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FlexiShield Skin For Sony Xperia S - Clear Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Crystal case like protection with the durability of a silicone for the Sony Xperia S in clear.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34414

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 4.5 stars from 28 customers

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Initially very pleased with white plastic flexishield for my sony "s" however within a couple of weeks the corners/edges have turned a horrible brown colour.This seems to be a consequence of the quaily of the plastic rather than anything else am disappointed .
The cover it`s transparent so it`s perfect for the phone because you can see all the features of the phone and the phone it`s protected from all the accidents and gives also a cool aspect to the phone.the price it`s very good
flexshield skin for sony xperia s-black
wonderfull item!! i just recievd my case and fits perfectly!! a really good feeling in the hand, no slipping,absolutely no problem with the buttons even with the volume buttons wich are covered. they respond perfectly.the grip feels good, and it gives no bulky look to the phone, and it does not make it heavier.i highly reccomend it.also, because of it's material, i believe that in case of dropping,or impact with hard or rough surfaces, it will be succesfully protected,by aborbing any shock or crash!!
nice product
fits perfectly, looks good, phone is less slippy. but volume buttons and power buttons are covered, while I personally don't have problems with power button, its sensitive enough, the volume buttons are a pain, need to press too hard. good thing about this one is, that the camera button is cut out, so you can actually use it 2-step focus/shot ability compared to other covers that don't have camera button cut out.
Just what I needed!
Excellent Product, prompt delivery,highly recommended
Flexshield Case or Giant Snowboard
Well I received my new case for the phone just before the actual phone arrived. That's right I was so confident that my new Sony Experia S was going to make my wife rage with jealousy (she has a paltry HTC Sensation 8MP camera, LOL at the feeble camera), that I bought my accessories before the phone arrived. Seemed sensible, all my previous phones have needed kid glove treatment to keep them scratch free etc for a week or so unitll the screen protector or case arrives.

Well as usual they (the accessories that is ) arrived in good order from MF. I didn't think about the case much until I put it on the phone, its not the case's fault that the phone is a barge with a shiny deck! I lost the phone in the living room, I thought the TV had falled off its mount until I realised it was still standing there playing Rango for my daughter. So what is that TV doing on the floor? oh that's no TV, that's my new phone.

I did consider lending it to the Highways agency so they could temporarily use it to replace the Severn Bridge during maintenance, they declined, being to embarrsed to be seen in public with it!!.

Its ludicrous, really it is.

Oh this was supposed to be a case review right? Yeah, its nice, slim and shiny and if i didn't detest the phone it would have been a great compliment to it.
Perfect fit
The flexiskin fits perfectly and is light weight. It feels great non slip with a good grip sensation. It feels just like part of the phone. The only thing I would change would be the over lap to the front making it a little bit wider on the front but that is a personal thing.
fits like a glove
delivered very quick, a fits really well
This is an outstanding product, fits brilliant and looks good to, delivered prompt to, recommend to anyone.

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