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FlexiShield Wave Stand Case for HTC One M7 - Clear / Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your HTC One M7 with this clear and black FlexiShield Wave case which also features a built in desk stand.
  • Mobile Fun ID 39327

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$2.69 inc VAT
 3.5 stars from 10 customers

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my opinion
Excellent case and looks really well
Product looks awesome. Very happy.
Nice design
I bought the case mostly for the design. I don't use the desk stand at all but I have a feeling it would break quickly if I did, doesn't feel very sturdy when you open it. But it's for a great price. Also, I bought two, and on both of them you can see scratches by the camera hole, at the exakt same angle. I guess it's a scar from the manufacturing process. Pretty visible, but OK for me.
Great case for a good value
Great case using it for a week and I am very happy. Great for watching movies. Does not feel to heavy but still provides good protection. In addition price is very good so it is a great value for money
nice cover
I was quite happy about the product from very beginnig. It fits well on my htc one and it is good quality product. Recommend.
Nearly usable
After some deliberation, I decided on this case for a few reasons...
Firstly, it was very slim. Secondly, it was partially clear on the back, meaning it doesn't hide the aluminium. Thirdly, it had a kick-stand on the back. Obviously, it is custom made for the One.
One massive oversight though - the power button on the top doubles up as an infrared transmitter. This is made completely redundant by the fact that the case covers this with an opaque black rubber piece. I can't see how anyone who had ever played with the phone could have missed such an obvious mistake - I noticed it within 5 seconds of seeing the case.
So nearly a brilliant case, but unfortunately, it defeats one of the phones most novelly endearing features.

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