for?
compatible and works in sync with nexus5...
Bluetooth adapter
Very good product delivered very quick lets me use my phone without having any head phone plugged into it useful for when there's a short wire on your headphone and you need to use your phone
wonderfull experince
dependable, & not a fraud
wonderfull experince
dependable, & not a fraud
great little product
Got this on the mail the other day, right off the bat the unit would not work properly with NFC on my phone. I am no so sure how it would not work but it kept saying pairing fail (my phone is rooted btw). But got it to work by manually through bluetooth and gotta say it is so much better than the headphone jack from my xpearia z1c. music quality is very good for wireless connection. would recommended this product to anyone looking for affordable alternative solution. works well and sound good is the main thing despite the hassle to get nfc to work. Haven't tried the mic yet so can't say how good it is for now, until then it is a good product for its price.
Right for the job
I wanted this to enable listening to iPlayer at night in bed. I previously used bluetooth headphones which were uncomfortable if I lay on my side and also flashed too brightly. the FreSOUND NFC all-in-one Bluetooth Adapter slipped enabled use of earphones and did not flash brightly. only issue is the range is a little less than the headphones and needs line of sight to work. Otherwise they were perfect for the job.
Great battery life but using past 3 meters is appauling
this was great at my office desk, but as soon as i got to 3 meters away with no walls just air, stuttering and disconnects. i have a bluetooth reciever over 6 years old but the battery was depleting, it reached 8 meters in air easily.

if my body intercepts the sound even at 1 meter it stutters and disconnects.. i really hope this is just a fault
Works well.
Good for travel use, saves wear on headphone socket. Sounds just fine with the phone for music. The "on" and "off" audio signals are nice and gentle - not the harsh bleep you get on some devices. Having skip forward/back as well as play/stop and volume is good.

One thing I'm not so keen on is the flashing blue led when in use; looks a bit attention at seeking, would prefer no LEDs during listening.

Haven't used the microphone (does anyone actually make voice calls these days? :)), so no comment there.
The perfect bluetooth for all environments
Great value for the money a Bluetooth 4.0 device and can be used with any earphones with 3.5 jack
Great for adding Bluetooth to snowboard helmet
I bought this to add Bluetooth audio from my iPhone to my snowboard helmet, as the wire can be a pain when you take the helmet off.

The audio quality seems great, very impressed.

I haven't tried it in combat yet so I can't comment on battery life.

Nice that it includes a microphone for use on phone calls

The forward and back skip buttons work well on my phone, and can be used alongside my pebble smartwatch, so I can control tracks from anywhere.
a good bluetooth adaptor
this is very good bluetooth adaptor at its price. unfortunately i can not confirm the NFC part as i have not tested yet but it works fine with bluetooth connection. i bought this to use in gym which i synced with my ipod touch. it worked fine.
overall its a value for money.
had been looking for this sort of thing for ages
this is a basic but functional device. its connection is not the strongest no way near the 10m stated and the arrow buttons are not very obvious which is which way. other than that it is just what i wanted and the only one i have been able to find
Does what it says on the package!
Great product great price.

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