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FlexiShield Skin For Samsung Galaxy S - Solid Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Anti-shock protection with a non-slip finish
  • Mobile Fun ID 25161
$13.52 inc VAT
 4.6 stars from 51 customers

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just does what i wanted
Makes the phone easier to hold and stops it sliding about on car dashboard
Good buy
Fits well without making the phone any bigger. My only gripe is that there is no hole for off / on switch had to make one.
It is what it is
It is just what you would expect, fits well and is easy to put on and take off if needed. Its only flaw is that it is more grey than black. I checked the packaging and it was definatly a black one sent.
Excellent product
Great little skin - half way between a soft silicone one and a rigid plastic. It is easy to fit and does not detract from the looks of the phone (Galaxy S) at all. It is still easy to use the on/off switch and volume +/- buttons, and attach the usb and headphone jack. One thing to note though, the video I watched showed a transparent skin; mine is grey, but still looks good.
Met all expectations
Delighted with product, great fit, makes phone feel more secure and easier to grip. Ordered after reading positive reviews. Cheaper covers available but glad I spent the extra. Recommended
Flexishield for Galaxy Samsung S
Very pleased with purchase, fits just like a skin allowing access to all ports for ease of use. Protects phone against any knocks and gives good grip when in use. So pleased that bought second one for partner. A little pricey when compared to other covers, but get what you pay for. All in all a good buy.
Perfect fit!
This cover fits my Galaxy S perfectly, whilst still leaving easy access for the charger and camera lens.
fantastic buy
This skin did the trick, would recommend this to all galaxy s users.
Superb Product
Great product - does exactly what it is described for - great looking, non slip, easy to fit.

Would definatly recommend this product.

Great Servive from Mobilefun.
exactly what it says on the tin
This is the perfect protective cover for the phone with holes in all the right places for the buttons and lens etc. The feel of it gives excellent grip without making the phone any bigger. My only tiny niggle is that as the on/off button for the phone is so small, it is less obvious for fingers to locate through the flexishield, but once used to that, it's perfect.
Great Product
What can I say this does just what you want it to and best of all, you can hardly tell it is on the phone. Personally I find the phone easier to use with the cover on, as it make the phone easier to grip.

I have bought other similar products on the past, however they are all in the bin, having been replaced by this, vastly superior product.
Glad I bought this
A really good product. Protects the phone with ease of access to all ports and the screen. The phone is protected all round and I have dropped it twice already (accidentally of course!) and it was protected. Phew!
FlexiShield Skin for Samsung Galaxy S
Very good, tough skin. Fits Phone well. Would recommend. No nonsense service from Mobile Fun. Quick delivery, and well packaged.
A quality item!
The cover fits really well and is really good quality - a good buy - I recommend it.
Great Value
This is a great product, fits well, doesn't make the phone too thick, all areas of the phone are accessable.
This Is A Necessity
The FlexiShield Skin For Samsung Galaxy S - Black is brilliant. The black color is just like the original backing for the device you can't tell the difference. It is semi silicone-hard which is excellent not too rubbery and not to stiff. All holes fit perfectly. ALL slots are accessibly eg. (Volume Keys, Screen Lock, USB, Headphone Jack & Microphone). Fully protects your phone. It is scratch resistant. Easy cleanable. You wont even notice the cover is there! You Wont Be Disappointed If You Buy This Product! This Is A Necessity if you want a hot looking, non-existing cover for your Galaxy S! Just What I Needed!
Does the job nicely
If you want to protect your Galaxy then this does so. It is easier to grip and fits nice and snug. Others have mentioned that it is harder to use the volume up/down button or the power button, it is but you get used to it. Its better to protect it though than drop it and cause damage.
Superb!!! Fits like a glove
After months of reaching for my phone from my pocket and only getting the skin(previous one)I ordered this one...Galaxy owners if wanna piece of kit to protect your phone..buy this one!!..once on you'll barely notice that it's there..considering the work that I do I have been able to fit the old skin over the new one...double protection!!!
Would definately recommend this I'm always dropping me phone and it provides fab protection with out your phone looking bulky!.
FlexiShield Skin For Samsung Galaxy S - Black.
Fits well and all buttons/holes line up well, not like some!
flexishield.......wot no rip!
Excellant protector but could have thrown a screen cover in with it. Quite pricey for no screen cover imo.
MobileFun Reply
Thanks for the review, if you would like an screen protector also, please see the following page for an advanced flexishield.

This truly is a good tight fit hardly visible.I like the way it snugly fits around the casing edge, leaving a small pronounced front edge to phone, allowing it to be set face down, protecting the screen from any force being applied to screen.

The Samsung Galaxy i9000 has a great shiny finish and is therefore slippery to handle, the FlexiShield is of a mat finish and makes the phone less slippery.

But hey can,t all be good can it!
well no, the volume control and on off switch to phone need considerable more pressure to get them to work,having said that not so much of a nuisance since Volume control can be set in phone programme or with earphones.
Good, slim case for Galaxy
Good, snug fit on Galaxy S. Matt finish on rubber gives smooth feel and not as sticky as FlexiShield skin for iPad. Also doesn't add much thickness to the phone. Gives a bit of shock absorption as I discovered when dropping the phone on a hard floor. Didn't split in pieces as it did without the case. All controls, sockets and openings are accessible and correctly positioned. The USB slide cover is a little fiddly as the thickness of the cover can get in the way of your fingernail but it's still usable. Good value product.
Top Notch
The FlexiShield skin fits snugly around the Galaxy S with no gaps. It feels very solid and ensures your phone is well protected, providing you have a screen protector with it.
At times you hardly notice it is there as it just feels like it is part of the phone.
Well, as what others say its fantastic no other comments its doing well.
Galaxy S FlexiShield skin
This flexshield skin is perfect and fits the phone like a glove, I would recommend it to anyone.
Fits the phone perfectly
I've had problems with previous cases not fitting the phone properly, but this one fits the phone perfectly and has all the necessary holes for the USB slot, camera, speaker etc.
Galaxy s flexiskin
Great fit, disapointed it did not include built in screen protecter, excellent delivery time came next day after ordering.
MobileFun Reply
Our Advanced Flexishield range comes with an included screen protector, for full coverage of your device.
Martin Frost FlexiShield
This product looks pretty good so far. Unlike other shields it appears to be durable, scratch resistant unlike other cheaper products. It cleans up well and becuse it is scratch resistant it maintains the overall look of the phone. I am happy with the product.
A nice feeling cover, not too chunky, not too rubbery. Fits the phone very well and so far I've not had any problem attaching cables to the ports.
Fantastic product
Excellent product
Very well packaged
Terrific service
Great Protecter
Already dropped it once and the case just seemed to absorb the shock. Looks ok on, feels more secure to hold than the standard back, and fits the phone almost perfectly (mine had about 1mm of the silver edge showing at one corner, but is barely noticeable when using it).
Definitely value for money!
Does what it says.
The Galaxy S is a very smooth shiny phone which I use a lot out-of-doors.
The cover makes it easier for me to handle and offers a degree of protection.
Like A Glove!!
Delighted with the product. Easily fitted and perfect fit. All the holes in all the right places.
Good skin
Fits snuggly, though not perfect along the top edge where the shiny bezel on the phone isn't quite covered. Holes all lined up but I find the covered buttons a little stiff to press now but I'm hoping that will get better over time.
FlexiShield Skin For Samsung Galaxy S - Black
Fits and works perfectly, for anyone who wants a touchscreen phone and doesn't like it sliding out of you hand in any weather this is for you!
excellent product
Had this for about 10 days now & it does exactly what it says.Got a clear screen protector as well & my Galaxy is now protected & accessable.
Good price & service-arrived within 3 days of ordering.
Very good functional product
Very nice - you can't even notice it's on your phone. The black colour looks so much better than those white silicone ones...
Great product!
I think this is a great product. Works better than expected. Only problem is that it is not easy to mount. Cound be improved with a template or something.

good product.
The product does what is supposed to: it protects the phone while leaving access to its hardware buttons and so on. I thought it would have also improved the grip to the device, but it doesn't. It is of course not silicon, so it is no wonder. I would certainly recommend it.
Great fit
Perfect companion for the Galaxy S. It overcomes the slightly poor build quality of the phone and fits very snugly. A little bit rubbery to the touch but well worth getting.
Galaxy flexishield
The flexishield itself is very good, rubbery and strong. I did expect it to be black as it was described as black. It is infact smoky greyish and see through. None the less, it does what it says on the box. Also,the on button and the volume button areas on the flexishield are thinner rubber but they are solid and cover the Galaxy on and volume buttons. This makes it a bit hard to operate them.
Great Looking
Delivered within 18 hours of order. Looks really good, can hardly tell it has been fitted. Easy to fit. Quality product
Not so black but sturdy
A nice skin that remedies one thing and that is the slipperiness of the original Samsung case. It has a tight fit but you can release it if you like to put your nude phone in a holster, for example.
It is not so black that you cannot see the original features of the Galaxy S any more but elegantly transparent.
Good Case
Bought this case as i knew i needed something to protect my new Galaxy S.
got to say that i was a bit sceptical as to how good it would be, but i was supprised.
this is a really good case, its very tough and very flexable. its a tight fit and with all the necessary cut outs in all the perfect positions.
would definateley recommed this to others.
secure not bulky
The flexiskin is tight on my Samsung galaxy s. It is does not add any bulk and can still go into and out of my jeans pocket without any trouble.
The black is nice as it is not conspicuous, from a distance you would not even know it is there.
The phone does feel well protected within its skin.
The only draw back is that you have to find the "sweet spot" for the on/off and volume buttons, otherwise you are pressing in vain. Once you are used to it though works like a charm
Good Buy
This fits the Galaxy S perfectly, it is easy to get on and off the phone, it doesn't much weight or bulk to the phone but gives great protection.
I am very happy that I picked this to protect my new phone
Good but hard to use buttons
This looks about as good as a skin made out of plastic or rubber gets and fits the Galaxy S perfectly. The only issue is that it makes it quite difficult to press the volume and the off/sleep button on the sides!
Not black
Website states that the colour is black. Packaging states that the colour is black. The actual colour is grey. Other than that a good protective cover.

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